Let’s face it, if this were Starship Troopers and military service was one of the primary ways to earn your citizenship, General Mattis would win this election with 99% of the vote.  However, as General Mattis once famously said, “You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it’s going to be bad.”  The truth is that among the 300 million plus American citizens, he is still not that well known.  I realize that this man has continued to say that he would not run for President and I realize many view this as a wishful pipe dream of American Veterans.  But in the past two weeks, the mainstream media has picked this story up and they have picked it up hard.  The brutal fact is that we are as close to a General Mattis candidacy as we will ever be short of his magnificent announcement.  But most importantly, the truth is that the man will not come close to being successful without broad and massive civilian support.  So civvie world, let me introduce you to the one, the only, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis.

What’s His Politics?

Now, to me while this is one of the first questions to be asked about the man it is also one of the most disheartening.  It is as if the American psyche simply cannot help but classify the world into one of two camps.  I have long said that if I walked into a room and divided 100 people into “red” team and “blue” team for a competition, despite the arbitrary assigning of camps, 50 people would cheer for “red” team like it had a 1,000 years of honorable history and the other 50 would cheer for “blue” team as if they knew no other life.  Then I would remind them it was just a game of dodgeball and they would move on.


Did Republicans and Democrats consult any of you when they were forming their two camps?  Did one camp say, “Bob we are going to adopt a policy of free trade, but we are going to need you to admit that global warming is a farce.”  Did the other send you a memo saying, “Jane, we are going to go after the Wall Street corruption hard, but we are going to need you to forget about that whole 2nd Amendment.”  The truth is that no one consulted you about your particular “party” of choice and you have been swallowing horse pill after horse pill of agendas you don’t like.  But go “red team” or go “blue team”, right?

The truth is, I’m not entirely certain of General Mattis’ politics because the man is not a politician.  I’m going to give you a video in a minute and you can glean what you will from it, but perhaps in this season of American life that is exactly what we need.  We have had 8 years of a Conservative Bush and 8 years of a Liberal Obama and we have survived it all.  It is possible that General Mattis is more left or more right on a particular issue than you would hope, but 50% of America is going to have to live with that anyway.  So what if you had a President, just for 4 or 8 years, that spoke to the 80% of America who considers themselves the middle and are tired of being forced to swallow one pill or the other?  The ship of liberty does not need a man who banks hard left or hard right, we need a man who can right the ship.  What if your next President was the very man who never wanted the job to begin with?

His Words Can be Abrasive?

You won’t be able to do too many internet searches on General Mattis without coming across his famed quotes, and to the civilian they might seem a little harsh.  Now, I think left or right that we can agree Donald Trump has put to bed the notion you have to have said all the right things to make a serious run at the Presidency.  But here is the thing, General Mattis did say all the right things because he was speaking to Marines about to risk their lives under his order and we love him for it.  The man was not trying to build a case for post military political success, he was trying to motivate Marines so that they could accomplish the mission and live.  Listen to me, General Mattis was committed to us, not his own career ambition.

write in Mattis for President

I could tell you the famed story about how he stood post as a General so a married Marine could spend Christmas with his family or I could point to you picture after picture of this General seemingly always carrying his own gear?  If you are willing to salute us Veterans with parade after parade and one firework display after another, then just listen to us on this.  We don’t want your fireworks sacrifice to the patriotic Gods, we want you to treat us like men and women worthy of respect who have at least earned the honor of a sit down with the rest of America.  And you might be surprised that the hardened warrior we call “Mad Dog”, is also known as the “Warrior Monk.”

Brilliance Knows No Politics

General Mattis once sent an email deriding officers who said they don’t have the time to read.  In his chastisement, he said that what those officers are really saying is that they would rather not learn from history, but that they would rather learn from the sacrifice of the men they lead.  He is a scholar’s scholar as they say and you will not find a man more dedicated to acting from a position of history and knowledge than James Mattis.

The man is brilliant and I am going to leave you with a video I pray you watch.  I have shared it on a couple of occasions on this blog but we are in the home stretch of a dream come true.  It is 30 minutes and if you can’t spend 30 minutes to watch a video to hear what the Veteran community is in an uproar about, then I don’t know what to tell you other than, thanks for the fireworks bro.

Write in Mattis for President

He might not run and it is possible the man is getting ready to knife hand us all for continuing the conversation, but I’ll take that risk to see the man as Commander in Chief.  He can win, he really can even if by winning enough States to send it to the House of Representatives where they don’t like Hillary, they don’t like Ted Cruz, and Trump is not even an option. General Mattis has a path to victory and it cannot happen without civilian involvement.  Introduce the man to your friends and family and just ask for a conversation about him.  The truth, the brutal truth that this is perhaps the most qualified man to lead our nation in this particular season will do the rest. Now please, watch the video and if you are remotely serious about a Mattis Presidency, spread the word and start the conversation. I’m here, what questions do you have?

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18 Replies to “Introducing a Presidential Candidate James Mattis to Your Civilian Friends”

  1. No fair Sir. I see you hiding that old school Alice pack and H- harness under the elastic pack cover. I hatred the new packs we took with their always breaking plastic frame. Mattie is to smart to fall for your tricks . That old warrior is happy to sit back and laugh at us all!

  2. Jeff, the General Mattis alternative has been interesting, but you should consider putting your support behind Ted Cruz now that there’s serious momentum for him overtaking Donald Trump. As someone who has been so outspokenly against Trump, and has been appealing to America for some common sense, I now appeal to you to have some common sense.

    Ted Cruz is an actual candidate, who really is running, who has principled, conservative values, is a strict constitutionalist, and would actually honor and support our veterans. POTUS Mattis would be great if he actually wanted to be President and it was any kind of real possibility at all, but it’s not.

    Just something to consider. I know you would say your vote doesn’t matter anyway being in Washington (not a very inspiring position to take, but hey to each his own), however you do have a lot of people reading your blog and your influence extends much further than your vote.

    It’s also possible that, as a moderate, Ted Cruz is too conservative for you. In which case, you might consider shifting to Kasich as VP to Cruz. Thanks for positing the video. It’s a great watch/listen.

    1. Ted Cruz wants to eliminate separation of Church and State. How can you possibly ever want that? Look at the middle east now or Europe 1000 years ago. It never ends well.

      1. Jim, I hear you. But Ted Cruz actually getting to eliminate separation of Church and State has as much of a chance of happening as General Mattis getting elected this November. All candidates have extreme/weird views that I’m not worried about them actually getting to implement. Just like if Bernie got elected, he’s so extreme, that it would more likely result in very little getting done as opposed to him him actually turning us into the sickle and hammer, even though that’s how he’d like to have it.

    2. Sorry, but just no. No way in hell could I honestly cast a vote for Ted Cruz. At this point in time, I have resigned the fact that I can pick a candidate who will do the most good. I am now expecting to vote for a candidate who can do the least harm.

        1. No, Hillary is not a moral human being. She lacks basic ethical qualities that most people need to function in modern society.

          I can’t support Cruz and Trump is too crazy with an ever present ego. Sadly, I am facing an unbelievable choice that I might vote Sanders. The most outlandish things that Sanders proposes will never ever receive any support or come to fruition, so at the moment he is the least dangerous candidate.

          I am accepting the fact that no candidate currently running is POTUS material for the next four years and I hope that this one will accomplish or change the least amount of things until new candidates emerge four years from now to try this again.

    3. I would vote for Mattis but Ted Cruz? Are you serious? I would vote for Billary before Cruz and thats saying something!

      – Ted Cruz voted to double the interest rates students pay on their college loans
      – Ted Cruz chose to give his opening speech at a university that teaches its students that the planet Earth is 6,000 years old and that biological evolution through natural selection is a hoax
      – Ted Cruz introduced legislation to reduce worker pay, allowing the federal government to begin a race to the bottom, driving income down by paying workers below the local prevailing wages
      – Ted Cruz introduced legislation to create a separate and unequal Jim Crow marriage system, in which Americans married in one state could have their legal rights denied in other states within the USA
      – Ted Cruz wants to dramatically increase Pentagon spending
      – Ted Cruz seeks to use the power of the federal government to promote his own religious beliefs
      – Ted Cruz voted against confirming a leader to administrate Medicare and Medicaid services, even though the nominee had the support of the majority of both Republican and Democratic members of the U.S. Senate
      – Ted Cruz wants the federal government to sell off national parks to private landowners to be used for ranching and mining operations

      Uhhhh no effing way!

  3. We would prove it… if he runs… the veteran backing is huge. Because it extends to the heart of America. Straight through the liberal weak outer crust… America still believes, we need an American to run. Someone willing to fight and stand up for Americans.. I think it would be him.. here’s to hope…

  4. “Ted Cruz wants to eliminate separation of Church and State. How can you possibly ever want that? Look at the middle east now or Europe 1000 years ago. It never ends well.” You just went full retard Carl! Evidence! Evidence, Please! People, the words “separation of church and state” are NOT found in the constitution. But, free exercise of religion is. Praying in public is not theocracy. Who need a “safe space” and puppy videos now!

  5. the last time we had a general for president ” BEST DWIGHT EISENHOWER DOCUMENTARY! Part 1 “I LIKE IKE”” it is time we had one again please tell General James Mattis it is time please step out of the shadows and in to the light of day where we need you.

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