Key Takeaways for Every American on the Anniversary of Global Pandemic

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Let’s not beat around the bush and kick off this article with lesson number one. You care way more about wiping your butt than you knew. At this time last year, you thought that it was a given that soft 2ply tissue would always grace your buttocks, but now you know that matters to you more than would have envisioned. Someday when the sweet chariots swing low to carry me down yonder into paradise, I’ll be able to compare hardships with the generations that have gone before me. Personally, I think I’ll just keep the great toilet paper crisis of 2020 to myself. Sort of like a boot Marine sharing boot camp stories with a battalion that just returned from deployment. Yes, it is indeed a fascinating story, but just keep it to yourself boot. Today marks the one year anniversary when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic and we would be remiss if we didn’t, either for posterity’s sake or for our children, debrief the lessons we have learned about one another. So let’s jump right in.

America Abdicated the Great Debates Of Our Time To Tribalism

This one bothers the most as I think that it will haunt us far more than we realize. The words of John Adams ring true and the following is the expanded quote of words you have likely heard before:

“The science of government it is my duty to study, more than all other sciences; the arts of legislation and administration and negotiation ought to take the place of, indeed exclude, in a manner, all other arts. I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. Our sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.”

It was always a right and just question to ponder the limitations of government to shut down economic activity, mandate face coverings, or restrict religious services. Pandemic be damned, these are questions our generation would have done well to debate rather than run to our tribal corners. I say this as someone who didn’t have a problem with the first couple of weeks of “slow the spread” and who also had no problem wearing a mask when required. Spitting on people during a pandemic just seemed like not too much to ask. Then again, protracted lockdowns seemed damaging beyond any benefit they offered. Yet, a very short memory we Americans have.

Shortly after I started this blog in late 2014, Ebola became all the rage. If you recall, there was a nurse who was treating patients in Africa by the name of Kaci Hickox. She returned from Africa, refused to quarantine, and conservative leaning Americans went nuts. Yes, Ebola is more scary than COVID-19, but it’s fascinating to look at the opposite response. I know, because I wrote an article titled Ebola Nurse: The Most Selfish Nurse You Will Ever Meet went sort of viral. It is one of my earlier writings, so if you read it and feel a need to judge me, I’ll just remind you that you are reading a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity. If you’ve come here with higher expectations, well, that’s really your own fault now isn’t it?

We did not sufficiently answer the questions that were posed to our generation during this crisis. Rather, we linked arms with politically like minded tribal brethren and began to attack those who opposed us. These were very real constitutional questions that may very well need to be answered during a more serious season of our nation’s history. Specifically, there may come a time when collective effort is required to fight off an existential threat to our nation or our existence as humans. We argued. We yelled at each other. We did not sufficiently answer the questions at hand. Sadly, our children can study artistry and mathematics a little less, because we failed to treat the question of liberty and smart policy with the seriousness it deserved. Shame on us. Maybe our children will do better for the sake of our grandchildren.

Humans Are More Afraid Than I Thought

I knew we were easily frightened, but the pandemic revealed our true fear. Please don’t take that as a personal insult as I’m pouring gasoline on myself as much as anyone considering I’m 100% human. Friends, how we put a robot on Mars is beyond me after I see how we reacted during the pandemic. No wonder the Aliens just check out us out and the zip back off to their interdimensional homeland. If we are not ready to confront the science of epidemiology, we ain’t ready to meet Marv the Martian and have our worldview completely shattered.

If you looked at the new vaccines rolled out and you are skeptical, I think you are a smart person. I really do as our scientific history is littered with one mistake after the other. That being said, I don’t have time to study science and epidemiology because I have stuff to do. To a great degree, I am obligated to rely on a variety of expertise from a variety of walks of life.

Forget Fauci, as he is just one dude. I’m old enough to where many of college friends and beyond have done on to become doctors, nurses, scientists, and you name it. Without exception, they are all happy to get the vaccine. Without exception. Remarkably, we trust the stoned mechanic who put together the Ferris Wheel at the County Fair with our lives more than we trust people we know that have spent a lifetime of building scientific expertise and knowledge. Again, people we know, not those on TV.

Whether or not you get the vaccine is your choice and as it should be. I’m not going to convince you one way or the other. That being said, fear comes in many forms. I personally don’t know anyone who has become severely ill from the vaccine, but I do personally know healthy human beings who were knocked off their butt by COVID. Scared and frightened seems to be in our DNA, probably for a good reason. You are going to have to pick your poison of fear in this case. This is true whether you are the person screaming in fear because someone at an open air park is not wearing a mask or you think Bill Gates is trying to inject you with a secret microchip. Pick your fear and live, because at the end of the day, you live here.

As for me, I’m looking at my doctor friends who I’m pretty sure are not part of the illuminati and I’m going to get the vaccine when my times come due. The military has already pumped me full of so many shots and vaccines that I assume the COVID-19 vaccine will just have to do some sort of initiation ritual when it arrives in my body and I’ll be fine. You choose the fear you want to confront most and God bless you with whatever you decide. It’s scary being a human sometimes, but we’re all going to die anyway. You do you.

Stop Relying On Government To Save The Day

This is likely where the Libertarian side of me screams out the most loudly, but government is not your answer. Now, it is the answer to many questions as we must have a collective response centered around our ideals to confront the great problems of our day. That being said, you are one of 300 million plus people in this country and if you don’t take some matters into your own hands, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Just ask any healthy individual in New York State nursing homes when sick COVID patients were forced back in those locations. I’m talking to you Governor Party Nipples.

Seriously, how is this guy still Governor? Republican or Democrat, this guy gotta go. Back to the subject at hand, I want to disseminate this truth to you. The older you get in life and more involved you are in higher echelons of decisions makers, the more you realize that we are all making this stuff up as we go. Government plays a role in our civilization and if done well, it is right and just. How else do you unite a diverse population around truths that are self-evident and the rights of men and women. Then again, you meet some of these people and you think, “holy crap, they are not smarter than me and I’m not that bright.” Government can organize our collective response, but they can’t do life for you. That’s on you my friends.

Oh, but my fellow citizens. Please pay more attention to local government. I know the President and Congress get all the press time, but pay more attention where your vote matters most. Stop relying on people from D.C. to care about you with the detail your life requires in small parts around the country. We need the Federal government to fight against existential threats like Russia and China. State and local governments are where your rights are being challenged most and that should be the lesson COVID-19 taught us most of all. Pay attention to local government. I can’t stress that enough.

Break Free From the Tyranny of a Paycheck

Also, it might be a good idea to make money when you need to make money, buy my copywriting course where I show you how to make money writing online, check out the first lesson for free here. Shameless plug, but I get to do that because it’s my blog. However, it does highlight a central point. Myself and my family endured the pandemic because I was not reliant on one central source of income. That’s a big deal.

The pandemic showed us how fragile our economy can be, despite being the greatest on the planet. I don’t care whether it is mowing lawns, learning coding, driving for Uber, or taking my writing course, if your family depends on your paycheck, have a plan B. At least until the point that you are not living paycheck to paycheck anymore. I know it seems like I’m just trying to sell a course, and maybe so, but I’ve sold enough to where the money is not really the issue. It’s the freedom it gives me. So if 14 days after you purchase the course, you want your money back, email me and I’ll give it back to you no questions asked. That’s how confident I am in what it’s done for others so far.

The government is about to cut many of your a $1,400 check per person in your household. The absolute worst thing you can do with that money is to spend it and wait on another check. Invest in yourself, because by and large, that’s what rich people do with money. As it pertains to finances in America, when in doubt, do what the rich people are doing. I know I don’t write as much as I used to on here and that is due in part, to the paid writing gigs and the Zuck’s ability to suppress reach on Social Media.

There is part of me that want’s to apologize for not writing more given how faithful an audience you have been, but that part of me that screams this is a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity tells me to get over it. I have grace for myself and regardless of how you responded to the past year, I have grace for you too. The last year was hard, but here you are, spending your quality time reading a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity. Have grace on yourself, you made it through this past year and America will be greater because you did. Have grace on yourself and whatever else is to come in life, well, we’ll start the war from right here and figure that out too.

Jeff Edwards

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