I know some might take issue with me making light of the tragic removal of Native Americans from their ancestral lands, but I think we are about 200 years and a couple hundred casino’s over it at this point. That being said, I am of the opinion that while President Trump has the ability to make a nation cringe with a single tweet we are actually witnessing a fascinating chronicling of American history here. In what other era of history have we had such an unvarnished insight into the mind of the most powerful man on the planet? Moreover that it is fascinating that in a 140 characters or less the man is able to sway stock markets, determine the course of nations and send the press into a frantic scurry. With Trump’s latest tweet that you see below, the man is making is position clear to both the public and Democrat controlled House. Given that absurdity is my muse, I thought it worth the time to ponder if past Presidents had tweeted with such unashamed honest and disregard for public opinion like Donald Julius Trump.

Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson

Without a doubt, I think the most historic Presidential resemblance to Donald Trump would be Andrew Jackson. This would be both due to the populist style of politics and what I perceive has his unashamed style of leadership. Whereas history looks back at the Trail of Tears as a tragedy, I’m willing to be Old Hickory would have owned it. When President Trump mused that he could shoot someone dead in the street and still have his supporters and Andrew Jackson could only reply with been there and done that. In 1806, someone accused Jackson of cheating on a horse race bet and then insulted his wife. That was enough to warrant death in Jackson’s mind. Say what you want about the effectiveness of it all, but I don’t see anywhere in history where the press dared to mock Rachel Jackson’s Christmas decorations. Thankfully, she died before the inauguration and spared us that terrible tragedy. Jackson is such a close match to Trump that I could see Jackson tweeting to the Native Americans as they were expelled from their lands “Should have built a wall. Bye Bye now.”

Slick Willy Clinton

With the auspice of impeachment surrounding President Trump, I think it would be fascinating to ponder what it would have been like for President Clinton to have Twitter at his finger tips. I think it is also fascinating to consider if we had live in an era as we currently do where blatant infidelity isn’t a disqualifying factor for leadership. Namely, what if Clinton had just owned up to the affair and tweeted about it. I can imagine a tweet like “Yes, me and Monica had sexual relations. However, I’m taking full responsibility and have already paid for the dry cleaning bill.” Or perhaps even mocking the general investigation as in “Is it a crime to be good looking? The GOP certainly thinks so. Hey Newt, don’t get mad cause you ain’t getting any. LOL”

Harry S. Truman

One of the more remarkable aspects of Trump’s tweets is that they pull no punches and they offer no apologies for what they say. Moreover, Trump has actually tweeted about his nuclear button on his desk. So it is fascinating to consider what it would be like if the only man to actually use nuclear weapons would have done with twitter. In an era of total global war where the Japanese were committing mass atrocities, I don’t think Truman would have pulled any punches. In fact I could even see a little gloating as in after the Hiroshima bombing Truman tweeted in Trump fashion “My Generals tell me we couldn’t have possibly killed any more Japs. I told them to hold my beer and threw a dart at the map. More suntans are coming and I’m Nagasaki about it. LOL”

Ronald Reagan

Reagan was famous for his memory lapses and in fact later revealed his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. If I had to bet, I’d imagine Reagan would mimic most closely Trump’s late night tweets like “covfefe.” Reagan was also extremely quick witted and when his memory allowed I think he would be tweeting out epic jabs to make us laugh. Just look at Reagan below during a speech just two months after he was shot in the failed assassination attempt when a balloon popped.

Ronald Reagan was by far the great communicator and one can only image what he would have done with a communication tool like Twitter at his disposal. Finally, one from the archives of history that only students of history might enjoy.

In Conclusion

As we wrap this up, I think we truly need to admire what we are seeing here with Trump’s tweets. While many are indeed cringe worthy there is a certain authenticity about them as opposed to what the PR team for Obama would tell him to tweet. This is raw unvarnished history that we are witnessing and long after Trump is gone historians will be thankful we have them. Feel free to share your hypothetical tweets from past Presidents in the comments with no image required. As I’m continuing to fight the Facebook Algorithm machine a share of this article from you would go a long way to help. Plus it is sure to open up some fun conservation on your feed.

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2 Replies to “If Other Presidents Tweeted Like Donald J. Trump”

  1. I don’t know. I think Slick Willie was known to be long winded so he might’ve struggled with Twitter’s 140 character tweets. On the other hand his contributions to Penthouse forum could be epic. L8.

  2. Great article Jeff but I can’t help thinking Nixon’s parting shot after boarding Marine One would have been “I can guarantee, I am not a crook”

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