ISIS Boots on the ground

It appears we are walking down a road into the abyss of Iraq again and I have a confession to make to the world regarding ISIS.  Namely, that when it comes to putting boots on the ground against ISIS, I have been entirely bi-polar.  Now, having run a blog that has been heavily visited by Veterans in the age of ISIS, I take comfort in the fact that my fellow Veterans are often as disregulated as I am about the subject.  Namely, our opinions can range from send every Marine we have to let’s abandon the entire Middle East and build a moat of pig’s blood around it. What is remarkable is that these opinions can occur in the same conversation thread and often even by the same person.  As a result, I have discovered that the ISIS threat is about to drive us Veterans cuckoo for cocoa puffs and I’d like to take a walk with you all to explore why.

We Didn’t Want to Care

Now, opinions may vary from time to time, however, I have been of the opinion that I and other Veterans didn’t want to care what happened to Iraq once we left.  What I mean is, I could care less who runs Iraq.  Honestly, as far as I am concerned it doesn’t matter whether they had a Shia ruler, Sunni ruler, Congress, Parliament, or even King. I am actually of the opinion that we should have just given the whole place to the Kurds as they seem to be about the coolest cats in the whole region. However, we spent a decade of some of America’s finest blood on their soil and if they still hate us and can’t figure it out after all that, well, then it’s time to get a bulldozer and stockpiles of pigs blood to work on that moat idea.

hello isis

Then in walks ISIS. One of my earlier articles was written right after ISIS took Mosul and it was entitled Too Soon ISIS, Too Soon. You can read the article at the link, however, what I basically said was that watching ISIS trample over Iraq was kind of like watching an ex-girlfriend date an abusive new boyfriend. You didn’t want to care who she dated, but your time together is just too recent to watch her walk down such a disastrous path.  Dang it Iraq, get your junk together.

The ISIS Caliphate

Now here is the thing, ISIS is like, the worse Caliphate ever.  I mean that both practically and morally.  When ISIS took Mosul, there was this brief moment in time where we were not sure whether or not this was just more sectarian violence springing up or a real emergence of evil.  Consequently, if ISIS had just played up the sectarian angle, I think America could have cared less. Again, I don’t care whether Sunni or Shia run Iraq and I don’t even care if the Nation of Iraq has the same geographical borders that were arbitrarily drawn up at the beginning of the 20th century by white people.

But ISIS had to do it.  They had to go full evil.  Just like you never go full retard, you never go full evil.  So rather than start setting up some Sunni led civil government, they started raping children, crucifying Christians, and burning people alive.  Honestly, they are in my opinion the most obvious manifestation of evil since the Nazi regime.  When I read about some of the horrors committed by the Nazis, it was clear they were void of all conscience and could not be allowed to remain on the earth.

isis full evil

So it is for you ISIS.  You have declared yourself to be an affront to the human race and you must be ended.  They could have had Iraq for all I care, but they can’t have my conscience.  For if America were to watch you exist and do nothing, then that would have been an indictment on the conscience of our soul. Dang it ISIS, you never go full evil. You can go crazy like North Korea or James Bond Villain like Putin, but not full evil.

Baby Boots On the Ground

So here we are.  President Obama is asking Congress for the authorization of force against ISIS and I find myself fully supporting an all out war against ISIS.  Now, I served with the Marine Corps in Iraq in 2003 with 3rd battalion 23rd Marines.  When I got back from Iraq my time was up and 3 weeks after returning from Iraq, I walked away never to put on the uniform again. Consequently, when I say we need to return to a full war against ISIS, I acknowledge that it won’t be my 35 year old out of shape boots on the ground.  Rather, it will be 18 and 19 year old kids who were 5 or 6 years old when I served in Iraq.

I mean, let that sink in for a moment.  It is as if I walked off the plane from Iraq in 2003 and pointed to a class of Kindergartners and said, “You’re up next.” My platoon Sergeant, who was the greatest platoon Sergeant in the history of the Corps for having to put up my beloved 2nd Platoon, recently had the experience of watching his son serve in with one of the last Marine units in Afghanistan. Having a son now myself, I can’t quite imagine what it would be like to watch my son fight the same war.  As cool as it would be to watch my son become a Marine, I don’t know that I will ever be able to see him as anything but the helpless infant that he is currently.

Get Some Marines

But alas, here we are.  And if I take comfort in one thing about this war, it is that Marines like to get some. We are the most combat hardened military in the world and there is a whole new generation of Marines who want their chance to get some.  Look ISIS, you brought this on yourself.  I have gone through my bi-polar back and forth of trying to decide whether or not I wanted to care.  While we certainly need to keep utilizing the Kurds, Jordanian, and whatever Iraqis actually still have a pair of balls on them to dislodge the ISIS evil, it is time for the professionals to get back in the fight.

boots on ground

However, it is time for them to feel real fear.  If we are going to do this, then let us do this one more time.  One more round ISIS.  We didn’t want to be here, but you brought this fight to us. I assure you, when the Marines are through with you, Syria and Iraq will have some of the greenest grass in the world because Marines know what makes the grass grow.

Finally to the Arab and Muslim world, I will tell you this as far as Unprecedented Mediocrity is concerned. After this last round, then we are done. If you don’t have the courage or fortitude to stop the goat raping murderers from taking over your country, then I will quit trying to distinguish the good from the evil among you and will treat you all the same.  One more round ISIS, one more round.  Get some Marines.

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13 Replies to “My ISIS Boots On The Ground Bi-Polar Condition”

  1. As someone with a son finishing his deployment work up, I can tell you…the Soldier in me is proud, the kid has his head in the game…the father in me is nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and a bunch of dumb questions…like, why would he follow me into the Infantry? I also did Intel, why couldn’t he have gone that route? Going up against the same turds? WTF! How did this happen?

    Now I know what my family felt…especially my father, who had served in the same brigade in the 82nd as me…it sucks. ISIS pisses me off just for the fact that it seems more and more like we’re going to have give another generation over to combat, when they should be enjoying life, hell…learning to live! It pisses me off too, that there’ll be a ton of military-eligible people, who will talk a tough game, but have no intention of giving up their comfortable lives to ruck up and close with the enemy.

    Sorry to have vented.

    1. Well Said Jerry. You are right to vent. I agree, I didn’t give much thought to what my parents thought when i was over there. Glad you kid’s head is in the game and he decided to act rather than talk like many. Share all your thoughts and vent anytime you want on Unprecedented Mediocrity.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Bombero and I have the same feelings of vasilating pride, anger, and fear. Your venting, Mr. Bombero, simply serves to give a voice to many of us. So please, don’t hold back. I, too, hate the “I would have joined but…” stories.

    My three kids are all out now. But the most gut wrenching moment of my life was when my youngest daughter called us to say she had arrived in country and was doing well. She, of course, couldn’t say where exactly she was but in the course of the conversation she described some of the sights she had seen on her trip to where she would be situated for a while. I realized that she was standing on the same sand I had stood on about 20 years earlier.
    Her older sister wasn’t deployed but she served here stateside and her son declared when on his fourth birthday he was going to be an Army Ranger. He hasn’t waivered from that since. He’s only seven now, but will it be that in ten years my grandson will share the taste of the same sand his Aunt and Grandpa have chewed?

    Keep up the great work, Mr. Edwards.

    1. Good points Dave. My kids are currently too young to serve and I never gave much thought about it when I only had girls. they can obviously serve just like your girls did. However, the parent aspect really hit me when I had a son and now I realize the same is true for all my kids. It would be a strange thing for 3 generations to taste the same foreign dirt.

  3. The West just needs to realize you cant fix this place, its not worth sending generations of patriots, especially when our own nation is going down the shitter, and both political parties are bringing in “refugees” from this place by the thousands. Look at Britain, we need to get squared away here at home.

  4. I agree with you guys 100%. I served from 82-02 and saw first-hand how the folks in that region of the world keep batting the same ball back and forth over the same net about the same old crap. I don’t want to care but a part of me wants to for once and for all flush the toilet on these good for nothing pieces of crap and hold the handle down until I’m sure they are in the sewer. I’m too old and way too out of shape to go back, but I fear for my daughters who may decide to “do like their daddy did”. If we are going to have to deal with this mess again, and it’s looking more and more like we may, then please, please, PLEASE, let’s do it right and get it over with. Air Force General Curtis LeMay was credited with the incendiary bombing of Japan during WWII. Now I’m not going to get into the right or wrong or any other kind of debate about the bombing. But he did what he felt he had to do to help end that conflict. Our current leaders need to take a page from history and do the same thing with ISIS. It’s time to stop this so called “surgical strike campaign” and deliver a hard and heavy knock-out blow to these knuckle heads. I know the “boo-birds” and haters of every ilk and walk are going to roast me in cyber-space. But I’m bone weary of seeing transport planes landing at Dover AFB carrying the flag draped coffins of our young service members who fell on the same ground so many of us defended and supposedly “liberated” so many years ago

    1. Well said. There certainly comes a time when you have to be sure it is done right before a whole new generation of warriors goes in.

  5. Lmfao people are so fucking retarded. I served in the Army’s Infantry, 2nd ID 3rd BGD, did my time in Iraq. I’m done playing hero. I fully support my fellow veterans, but we need to stop insisting for more war. I can’t stand to think of the atrocities that ISIS is committing either, but let that be Iraq’s problem, not ours. If we think that peace is impossible, then what the fuck are we even fighting for? For the sake of fighting? I’ve heard that the difference between a killer and a warrior is that a warrior is actually happy to lay down his sword. So with that being said, so long as ISIS doesn’t pose an immediate threat to me or my loved ones, I’ll try to keep them out of mind. You really want to find a solution to all this shit? Education is paramount; Love is key.

  6. I have to say this, But if peace cannot ever be a viable solution to the reigon and things like isis keep popping up its time to consider the end game scenario, no boot on the ground no airstrikes
    Just a friendly warning to every other country and then launch a single trident d3 multiple warhead nuclear equiped icbm and let god sort em out.

    1. That is indeed a strong response. Hopefully avoidable, let us pray it doesn’t come to that. But good point.

  7. I used to think the best case was to turn the entire area into a self lighting glass paved parking lot. But that really is overly harsh. I have mellowed to the point where I am starting to love the idea of the moat filled with pigs blood. I know they’ve got oil and everything, but in an age of fracking and other technological tricks can’t we just dig the moat, do some slant drilling and let them sort it out? My oldest son is a Marine. My brother served in Iraq One in the 82d. We’ve done enough.

  8. Loved this one, you are going to mess around and get good at this if you aren’t careful. I’m with you, let’s give them one more shot and then wash our hands of the place. I felt the same about the girlfriend analogy. I remember all those kids and thinking in 03 that they would grow up in a better world. There does come a time when you have to reach down, grab a pair, and save yourself. It will always be up to the Few of us to save the Rest who will criticize us for what we do without ever understanding why we do it. Like the poor little sheep they don’t understand that they should be really afraid if we aren’t there.

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