Listen, your angry responses to what I’m about to say can’t save Trump any more than this article can convict Trump.  Honey, shhh listen to me. Honey, your angry response and social media defense of Trump cannot save him any more than this article can convict him.  The day a special prosecutor the likes of Meuller was appointed was the day the court of public opinion became Judge Judy’s the People’s Court.  So let’s just talk about it in a bi-partisan manner.  Either through malice, incompetence, or recklessness Donald Julius Trump’s namesake son was emailing someone who literally promised him political dirt courtesy of a foreign government because this foreign government wanted his father to win.  The fact that Julius Jr thought it was a good idea to make this exchange via email should enrage Trump supporters whether Trump did the bad stuff or not.  How can you not know at this point in life that the government can, likely is, listening or can access all your online info?  Watch this, ISIS ISIS Bin Laden Putin Terrorism, hello NSA I presume you are here now and welcome to Unprecedented Mediocrity.  I hope your government agents enjoy the rest of his article.  If you investigate me for terrorism before reading this full article I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you for Bea Arthur’s panties back because that’s what we do here to people who don’t read the full article.

The Incompetence Conundrum

Let’s tackle this one first because I think it might appease those who have supported Trump and I love Trump supporters who have stuck with this blog.  I’ve been hard on the man, yet the sure sign of a “Trumpkin” is the message from the reader who bothers to tell me they are “unliking” this page and they want me to know it.  The true sign of an intellectually honest person is the one who says they love Trump, tells me to go have intercourse with my mother, and then says they are not going anywhere. Dissenting thought is hard sometimes, but I’ll die by my fellow freedom loving American who embrace it any day.

If Donald Julius Trump is innocent of Russian collusion then Julius Jr just Kylo Ren the heck out of his daddy. Surely you know the scene from the new Star Wars and I don’t have time to explain it.  Assuming Trump’s innocence, his son just gave a written trail connecting the Trump administration to the Russians doing the very thing he said he never did.  Now, Julius Jr’s excuse is that she promised him dirt on his opponent courtesy of the government and then just gave him some spill about Russian adoptions.  If that is true then Julius Jr. just got Nigerian Princed like a fool and his father will pay the price.

You know the spam emails.  A Nigerian prince with millions in the waiting and just needs your $50,000 to reclaim it.  The Irish lottery you just won and needs but your bank and routing information.  The Viagra that promises you enhanced performance and mysteriously taste like sweet tarts when you get it.  If Donald Trump is innocent of collusion with Russia then Julius Jr just got spammed.  He accepted and illicit meeting promising gold and gave him rotten Viagra. That’s if you believe Trump is innocent.  Julius Jr. just Kylo Ren his innocent father.  Trump supporters should be furious with Julius Jr.  IF Trump is innocent this is bad news for an innocent man.

The Malicious Conundrum

Now let’s talk about the other side of the coin.  Let us presume this meeting is but one of the exchanges where the Trump administration attempted to coordinate with Russia to help Russia achieve their foreign policy aims.  If so then there is plenty of evidence for Chris to have walked into the middle of that meeting and asked Julius Jr to “take a seat.” On to catch a predator, grown men engage in online talks with what they think are underage girls.  They found out their name, their perceived age and then make arrangements to have sex with them.  So the creep pulls up in a car and goes in the house only to find Chris Hansen sitting there.  All of these men get arrested because of what they intended to do based on the written record.

What did Julius Jr think he was going there to do?  It’s clear and explicit.  He was told the Russian government had information on his political opponent and because the Russian government wanted Trump to win they wanted to give it to him.  Julius Jr’s response was literally, “I love it!”  Then he showed up thinking he was about to get some just like those men on to catch a predator.  The men on to catch a predator never got to do their deed and yet they were still afoul of the law.  But let’s take it a step further.

What would we presume of those men if they were allowed to go in the house for an hour with the girl and Chris Hansen showed up outside afterwards?  Would anyone believe the man’s pleas that nothing happened and they just talked about Russian adoptions?  It is clear that Julius Jr’s intent was malicious with full knowledge where the information was coming from.  So why are we to presume his story of Russian adoptions is even credible?  I wouldn’t believe those predators after an hour if they said they were just playing hide the pickle with girl and it involved actually playing hide and seek with a real pickle.  Nor now that I could easily see Julius Jr’s malicious intent do I believe he came out with nothing.

So What Say You?

What’s your opinion?  Did Trumps son just get Nigerian Princed by a Russian Lawyer or was he trying to play a game of hide the pickle with her?  Doesn’t really matter which we believe, because it was a Kylo Ren moment none the less.  If Trump is innocent then this was the absolute worst thing that could have happened to him.  If Trump is guilty then this was the absolute worst thing that could have happened to him.

We must again remind ourselves that our opinions don’t really matter anymore.  Meuller and Congress are investigating and that’s about as close to the truth as peons like us are ever going to get on this.  Screaming from the rafters screaming like Chewey is about all any of us can do about this moment.  But make no mistake, this was a Kylo Ren moment between Julius and Julius Jr.  Did you make it to the end of the article?  Prove it in the comments with your own thoughts.  Hide the pickle or Nigerian Prince?

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9 Replies to “I’m Pretty Sure Donald Jr. Just Kylo Ren Donald Sr. with This Email”

  1. When leaving the wire I always want to feel confident that no matter what happens my commander was going to have my back. I did not feel Trump would during the campaign and his actions since have not changed my feelings. This is just one more thing that showcases his lack of reliability and lack of care for for regular working class Americans.

  2. Why didn’t they come forward with this information when it happened ? It’s reckless and suspect on it’s own. The exact thing that was done to DJTJ has been done to the American people. – Let’s see how this election goes, we will wait six months, then make the info public. Do they sit on all information that might jeopardize national security for six months to see how things are going?

  3. Hi, from across the pond Jeff. Although I’m neither pro, or anti Julius Snr, I’m leaning toward being very anti D J Jnr. I’m not too sure if it appeared in the US press, but this week a picture of D J Jnr holding the severed tail of an Elephant he’d just shot. He had a suspiciously clean looking knife in his other hand, probably thinking it made look like a real macho stud. Personally, I just think it made him look like a pathetic dick; (a) for shooting the Elephant in the first place, and (b) for standing there with a blood free knife and thinking anyone would believe he’d actually cut the tail off himself. This was from a few years ago and it seems he’s still behaving like a dick. Julius Snr. hasn’t done himself many favours with some of his personnel choices so far, Gen. James Chaos Mattis should’ve been the benchmark for choosing senior members of his administration, not whether they were related, or belonged to the same clubs or whatever.
    In D J Jnrs case, I agree with you. How the hell could he think that an email trail wouldn’t lead back to him? Was he really so naive to the think that none of the alphabet soup agencies were listening ‘cos of who his daddy was?
    As to the Russian Lawyer lady, I wouldn’t have minded playing hide the pickle with her at all, but I think I got a better deal than you from the Nigerian Prince. It only cost me $5.000 to stake a claim to my share of the $50.000.000 and he’s promised me it’ll be in my bank account very soon. He said it’s taking a bit longer because of all the interest in emails started by D J Jnrs shenanigans.

  4. I feel like Jr wanted to hide the pickle and the Russians Nigerian Princed him instead. He ended up picking himself and his father. That said, although not a trumpophile, i am afraid we would have more of the same no matter who climbed to the top of that crapfest we had for candidates in 2016. I am very saddened that we the people are no longer represented as much as deep pockets are. A self-supporting working class (blue, green or white collar) Joe (or Jo) doesn’t have a chance of hitting the political stage unless completely paid for already.

  5. From the get go I’ve been saying this election was the choice between the Douche (DJT) and the Shit Sandwich (HRC). I choose the Douche because swallowing a Shit Sandwich was very unappealing. Nothing I’ve seen, read or heard has changed my perspective, while DJT is a douche he’s infinitely better than the Shit Sandwich we avoided having to eat.

  6. I think everyone is missing the point…..there is no such thing as collusion in politics when you are running for an office, once you get in an office then you could be guilty of collusion (like say Sec State selling uranium for instance???) Getting dirt on your opponent is an age old political trick that they all do (its already been shown that Hillary was on the take from day one and given time it will be born out that she had people over there doing the same as trump jr.. That being said, is it illegal no, is it despicable yes…..but not illegal. if it were illegal every single politician from the last 30 or 40 years would be guilty of it in one form or another. so every take a zanax and relax a bit. he is here for the next four years guaranteed good, bad or indifferent….

  7. Hide the pickle!!! I agree with the above commenter about the choice, with one exception, I chose neither of the above and left that one blank on the ballot. I think the majority of them are crooks, regardless of Nixon’s proclamation. Julius claim, of continuous investigations and possible indictment if HRC was elected, seems to be coming true, only the way around.
    Semper Fi

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