Militant Hostages

American hostage Luke Summers was killed in Yemen on Saturday during a US Special Forces rescue attempt. It is a tragic story in that one more American has lost their life at the hands of evil.  To be honest, I am not certain of the circumstances of his capture or what he was doing in Yemen, but it does appear that he was a journalist.  All of us here at home are hungry for information and we ought to be thankful for those that risk their lives to ensure the free flow of information and knowledge. However, whether it’s for journalism’s or humanitarian sake, it is obvious that the call of Westerners to dangerous places in the world will continue. So just like most of us in the military had to do when going to war,  all must count the potential cost and make peace with that in whatever way possible. I can’t speak to how everyone does that, but I will speak for myself.

A Decision

I find it interesting that one of the reasons this particular story of attempted rescue has caught so much traction is that there was apparently a South African citizen held hostage at the same location. Moreover, I would appear that this South African had somehow worked to arrange his imminent release but was killed in the raid.  Consequently, I have read some accounts in the media criticizing the US attempt at rescue as somehow costing the life of this man. Whereas, I would decline to refute the words of grieving friends and family, I would submit that this assumption doesn’t hold up under careful analysis.

You can’t take the word of terrorist and assume you have a square deal in the works.  The same people who will chop your head off one minute are not the ones to make an honorable deal the next.  Moreover, should they make an honorable deal of ransom, then the funds that secured your release will just be used to capture the next man and perhaps cost him his life.  It is not that I think that it is futile to attempt to bring our citizens home.  Rather, I just think given the odds of success are so low that military intervention is a legitimate course of action.  So like most risky ventures, it’s best to go ahead and make up your mind about a few things first.  I can’t decide for you, so let me just tell you where I stand.

No Surrender

I am not trying to be Rambo here when I say no surrender.  No, I am just telling you my logical decision.  When I served in Iraq in 2003, these videos of prisoners beheadings were not really a mainstream thing. However, at some training in the years prior to Iraq, we had a Marine officer tell us about Chechen Rebels in Russia doing that very thing in order to strike fear during the Russian War in Chechnya.  Upon hearing that, I decided right then and there that I’ll not be surrendering to anyone. I’m sorry, but the days of Hogan’s Heroes and the Great Escape where you are sent to POW camp run by a quirky German Officer are long gone.  Capture means a horrific death on your knees and I’d rather die on my feet.

Now, this doesn’t even just extend to war.  On the streets of America I follow the same creed.  Granted no one is trying to capture and kill me here in America, but my policy remains the same. If a van full of hooligans shows up and attempts to kidnap me, then I fight to the death right there before I step foot in that van.  The odds of survival are low if you submit, so fight.  Now that doesn’t mean they won’t capture me.  There could be too many of them for me to fight off or perhaps they just throw a sack of angry cats on me or something, but whatever the case, it’s possible they get me.  I am just saying that while any means to resist exist,  I do so.  No surrender.  I’m not trying to be noble, I’m just being smart. It is indeed better to die on your feet than your knees.  How many executed and brutalized Iraqis wish they had adopted such a policy before ISIS rolled into town.


Now, I also understand that for many journalist or humanitarian workers, fighting may not seem like a real option. However, I submit that you still have a decision to make about your life. Moreover, I have no doubt that many who were captured did fight and I am in no way saying it is dishonorable in of itself to be captured.  I’m just saying you have to make a decision.  For me, it is as the title of the blog indicates.  If I’m captured, then I’m already dead, so kill them all. It’s not that I don’t want to be rescued.  I am sure I would indeed love to be saved.  I’m just saying I understand the odds are low.  Much as this raid indicated, even if you can get special forces on the scene, they can’t stop the militants from executing you seconds before rescue.  So to the SF guys coming to save me, it’s cool, I’ve accepted that.  Kill them all.

You see, if I have to die, I don’t want to hear the chants of the militants or their useless propaganda.  I want to see the fear in their eyes as they realize a date with a Navy Seal has been arranged for them.  I want to hear the sweet music of an A-10 Warthog gunning them down.  I can accept my death knowing that I was the last person these scum would ever harm. Kill them all.

In the Bible, it tells of a story when the Ark of the Covenant was captured by the Philistines.  Upon taking the Ark to the Philistine city, death and destruction began to occur in the city.  So much so, the Philistines sent back the Ark.  No thanks they said. I submit to you that this is how we should make the enemy feel when they capture an American.  They should feel as if they are holding the beacon of their own certain death.  Reign down destruction on me if I’m captured, because I’m dead anyway.  If you can’t get Special Forces guys in then, just send in the B2’s with full payload.  Because I said it one and I’ll say it again  If I’m captured, then I’m already dead, so kill them all.  That’s my personal decision.  What is yours?

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7 Replies to “If I’m Captured Then I’m Already Dead So Kill Them All”

  1. Absolutely right. If you’re headed for certain death, try to take a few of the bastards with you, or at least give make one of them regret capturing you.

  2. Very true, easier said than done since the will to stay alive is a strong one and it’s a very fine line, but I completely agree with you here.

  3. I totally agree with this. bad enough that I have to die but it would be so much worse if it were in orange scrubs, before the whole world, listening to some humdala humdala speech about allah and all that crap. an if they would just dump a B-52 payload on them from the begining it would have to make them think twice about capturing people. As Christians we know that in the end we will be in a better place. Years ago some MPD officers were taken hostage and the police had to sit outside and negotiate while listening to the screams of their brothers who were ultimately killed. That is no way for any man, let alone a warrior to die. Good story Jeff. Of course you can rest assured that 2d Plt would never allow you to go out like a B!$ch anyhow. S/F

  4. Jeff, alot of thought has been put into that for me. When I was embedded in Honduras and Panama, I told everyone of my team that if I was captured to kill everyone. Next, discussing terrorism, I grew up with alot of air hijacking in the news. right from that initial incident I heard of, I have said the government should take aim at that plane with LAWS or grenade launchers and blast it right off the tarmac. If governments all took that approach, terrorists would not use this tactic anymore, cause it wouldn’t work. Of course I was asked would I feel the same if my Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Wife was on board when they made that decision. I replied of course I would. It would prevent any more terrorists using these tactics. Just like what’s coming in this country. I can’t be there to personally protect my family against the bad guys. But I will fight those trying to take our freedom with the furociousness of a suicide bomber. Its all or nothing and absolutely nothing I won’t do. I was born free, made free by Jesus, and I’ll die free. My life is worth 5 of theirs. If I can take 5 then I am justified, and everytime they go to individuals doors to take their property, freedoms or their lives, I warn and reccommend this capitulation to my fellow patriots, for eventually if this is carried out with utter resignation, they will run out of men to do the job or willing stooges that want to bother law abiding Mr Jones instead of going home to their wives and children and keeping them safe from the very same tyrants they work for. So yes I vote also to gladly give my life to further our goals and causes, especially if it furthers the policy of offering NO quarter to terrorists or hostage takers. Just kill em all, and if that kills me too, don’t lose any sleep over it. Semper Fi. Stay safe. Paul III

    1. WEll said man. Again, when i look at the odds of rescue, I would rather die in an explosion that takes the enemy with me then at the hands of the enemy on TV. If you can rescue me, then great, but if not, level the whole block.

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