Captured Iranian Sailors

I know you might be thinking that photo is hardly justification for a war that would likely kill thousands upon thousands.  I know that the greater good must often prevail in the realm of international relations and the Middle East is currently about one rocking guitar guy short of being Mad Max Fury Road already.  But I don’t care whether you spoon with Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump body pillows at night, Iran releasing the photos of a crying American sailor should piss off every American and, at least, have you wanting a fight whether or not it is advisable.  I am not speaking of policy here, but to emotion as if to find out if the American public and the current administration has any fight left in them at all.  I don’t mind cooler heads prevailing but I am comforted at night by the thought that my fellow Americans have the hot-blooded temperament that requires a little cooling from time to time.  I almost didn’t post the photos so as not to spread the message and shame our brother in arms, but America needs to put on its big boy pants and see it because Iran is the bad guy here.

This is What Happens

Fact, the Iranians were killing American soldiers in Iraq during the height of the insurgency.  Fact, the Iranians are helping to kill American-backed fighters in Syria and Yemen.  Fact, there is no foreseeable future where America and Iran become besties again.  Fact, that while I am often a moderate on most matters, there does come a time in life where you just have to throw down with your bros in a bar fight even though your buddy might have been the one to start the whole melee.  Pick a side America and we can debrief later.

Conflict with Iran

If you go back to the pre-Iranian revolution days, you will see a government a little more friendly to America.  However, the American-backed regime prior to the Iranian revolution was quite brutal and created a backlash which assisted the rise of the Islamic State in Iran.  Whatever, it was the Cold War, we did all sorts of crazy stuff back then so get over it Iran as they all had unintended consequences.  It’s called life.  I mean, I got to fly over to Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein from using the weapons of mass destruction that America gave him to fight Iran because the American-backed regime was toppled and Saddam was our buddy.

The point is, I just want to remind my fellow Americans that no matter how convoluted a scenario might be, you just have to pick a side in the bar fight. For Iran to release a photo of a crying captive American sailor is unconscionable and a national insult.  So be insulted America, don’t cower or start speaking to reason and ration just yet.  Get pissed off a little and punch something, then come talk to me about a broader Middle East policy. Let me know my nation still has a pulse and heart.

The Iranian Dilemma

Elements of Iran are goading America into a fight.  Iran is a nation like any other and it has various elements pulling it in very different directions.  Ever since we signed the Nuclear Agreement with Iran, certain elements have been taking one provocative action after another because they know the current administration can’t go back on the agreement for which they fought so hard to produce.  It is basically the Obamacare of the Persian Gulf.  Now, the funny thing is I actually would agree with the President that engaging Iran is better than all-out war or isolation.  Iran is not going anywhere and nor are they becoming the bastion of democracy in the Middle East in our lifetime.  So come to terms with it as we must, it is essential to have a plan of engagement.

But that doesn’t mean you still can’t remind a neighbor that if you mess with the bull, you will get the horns.  General Mattis’ mantra of “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy” only works if you remind your foe just how powerful of an enemy you can actually be.  Truthfully, I don’t know what actions we ought to take but if an Iranian ship or two and their crew should find themselves sleeping with the fishes, then in my best Tony Soprano voice, “What are you gonna do about it.”

Sarah Palin Veterans with PTSD

I think the above picture which you regularly see on my blog when I am pissed captures it well.  Never mind that is was taken on our way to Iraq to destroy the enemy of Iran and help enable their rise.  Because I’m rotating that C-130 heading north into Iraq towards the East and now those middle fingers are for you Iran.  Get pissed America and don’t apologize for it.  It is one thing to deliberate sound policy in the Middle East and an entirely other to abdicate your emotion and love of country because some douchebag Iranians committed a violation of war and you want to sound smart.  To the sailor crying, keep your chin up brother and I hope the internet is kind to you.  The Iranians are the bad guys here and no one should make it about anything other than that.  That sailor is our brother and it doesn’t matter what he did to get himself in that bar fight or how he acted, sometimes you just have to throw down with your brothers and sort it out when you all meet bail in the morning.  There is nothing wrong with pursuing sound international policy while at the same time telling the Islamic Republic of Iran what they can go have intercourse with themselves with a cactus.  Get angry regardless of your politics America because you should be.

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4 Replies to “Iran Releases Photos of Crying American Sailor and Bi-Partisan America Should be Ready for a Fight”

  1. As a combat wounded veteran I am more upset with the sailor for embarrassing his country by weeping in front of cameras. Man up for Pete’s sake.

  2. As a Brit, I cant agree more, Ive seen many TV clips where US combat teams refuse to leave a man behind, What would Hal Moore say? Regardless if he cried, who knows what he endured, but you lot need to bring your boy home

  3. Instead of blaming Iran for reacting in a way that was arguably far more civilized that what we would have done if an Iranian ship rolled up on the Outer Banks take a look at if these sailors were set up for success or failure. Under-trained, under-equipped, under-experienced and sent out to one of the most hostile and tense bodies of water in the world and told to “patrol the waters”. Without delving too deeply into things best not discussed openly, lets just say they did the best they could with the little they were given. Forget the conspiracy theories, forget the “go toe-to-toe” rhetoric; GPS spoofing only works when you have a working GPS, not when you’re trying to dead-reckon in the middle of the PG. I feel for the Boat Commander in this situation. He was stuck between a rock and an Iranian warship with people barely qualified to shoot the guns they have, in a boat broken down due to lack of maintenance, parts, and overuse because hey… who wants to fund a bunch of gen-pop fleet sailors when we have to have use military funds to pay for treatment for suicidal vets. Oh, wait… we’re not doing that, so maybe those funds are going to subsidize oil companies as they make back room deals with the KSA to suck the oil out of Yemen once it’s been bombed back to the stone age. I’m sure THIS time that plan will go as planned. You know, because Iran doesn’t have an interest in that area either. Ever wonder how we got into Western Afghanistan in the early days? We’ve a long and dirty history with stabbing our “allies” in the back when our politicians see there election cycle coming up. Charlie Wilson’s war anyone?
    Those sailors were hung out to dry by their own service and their command by setting them up for failure. The Iranians acted in a pretty respectable manner all things considered.
    Now… If you’re still feeling angry and need a fight… go punch a politician in the throat and tell them to stop bending our service members & vets over a rail in order to pad their own bank accounts.

  4. Just asking questions…Did our sailors have working GPS onboard these vessels? Did they have radio contact with anyone? Did they call for help? Did anyone hear their call for help? Were they told to surrender? Were they armed? Why did they make a video? How many hours were they held? I am not making any judgements on them at all. I just want to know

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