I’ve written a lot about ISIS over the past month.  I mean, I plan to blog for years to come, so I hope that ISIS is not a common topic in the future as I think their fate in inevitably sealed.  However, it just so happens that ISIS is the current flavor of the month when it comes to international bad guys. However, as time has passed these past couple of months, I’ve started to think more and more about it.  To date, ISIS has now made threats against the homeland, continued to press hard in the middle east, and in fact most recently decided to try their hands flying a few Russian MiGs if the news reports are to be believed.  So lets take a walk down the classic American Response for each of those 3 developments.

Russian MIGs

I don’t know about you, but my first exposure to the Russian MiG was the 1980’s movie Top Gun.  Surely everyone has seen it at this point.  Tom Cruise AKA Maverick and Val Kilmer AKA Iceman train to be the best Naval Aviator around.  Goose is there too, but he dies, so lets move on past him.  However, in the end, after all this training these Top Guns flying the F-16 get to square off against some Russian MiGs and save the day.  My Air Force Veteran brother in law actually pointed out to me that these were F-14s flying in Top Gun, so I trust his wisdom on all matters pertaining to Air Force.

So to ISIS training to fly these MIGs, my response to you, is please pretty please, learn to fly those planes.  Because I promise you this, for every American Pilot flying the skies right now, you are about to make a childhood dream come true.  I mean do you have any idea of the prize that shooting down a Russian MiG would be?  I assure you, our pilots are drawing straws to be the lucky ones to shoot an ISIS flown MiG down.  In fact, shooting down the MiG is not even the grand prize.  No, the grand prize would be to fly over the MiG inverted and give ISIS the finger while the co-pilot takes a picture. I assume all F-16s and modern planes are equipped with a Poloroid camera for just such a moment.

But let’s be honest, the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps aviators have gunning for a little hot plane on plane action not seen since the first Gulf War.  Plus I listed shooting down a plane as one of my ways the Air Force could improve their standings in my article, Top 4 Branches of the US Military. Let’s make this happen ISIS. Get those planes in the air.

 Kobani and Beyond

If you have not been paying close attention to the news coming out of the region, you have may have missed that ISIS has actually made some gains since our bombing campaign has begun.  Now, I view this as part in due to our less than aggressive response to start out.  To me, what was supposed to be a little Shock and Awe, has turned in to a little Shock and Awe man ISIS is still winning.  This was all the more evident in the small Syrian Kurd border town of Kobani.

Kobani confused me a little bit as it appeared that ISIS was advancing on Kobani in the open with tank and artillery.  Look, I’ve seen the drone footage coming out of Syrian and Iraq.  Floating all around the internet are these videos if ISIS members being taken out one by one the middle of the night.  It looks like a video game, but its real as far as I can tell. In fact, there is even some night vision thermal footage of ISIS and a few romantic encounters with sheep.  So I’m confident that our planes and drones can see these tanks advancing in the open.

Now to the coalitions’ credit, they seemed to have stepped up things in Kobani, but I submit that it should have never been necessary to step things up.  The first wave should have been conducted with such violence that ISIS wouldn’t even consider operating anywhere out in the open.  We know the nature of warfare is that the enemy always adapts.  So if we are going to continue to degrade and destroy ISIS, lets do it quickly and spend a little less time watching goat porn.

ISIS in America

Finally, I just wanted to offer a few quick thoughts on the ISIS threats to attack the homeland.  I think the threat is real and to be honest, with such a sprawling country that is not militarized, its entirely possible that ISIS does pull something off here at home.  However, I would encourage ISIS to take a brief look at history and understand this.  America always responds.  Always.

Pearl Harbor and 9-11 both seem like attacks of a scale that are beyond what ISIS could pull off.  I could be wrong, but in either case, the point remains the same.  Here is the thing ISIS.  We didn’t initially respond to your blitzes through Iraq, namely because we didn’t care that much and also because take it from us, we have blitzed Iraq twice now, not that big a deal, don’t brag too much about it.

However, it was when you started killing children, crucifying Christians, and cutting off heads that your drew us in to this current air campaign.  But understand this.  If you are successful at an attack on the homeland, the degree to which we care will raise exponentially.  On 9-11, Bin Ladens peeps killed a few thousand Americans and caused some destruction.  This was horrible.  But lets examine the response.  We went to war in Afghanistan and deposed the Taliban just for hosting Bin Laden, invaded Iraq for good measure, spent the next decade killing you guys on your home turf, and tracked down Bin Laden just to shoot him in the face.  So ask yourself ISIS, if this is what you really want to do.  Because when America cares, your Muslim heaven starts having to ration virgins because they simply can’t keep up with the demand.

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2 Replies to “The ISIS Air Force, To Infinity and Beyond”

  1. Just a point of clarification for ya (Former Squid from the USS Saratoga CV-60) In the movie, good guys flew F14s, which have since been decommissioned from active flight patrols. The “MIGs” in the film were actually repainted Northrop F-5E(single seaters) and Northrop F-5F(two seaters). The planes flown by the instructors/actors prior to the combat scenes were A-4s. I have read on several news outlets that the ISIS “pilots” (still not sure why that idea makes me chuckle) will be using are captured Syrian MiG-21s and 23s, Fishbeds and Floggers, respectively. These aircraft are fairly outdated, in relation to what we have. I think the biggest concern we should have over them is those psychopaths using them as manned missiles.

    1. Good points! I am definitely not up to speed on all my aircraft. I agree that the prospect of ISIS flying these MiGs for some air to air combat is pretty far fetched. But you know if they dead, any american pilots would be dreaming of this match up.

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