Trump right hand swearing in

To be clear, if you support Donald Trump because you think him best that is just fine.  In fact, I have been hard on Donald which has caused many supporters of his to flee the blog already.  Which means if you stayed, you are the type of principled person who isn’t afraid of a good dialogue.  Whether you support Trump, Obama, or the Legion of Doom, if you are unafraid of dissenting thought you are my people and I yours.  There is an intellectual argument for supporting Trump and just because I disagree with it doesn’t mean you don’t have a valid point.  But if you are the type of Trump supporter like the several people who said I should be arrested for my writings about him, I’m just a little sad for you sweetheart.  If you are they type of supporter like the one who told me Trump had to suppress the press if he was to make America great again, bless your heart. And if you stood in a rally and raised your hand in allegiance to Trump I’m truly just a little embarrassed for you.

You Don’t Owe Him Anything

I don’t know whether to be more embarrassed that Trump asked that of you or that people actually did it.  When confronted, Trump actually denied that he recognized the historical connotation of it, which for a self-admitted really smart man seems quite stupid.  You can play it off as a silly campaign style show of support if you want, but it seems a poor choice for the man constantly fending off comparisons to Hitler.  Image if Barrack Obama rallied support for his campaign by asking the crowd to scream Allahu Ahkbar.  What if Bernie asked the crowd to sing that Soviet anthem song from the Hunt for Red October at the end of every rally?  Sure it’s a cool manly tune, but the image couldn’t be forgotten.

Trump oath

Imagery matters greatly, but oaths all the more so.  Perhaps I’m just harkening back to the day where an oath actually meant something.  I swore an oath as a United States Marine, which by the way I have been accused of betraying because I don’t support Trump.  That guy threatened to leave my blog as a result and I sent him best wishes from St. Felecia, the Patron St. of Farewells.  I took an oath to love my wife for better or worse and while I do it poorly at times, so far so good.  I’m not George Washington, but if I raise my hand an take an oath I’m going to mean it.

But if any candidate, even… gulp.. General Mattis asks me to swear an oath to him as a private citizen I’m going to pass.  A prospect for President is competing for the opportunity to swear an oath to us, not the other way around.  If you sold your birthright as an American citizen for a bowl of soup at a Trump rally it doesn’t mean you are a bad person, but I am embarrassed for you.

Donald’s Oath

The only reason I started speaking up aggressively against Trump is because my convictions about the matter made silence less than tolerable.  I am not run by the GOP establishment and elite as much as you may accuse me of it.  If you doubt that, let me remind you that you are in fact reading a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity where absurdity is my muse and long lost grammar errors find a home.  A lot of mediocre people who have no allegiance to the old order are sounding the alarms about Trump.  Can we at least ask you to hear them and consider them honestly as if we were your neighbor and not in the GOP smoking room.

trump swear of allegiance

I do not want Hillary to be President which is why I beg the GOP to send me anyone for which I can vote.  Anyone, I mean at this point since General Mattis doesn’t want it I’m thinking about starting a campaign for my second favorite Marine, Animal Mother. In fact, I think I would vote for any member of the famed squad from Full Metal Jacket over Trump with the exception of the guy named “hand job” because of what he did in the waiting room of the head shrinker in Da Nang.  That just wouldn’t play out well at State Dinners and could cause quite the international incident.

Be a Cool Man

Look, if you support Trump that’s cool but you don’t owe him your allegiance so save yourself the embarrassment and don’t swear it.  The burden is on him to earn your vote all the way to Election Day.  You don’t owe him, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Bernie, or Hillary anything.  It is one thing to exclaim that Trump’s money ensures he is not beholden to any special interest, but he better act like he is at least beholden to the citizenry and not the other way around.  I would rather loan my right hand to “hand job” for the evening than to extend it in allegiance to any candidate that would ask it of me and the masses.

trump salute

Bro in the white khakis and black shirt got that salute down pat, doesn’t he?  If you believe Donald Trump is literally the best man for the job, so be it.  Rand Paul was my guy although I never said it in an attempt to remain neutral on the blog.  That’s how Democracy works and we can disagree then share a drink afterwards.  But if you honestly believe I should be arrested for typing these words or you would suspend even one iota of liberty for another man to get “your man” into office and support his agenda, then we can’t have a drink together because your brown shirt clashes with my red, white, and blue.  Really?  You picked up the brown shirt reference but the extended right hand salute at a political rally escaped you?

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5 Replies to “If You Raised Your Right Hand and Swore Support for Trump I’m Just Embarrassed for You”

  1. Amen and we’ll put Jeff, couldn’t have said it better myself. My personal selection early on was Jim Webb but since he didn’t make the cut I’m like you, just looking for someone worthy of my vote. May have to resort to a write in but then that’s a vote for Trump or whoever the other one is. Think I’ll go find a corner to shit in, do about as much good.
    Semper Fi

  2. Well said Mac – especially the point about how the oath should be earned by Trump. Fire for effect.

  3. Well timed. I’m learning about WWII and the Holocaust in school right now. Love your blog, keep up the good work Jeff, you’ve brought me lots of clarity.

  4. Fuck yeah. This Trump shit is getting real. Is this how the people felt when electing Andrew Jackson to the presidency?

  5. Old Nam Marine here. Love your blog. I’m to the point of sitting this one out but I know that’s the wrong thing to do. You would think for such an important,, serious election some one could field an important serious candidate. Gen Mattis works for me.

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