We live in a world of grey these days and telling right from wrong is far from easy. So when in doubt, vote against those initiating political violence. It is not always easy to tell who the good guys are in life, but the bad guys are usually the ones beating up people for their political beliefs. So I’m here to warn you America, if I see one more video of someone getting punched in a MAGA hat I’m going to vote Trump for life. That might seem like an idle threat as you assume I am a conservative. Well, I am a conservative but those who followed this blog for sometime will know that I was an OG Anti-Trump conservative. In fact, I was a conservative before Trump was ever a conservative. But you are pushing me into a corner America and nobody puts baby in a corner. If I see one more video of someone getting punched for espousing the political support of the President via a MAGA hat I’m going to vote for Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson in 2016 and my vote is on the table in 2020. Punch another MAGA kid and my vote is sealed America.

Trump’s Not that Bad

Despite being a never Trumper, I have to admit that Trump hasn’t been that bad. My worst fears of the man has not come true and at a policy level there is something to love and hate for everyone. Not only that, but it appears the whole Trump-Russia collusion thing was a big whiff. As far as I can tell all the American institutions are still intact and the fact that the DOJ is fighting the call to become a political attack dog seems like a good thing.

Moreover, I’ve come to agree with Chris Christie’s assessment of the Trump/Russia collusion case. He put forward that the Trump campaign may not have been morally opposed to collusion, but they were far too disorganized and chaotic to pull it off. So why did Trump lie and try to hide? I remember thinking if he is so innocent, then why the deceit? Well, I think that is just what a Trump does. He’s not so malicious with his lying as much as he is compulsive which makes it hard to tell when he is telling the truth. Donald Julius Trump is essentially a grown up version of Chunk from the Goonies.

Now, some of ya’ll are mad already and you don’t even know why. You just know that I took a swing at your Donald and are at home screaming “Leave Donald Alone” into your web camera. You’ve done lost your sense of humor in the age of Trump and can’t admit the obvious. You’ve already formed your replay about how Trump is rely Mikey cause he scores a kiss with the girl and is the hero of the whole thing. Relax, you can support Trump and even love him while admitting that he is a remarkable and fantastic liar. Can you meet me there to at least acknowledge this so that I can sleep tonight knowing we’ve not lost all sense of truth? Just reply in the comments, “Love me some Trump, but yeah, he’s Chunk.” All that to say, Trump ain’t that bad people. Moving on.

Vilifying the Opposition

I don’t think either the left or the right can claim innocence when it comes to the tried and true tactic of vilifying the political opposition. Calling someone a “libtard” or “Trumpkin” is really just two sides of the same coin. However, when you call a mainstream political candidate “Fascist”, when doesn’t seemed to have done anything fascist at a policy level is problematic. When you call a President “racist”, though there is not a single policy anyone can point to as racist, it is problematic. Look, Trump might be the biggest racist on the planet. I have no idea. I’m just saying you can’t tell it from his actual policies. I think socialism is evil, but I don’t impute that on every Bernie supporter. They are most good people just terribly wrong. Like, just awfully wrong

When you call someone and by default their supporters, evil, you justify violence at a level you might not have considered. We do in fact stand up to evil. There is, in fact, a time for violence in order stand up to fascism. That’s why you can’t just throw that word around so liberally towards all Trump supporters. Vilifying the opposition is a bipartisan tactic, but right now in the United States of America there is only one side of the coin punching people for wearing a mainstream political campaign slogan. There is much I don’t like about Trump, but if you make me decide who is good and who is evil, I’m going to say the person executing political violence is on the wrong side of history. So I’ll say it again, show me another video of a kid getting punched for wearing a MAGA hat and I’m going to vote Trump for life.

In Conclusion

Look, I’ll confess that I thought there might be something to the Russia thing. Trump isn’t exactly the type who would look at a rule and think to himself, “thou shalt not.” However, the guy’s innocent. Dragging this investigation stuff out now is kind of silly. Mueller put the squeeze on the guy and when it came time to confess, it turned out to look a lot like this:

There is much not to like about Trump, but nothing he has done justifies committing political violence against his supporters. No one should be afraid to speak or support anything in the United States of America. We have always beaten bad speech with better speech. That’s why KKK members can rally and yet, their numbers dwindle. That’s why free speech is an enshrined institution and any attempt to shut it down by tyranny of the mob is evil in my book. I don’t know how I’m going to vote in 2020, but if you punch one more MAGA hat wearing kid I’m voting for the DJT all day long.

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10 Replies to “If You Punch One More MAGA Hat Kid I’m Voting Trump Forever”

  1. Trump encourages violence at his rallies, no big deal. Trump shares skinhead memes, no big deal. Trump supporter commits vehicular homicide, no big deal.

    But random person punches someone in a MAGA hat because that someone supports a man who has incited violence and murder, now you’re triggered?

    You object to violence, so you’re going to vote for a person who has personally incited violence?

    Bless your heart dude.

    1. You are ear deep in a phony reality. I pray for people like you who naturally want to do what’s good and right and end up getting manipulated. I don’t think there is a cure. You could watch a compilation of vids & headlines about people assaulting maga hat wearers and you would rationalize it with a flick of your wrist, you could actually attend a rally (gasp) and write off the attendees open kindness and inclusivity with a quick word that sounds to awalw and aware people like; “ew, reality, get it off me.”

    2. You are referencing one comment from the 2016 campaign trail that has been taken out of context continually and you are also using one example of an action by a supporter that was a fringe incident. Now, if you want I can point you to a Breitbart Article that lists tons of assaults by liberals on conservatives with links to back all of them up. “A random person” seems to be the case in just about every assault by liberals. So please dismiss leftist violence and capitalize on the few incidents involving Trump supporters: it’s only going to make us undecided vote Trump.

  2. We fought a bloody war once because men in brown outfits went around beating up people who didn’t believe the way they did. History is filled with examples. ANTIFA is the modern day version of this. I can’t see that Trump has incited anyone to violence but there are always a few nut jobs who take things to an ugly level. I believe that our country is safer under Trump, who knew calling the little Korean fat boy on his bluff would effectively shut him up. I’m glad to see that he formally recognized Jerusalem, deregulated a whole lot of crap and called CNN exactly what it is. He’s right about the border, take my word on that, you would not believe it unless you go there. My retirement plan and the stock market love this guy. He fires a lot of people but I get that to. If they aren’t cutting it then the need to go. He is attacked by both parties and still comes out on top. He’s pardoned a black murderer from Memphis and a boxer from 80 years ago . He puts America first and what politician thinks that’s a good idea. We got jobs to spare now, and we now see there would never be enough people willing to work them. He’s shown us that an elected official really can do what he says he will. He loves his country and all of us veterans. I wish he could cover his mouth sometime and that his Twitter account were disabled but it’s okay, the Trump show is always good for a laugh . He has made the Democrat Party look like a bunch of boobs for all the investigating. His tax returns don’t interest me in the least and are no more my business than yours are. I voted for him once and will gladly do it again.

  3. Trump has many faults, but none of them are impeachable, (as of yet). His biggest fault is that he has shown that legitimate change can be had, but only if you take the money out of politics. If you care about something, and nobody can bribe you to think otherwise, you can have the change that is needed

  4. Hey, I’m like you regarding Trump, didn’t trust him, definitely did not trust Hillary, and I did vote, but not for either of those two. I am still hoping he doesn’t have a second agenda. I am glad you wrote this. You explain yourself, not just political jargon. You’re solid and I like that. Keep it up

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