ISIS and Southern Border

We can only pray they are that stupid.  ISIS that is.  As the threat of ISIS attacks on the homeland keep coming, we keep getting these so called reassurances from Government officials that there is no credible intelligence that ISIS plans to infiltrate the Southern Border.  To which I reply again, we can only hope that they are that stupid.  To me, saying that there is no credible intelligence that ISIS plans to infiltrate the Southern Border is like putting a fat kid in a room alone with a cake and saying there is no credible intelligence that the fat kid plans to eat the cake.  So let’s examine it.

The Southern Border

The southern border is like the big piece of chocolate cake and ISIS is the fat kid.  We all know the story.  Millions of illegal immigrants seem to cross the border at will on a regular basis.  This is not however a post about immigration.  This is specifically just a post about border security.  You can debate the number of immigrants to allow and whether or not every illegal immigrant should be here all you want.  But save that for another post.  Here, we are just talking about the several thousand mile long piece of cake.  Namely, the Southern Border

Border security has been a bi-partisan failure for decades.  Honestly you can’t really blame one party over the other.  I think it is because immigration is so intertwined with the issue, that border security suffers as a result.  I simply classify borer security as the knowing who comes and who goes across the border.  More specifically, if bad people try to cross we do something to stop them.  Who can argue with that?  But we don’t know who comes and we can’t seem to stop who comes across.  Look, if a 12 year old from Central American can find their way across the border unaccompanied, then I am thinking its not that hard.  So there it sits, a big pourous piece of cake.  Let’s hope no fat kids have their eyes on it.


If you were ISIS, how would you get in to America?  Fedex? UPS? Or perhaps the way hundreds of thousands do it undetected every year.  So to say that there is no intelligence that they want to cross the border would have to mean that ISIS is utterly stupid if that were to be believed.  You don’t need an NSA intercept of them talking about what Mexican restaurant they plan to eat at to know that they have to be considering this as an access point.

More specifically, they don’t even need to come in large numbers to wreak havoc.  Now I am not fear mongering here with ISIS. I think ISIS will be defeated.  However, they doesn’t mean that they cannot inflict harm on the specific families involved in an attack.  Moreover, if I can choose a future with ISIS insurgents in America or a future without them, I simply choose the future without them.  So let’s quit pretending they are stupid.  They are as hungry for the southern border as the fat kid is for that cake.  I don’t need the CIA to tell me such.

A Better Solution

I am going to propose a better solution to our Government.  Makes us feel safer not by hoping we are as stupid as you suppose the terrorist to be, but rather acknowledge the threat and let us know you are waiting on them.  Show us a fleet of helicopter drones hovering over the Rio Grande.  Maybe a press conference with Texas Rangers on horseback roaming the border, extra points for including Walker, or perhaps even just border patrol agents holding hands along the border hands across America style.

Its an image thing.  I understand that it may not be plausible to prevent every unauthorized access on our border.  But at least make it difficult.  At least present the image of a ready and waiting America for the threat that might come. But quit telling us you don’t have an intelligence that they plan to cross the border.  If you really need some to act, then consider this blog post your first briefing.  Unprecedented Mediocrity has issued you the intelligence report that ISIS wants to cross the southern border like a fat kid wants to eat cake.  If that is not credible intelligence then I don’t know what is.


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7 Replies to “ISIS, The Southern Border, and My Problem with Stupidity”

  1. Great opinion on the stupidity that drives our Border Policies. We have to secure a huge border with Mexico. It would save thousands of Mexican lives which will be lost to the predations of the Alien Smugglers and their Narco-Terroist Drug Cartel Masters. It is in our national Security Interests to secure our borders. We can then deal compassionately with the people who are illegally here, and have integrated themselves into our families, our communities, our churches. Most of the undocumented, illegal aliens, I have met in my 20 year career as an Immigration Attorney are not bad people. They came here out of economic desperation. The criminals and deadbeats should get deported. No Mercy there. We should then put in place a legal temporary system of work visas for Mexicans who want to take work that Americans will not do, agriculture workers, low skill low wage jobs, gardeners, car wash workers, cooks, manual laborers, . . we can make a list of occupations/jobs where you find very little US Workers through employment research. Reduce the allure of illegal immigration by creating temporary workforces. We also need to seriously pressure Mexico with threats of drastic actions if they do not do their part to curb illegal Immigration and the drug flow to the US. Maybe let the Mexican government know that we would consider seizing a 50 or 100 mile buffer zone, south of the current border to prevent the flow of illegal aliens and illegal drugs into the US. A sort of demilitarized zone. While their are probably greater threats to the US, like economic collapse due to our out of control deficit, the Mexican border problem is only going to get worst due to Mexico’s teetering on the brink of a “failed state.”

    1. Great comments. I actually have a pretty soft stance toward immigration myself and feel that a compassionate approach produces better Americans if they become citizens. The truth is, I can’t blame anyone for trying to get into America given what they are fleeing. I also agree that border security would make it safer in Mexico as well. It is not as easy to lump everyone into groups as the political process often forces us to do. If know plenty of illegal immigrants that are hard working and contribute more the America than some of our citizens that just take and give nothing back. The immigration debate varies based off people’s personal experience. If someone as was robbed by an illegal immigrant their experience would vary widely from people who made friends with families of hard working immigrants. however, in general, border security would finally allow us to have a serious debate about immigration policy.

  2. Number one, non-Spanish speaking mopes are going to stand out in Mexico like a redheaded stepchild in Swaziland. Number two, whoever took over for Chapo wants to protect the smuggling routes for smuggling things that make money, like cocaine an Guatemalans. Smuggling ISIS mopes is bad for business, and really unlikely, in fact the narcos are more inclined to kidnap, ransom, or kill them them to assist them. You want to worry about a porous border, one with direct trade routes to the Middle East, worry about our Northern border. Didn’t a bomber get caught once crossing from Canada? Yep.

    1. K-No Doubt some of your concern is very warranted re the Canadian Border. But as I pointed out my post above, there are multiple reasons to secure the US-Mexico Border, many of them Humanitarian, and not all of them self-interested from a US Viewpoint. When you read about the cost in Migrant Lives and the callousness of the Alien Smugglers’ indifference to human life, it seems a No Brainer that we have to do more, so much more to secure our borders. Even though I am pro-Immigration, I understand and I feel the anger and outrage of the Border First Folks. What the hell kind of a country do we have when people can ignore our laws with impunity and enter our country without so much as a “by your leave???” My family emigrated from Mexico legally and presented themselves for inspection at the border in the 1930s. My grandfather disobeyed his Mexican mother and refused to flee to Mexico during WWII to avoid being drafted. He died a proud American Drafted at the ass end of WWII when they had run out of single young men under 26 to draft, and they drafted a 26 year-old married, father of three. His beautiful life ended in the Jungles of Antipolo, Manila, The Philippines, as part of Mc Arthur’s Return. KIA 43rd ID (“Winged Victory”), he won the CIB (Posthumous along with Purple Heart). His battle Buddy Earl Brake of Alabama won the DSC (also Posthumously) in the same battle repelling a morning Banzai Attack on March 14th, 1945. My mother never met her father, and not a day goes by in this family without the ache of the loss of a father and grandfather we never got to know.

  3. The southern border (SB) has a lot of issues. Many talk about sealing the porosity of the SB, sorry kids, it is impossible. Building a giant fence will not stop the influx if illegal aliens and narcotics, it just isn’t physically possible and even if it were it would be as effective as the Maginot Line, remember that particular border fence? Mexico is our largest trading partner, we will never have a Port-of-Entry, whether that be land, sea, or air, that will allow 100 percent examination of all of the trucks, containers, planes, boats, and people that enter the U.S. every day from Mexico, let alone Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Mombasa, Perth, Antwerp, and on and on and on. Want to fix “the Border”? The SB is not the problem. Mexico is the problem. Fix the near failed state that is Mexico. Until Mexico has a successful social revolution (I can’t count the failed ones), it’ll be status quo down there. “Let’s send troops!” I’ve heard that brainstorm a lot. You know what borders Mexico? Private property for the most part. I cannot believe any American would or could ever advocate for tanks and APCs running rampant on the private property of U.S. Citizens, not to mention the whole posse comitatus aspect of the military performing law enforcement. An occupation force in El Paso and Nogales isn’t going to accomplish a damn thing beyond alienating the locals, American locals. We had our own revolution about that once, remember?. You know who screams for sending the army to the border? People who have never seen the border, that’s who. Here’s some food for thought, look at a map of Afghanistan and look at how small their border was with Pakistan and think about how much money we spent over 14 years on that fiasco, then look at the Border with Mexico for comparison. You know what pisses Americans and Congress off? Interfering with the free flow of trade, and Mexico is what again? Oh yeah, our largest trading partner. Now let’s get back to ISIS, or AQ, or whatever other extremist Islamic sect you can come up with. Anyone with half a brain and who has spent some time in the military knows, you cannot project power without a supply train. This is why Chinese aircraft carriers are a joke; no fleet refuelers, what good is a coastal carrier? None. But back to ISIS, in order to invade or E and E from Mexico, ISIS, or whoever needs a support network. I’ve been to Mexico, Central America, and South America, you know what I have ever only seen one of? An effin’ mosque, that’s what! How the eff is ISIS going to get to Mexico, pass through Mexico, then cross into the U.S., even one by one or two by two without an effin’ support network? Gonna be tough. So they get to Mexico? Then what? Gotta buys some guns. Gonna be expensive, got no friends, gotta use the black market and those marketeers are gonna say, “these fools are only going to bring us heat, eff that!”. More than likely, these less than stealthy, non-Spanish speaking idiots from Dirka-dirkastan are going to get ripped off, then sold to whoever will pay for them. Or just killed after they’re ripped off because, let’s face, they’d be a big pain in the ass to deal with. So let say they get some guns, gonna take the bus up from Mexico City, or buy a car? Ever driven in Mexico? You can’t cross town anymore without passing through three checkpoints and pray to God that they all belong to the Government, let alone be a narco checkpoint, free and hassle-free travel Mexico does not have. Terrorists are bad for business and even worse for illicit organizations like smugglers. Attention is bad for that kind of business and terrorists bring the worse kind of attention. Let me think, fly from Turkey or Jordan to Amsterdam, then to Spain, then to Mexico……..or…..wait for it….fly to Montreal! You know what they have in Montreal? Muslims! Lots of them! You know what Montreal is close to? Detroit. You know what Detroit has? Muslims, lots of them. But you know what, you know what Detroit Muslims don’t want? Hassles. Having the FBI follow them around and bug their mosques and Seven Elevens has gotten really old since 2001, as had been harassed by TSA every time they fly. They’re sick of it. You know who is going to toss ISIS to the wolves if and when one should get here? American Muslims. I have a great idea. The next time you listen to the news or read an article, ask yourself, “why is this news?” Chances are, it isn’t. ISIS invading from Mexico falls into that category.

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