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Look Mr. President.  I try to be fair, I really do as I don’t go out of my way to bash you.  Now, maybe it is just a confusing time for me in that I currently seem to be more smitten by the King of Jordan at this moment than the leader of the free world.  I mean, way back when President Obama gave his first speech on ISIS last year, I suggested that instead of promising us no boots on the ground, that President Obama state, “There will be no boots on the ground because they will be standing on the skulls of our vanquished foes.”  I started thinking it was foolish of me to wish for a leader to speak out so boldly against our enemies. Then, in walks the King of Jordan.  After they Murdered one of his pilots, this guy starts quoting Clint Eastwood and reminded everyone he is a life taking Warrior King. Now, I am sure he does all sorts of other Kingly Tyrant stuff on his off time.  However, for this current season against ISIS, I have to admit as a grown man I was a little smitten.  But no worries, Obama will get his turn so all will be restored.  When he got the microphone at a National Prayer Breakfast this week, he took the opportunity to assure all by telling us, wait for it …….,  that Christians did bad stuff too during the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition.  Oh General Mattis, where are you when we need you?

Just an Observation

Ill never forget hearing the Muslim calls to prayer my first few days and nights in Iraq.  It was kind of a culture shocking event to be in a war zone and hear those blast over the loud speakers.  Personally, to me it all sounded like they were telling them to go kill all the Americans, but I can’t speak Arabic, so what do I know.  Now, I am a fair guy when it comes to freedom of religion.  I don’t think we should outlaw Islam or anything like that.  Moreover, I do understand that not all Muslims want to kill us.  However, I do have some questions.  Why exactly is it that I constantly see non-Muslims apologizing for the acts of Jihadist more often than the Muslims themselves.  Honestly, take a minute and think about it.  People, including our President continue to make excuses that the Jihadist don’t represent the Muslim community, but I rarely see the same apology from the Muslim community itself.  Now, I am a fair guy.  It is possible I missed it and I am sure many have.

I Am Not Sure What I think About This

However, it would seem that some of the most staunch defenders of Islam are not Muslims, but non-Muslims whom want to seem tolerant.  Jordan is a Muslim nation and their actions against ISIS speak louder than anything Obama could say. The same with many Kurds.  Again, I am fine with Muslims, I really am as that means more bacon for me.  However, rather than non-muslims rushing to your defense, I would like to see the moderates of the Muslim faith step up their assault on ISIS.  I’d just like to ask what does a guy have to do in order to get moderate Muslims to step up and eliminate the radical threat. If you are wondering who said the quote in the picture above, it was actually Bill Maher.  It is interesting to debate the merit of a statement before you tie it to a divisive figure.  Moving on.

History is Like, A Long Time Ago

Now I am not going to get into discussing the Crusades themselves or the Spanish Inquisition which is actually two totally separate events by the way. However, I am not exactly sure what President Obama was attempting to communicate here.  It would seem he was trying to infer that, hey, don’t get too mad at ISIS and Muslims.  I mean, look at all the bad stuff others did in the name of Christ.  Look, even if the Holocaust itself was conducted in the name of Christ, that doesn’t mean the Muslims now get a turn to try their hand at it.  This is not the land of equal opportunity atrocities.  History doesn’t work that way Mr. President.  We are supposed to learn from History as a society, not ensure everyone gets their fair share of blood.  Ooh, look at those Christian Marines and Muslim kids below hating each other by handing out candy while laughing and stuff.

Iraq history

Moreover, some of the events he referenced were centuries ago.  Now I have been to Iraq and I understand that they are a little behind the times.  I can’t tell you how many times in 2003 Iraq that I was asked about Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson.  Seriously, they were hilariously fixated on some of the oddest elements from decades old pop culture.   However, is it too much to ask that the rest of the world stay within the same century as us?  America has done some bad stuff and I’d be the first to admit that.  The Native Americans taught us how to farm America and we kicked them off their land and gave them smallpox.  I am not asking that America repeat it nor anyone else get a turn at such actions.

Christian Europe Was Almost a Maybe

Lastly, I’ll just say quickly about the Crusades, it is not exactly like the Muslim communities in the centuries preceding the Crusades and around them were travelling the world sharing skittles and love with mankind.  The truth is, not only does Islam not get a turn because the history Obama referenced was centuries ago, but they don’t get a turn because they already used their turn.  The Muslim faith was spread at the end of a sword to much of the world that now holds it dear.  Were it not for the warriors of Europe in those centuries, Europe would have fallen to the same fate. And that means rather than typing his article, I might just be some guy in a Haji man dress squatting outside of a 7-11 right now.  Fellow Iraq and Afghanistan veterans get that reference.

muslim europe obama


However, instead of that fate, I’ll be eating bacon tonight and giving a toast to Charles Martel and Brian Williams because they fought that battle together you know. Those being slaughtered by ISIS today take no comfort in the fact that others did it too.  If President Obama wants people to stop associating the evil with a certain faith, then destroying the evil is the only reasonable course.  I am not trying to bag on Obama too much.  However, everyone hates ISIS.  It is an easy win.  I have just never seen a politician intentionally miss the slow pitch softball across the plate like he does when he gets to the podium to talk about ISIS.  Thus, I will leave you with this quote from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal,   “The medieval Christian threat is under control, Mr. President. Please deal with the radical Islamic threat today.”

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4 Replies to “Islam Doesn’t Get a Turn Mr. President”

  1. There’s plenty to agree with here but when haphazardly using names, personalities, or groups as our ‘go to’ explanation for events, roughly 99.999% of humans do it, we commit the ‘fundamental attribution error’ known to behavioral scientists and anthropologists. Being a social species, mankind attributes cause and effect to persons, personalities, and groups so carelessly that the time better spent searching for verified facts and placing them where they belong (the proper context, a full appraisal of the situation) is left wanting.

    “Tear down” those labels and we have Civilization vs. Barbarism as the centerpiece; the situation in the clear. In facing down that problem, “War on Terror” (too much the fear card) and any connection made to Islam is a bonus for the barbarians parading under that banner. Your King of Jordan and others who follow Islam (a culture that was more advanced than Europe during the Dark Ages, that maintained a scholarly center of learning and preservation of ancient knowledge at Cordoba as a good page from history) also battle the barbarians.

    To defeat a threat that finds ready recruits from the dispossessed, the strategy should see ‘both ends working against the middle’ where we extend the reach and benefits of civilization (still evolving) and where we isolate and eliminate the common enemy. Those Arab states already in the coalition need to parlay with the Turks and Iranians who in turn convince the Iraqis that a Free Kurdistan is the reward for having a wholly supported Peshmerga carry the fight against the so-called Islamic State. ISIS, ISIL, whatever. The Brits drew the border lines and they shouldn’t be set in stone by a lawyerly argument about preserving territorial integrity that is a myth.

    1. That is a great response and well thought out. I agree that we ought to offer our support those who battle the barbarians. I guess my overarching hope would be that Jordan and others would take the lead to root out, not just ISIS, but other elements of extremism as well. I personally would like to see Obama speak words that not only emphasize that we can and will be no better friend to those who fight terrorism, but that we will also be no worse enemy to those that support it. I think he can still take a smart approach in action, but he seems to miss the rally cry that many hope from a leader during difficult circumstances. Words matter and for whatever reason, Obama has struggled when seeking the words to lead on ISIS. However, I like the coalition he is trying to build to fight it.

  2. I look at that picture of the kids and can be secure knowing that some are probably dead at the hands of ISIS now, fighting with them , or scared to death wondering if 2 d Plt will swoop in and rescue them. I think we made a positive impression on them in 03 and now they may feel a little left behind. Our president is missing a golden opportunity to improve his public image if he will just call a spade a spade. What everybody else calls ISIS he calls ISIL so the poor guy doesn’t appear to want to associate with the rest of the world at all. The Crusades, like slavery , was a long time ago and we should let it go. The poor people being butchered in the Middle East and elsewhere probably don’t care about all that either. God bless them. In the words of some guy from Full Metal Jacket, “they would probably rather be alive than free” at this point. Now, if I can only figure a way to get an autographed photo of the King of Jordan for Christmas.

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