Jade Helm Martial Law

The picture you see is Auschwitz by they way in case you are confused about what real tyranny looks like.  America, I am making a list and checking it twice.  If you are one on the people spewing absurd conspiracies about Jade Helm, then you are going on my eternal naughty list.  For those that don’t know, Jade Helm is a large military exercise scheduled to take place this year in the United States Southwest.  A certain wing has suggested that this is training or an all out attempt to impose martial law in America and I guess lock us all up in some closed Wal-Marts with bad plumbing if the internet is to be believed.  Well, to this would be Government that would do so to my fellow Americans, I merely reply, “You and what Army.”  Because I know the one you got too well and it’s not happening.

I Know You

Does Chris Kyle seem like a guy who would lock up his fellow Americans in prison camps?  For whereas he is a Navy Seal of particular merit, I am willing to bet that when it comes to his love for the constitution and his fellow Americans, this legendary sniper might just be par for the course.

The point is, I know our military because I spent enough time walking amongst them and so did many other Veterans.  I’m sorry, but unless Obama has been cloning Storm Troopers in the basement of the White House, he doesn’t have a military ready to suspend the constitution.  We are Patriots people, through and through. Yes, if you are looting a convenience store for Slim Jims and Dorritos in the midst of a riot we will happily issue you a butt stroke to the face. But that is mainly because we are Patriots.  Also, we like Slim Jims too.

Jade Helm Martial Law

These military exercises for Jade Helm are being conducted by our greatest Patriots. People who willingly die on foreign soil so Americans don’t have to do so on our own. They are not the ones you need to worry about.  Rather, they are the ones we need to pray exist should such an actual day of constitutional destruction ever come.

The Veteran Conundrum

Then, let us consider this.  There are more Veterans than active duty military.  Like, by a lot.  As it turns out, we haven’t forgotten how to shoot and we own guns.  Trained military personnel exist throughout the sprawling landscape that is America and we have not been injected with some mind altering serum.  There is a lot of us and we love America. Just like our military by the way, but even if they didn’t, we do.

Jade Helm Martial Law

The Veteran community in America could put together a force that would rival nation states throughout the world.  I assure you if the American military has trouble maintaining complete control over a province in Afghanistan, they will find Texas a no easier feat.  Point is, it is just not plausible.

The United States had to call in the National Guard in Baltimore to control teenagers with rocks and bottles.  Sorry to ruffle your tin foil hats, but our Government is not imposing martial law in the American southwest while Veterans have guns.  Go home and pick up a hobby people.

Obama’s Third Term

It’s not happening people.  Sorry, but it’s just not happening.  They only thing you are securing by spewing such conspiracies is the next liberal election victory.  If you believe in conservative principles then you better make the debate about ideas and not the Obama boogie man. For Obama will just destroy you all by stepping down in two years as the constitution requires and make millions as a public speaker as apparently history requires. Yes, you, your credibility, and whatever conservative credentials you possess will be destroyed when he does what he is 99.9% likely to do.


I have learned a thing or two since starting the blogging world and if you click on a conspiracy theory headline with 20 ads on it, well, you have been click baited.  The author doesn’t believe what he wrote, but he got paid because you did. That is why you are seeing so much conspiracy crap on the internet.  You are paying their mortgage people.

There is no military that exist in America today, that is able or willing to suspend the constitution and impose tyranny on America.  Sorry.  It’s full of Chris Kyles and mediocre people like myself. We love American and so do they.  Love America, be thankful for the 2nd Amendment, and sleep well tonight America.  And remember, think before you click on those trolling click bait headlines.  George Washington would approve.

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