Before writing full-time, I spent over 13 years working with emotionally disturbed youth in both foster care and residential settings.  During my residential years, one particular evening a 17-year-old white girl tried to abscond from this residential campus tucked away in a middle to upper class white suburban neighborhood.  With the utmost professionalism and concerned for this particular girl’s safety, two young African-American male staff gave chase to return her to a safe place.  That’s right, two African American males in their mid-20’s were chasing a teenaged white girl through an upper middle class white neighborhood.  The got her without incident, but those two black males told me upon their return they have never been more scared for their lives and I believed them.  It was sincere as they were intelligent college grads fully capable of understanding the greater narrative which took place around them.  In Miami this week a black behavior therapist was shot while lying on the ground with his hands in the air as he tried to deescalate a young autistic man.  And I’m here to tell you that white, black, blue, or whatever Asians are, I don’t know it just sounds racist to call them any color, should be upset about it.  To my brothers and sisters in blue, during this current season of American history you simply have to be better than this and you know your peers whom are not.

Black Lives Matter’s Ineptitude

The Black Lives Matter movement is perhaps the worst social movement of our generation and there will have been none to do more harm to their own country than they.  They have made lives better for none and worse for everyone because they are inept and foolish at the highest level.  Without direction, aim, or purpose they have set this nation aflame with incendiary rhetoric, ignorance, and a platform that is simply not actionable to create real social change.  Moreover, the saddest part of this whole thing is that I actually don’t dispute some of claims of the BLM movement, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  But on outcomes and a logical path towards achieving the social change one needs to correct it, Black Lives Matter is absolutely just the worst.  Terrible, just terrible.  But watch this video.

That being said, there was a black man, literally with his hands up in the air giving a very logical case to cops as to why they shouldn’t shoot him.  And the gosh done “Carl” of the entire police force shot him.  Oh I know, there is more tape to come out and we didn’t see the whole thing.  But having been put in that similar situation during my years in the mental health field I could read it like a book.  I’ve had the police come up on me many times in my career and yes, that includes trying to physically wrestle young women out of the middle of the street because they were running through traffic.  I have even had to wrestle a kid out of the local Kroger because he absconded, ran through the isles with his arms out knocking countless cans and bottles into the floor.  It’s weird, but every time the cops came up to me they were able to quickly assess the situation and I never got shot.  Didn’t even have to put my hands up.


There were multiple cops standing around this man, who with his hands up, was doing a pretty good job of explaining why he didn’t need to be shot.  That man just went to his normal shift that day and before it was over you could hear in his voice that he knew autistic Renaldo was about to get him killed.  “Lay down Renaldo, lay down before you get me killed.  I’ll get you extra pudding snacks when we get back to the group home, but for the love of God lay down Renaldo.”  Dang it people, the whole Black Lives Matter movement began on the lie that Michael Brown had his hands in the air pleading don’t shoot and was murdered anyway.  Local, state, and federal investigations have proved that narrative false.  So what in the name of Bea Arthur’s panties would cause a cop to shoot a man, literally laying down with his hands up.  Dang it Carl, you had one job in this current season of American history and that was not to shoot an unarmed innocent black man with his hands in the air as he pleaded with you not to shoot. One job Carl, one job.

Blue Lives Matter

Listen, I am as pro-law enforcement as it gets and I know lots of cops.  My brother is a cop in a dangerous city, many of my Marine buddies are cops, and I’ve hung out with their peers many times.  I know that we all want to come to the defense of our brother’s in blue and give them the benefit of the doubt but that does not obligate us as citizens to avoid calls for their excellence.  Knowing cops, I can tell you for certain that there are a few I don’t want coming to save me because they are inept.  If I called 911 and they told me Officer ******* was on the way I’d be like, “you know what, never mind I’ll just get murdered.”  I love all my Marine brothers, but if you have ever gone to combat you know the peers whom you would rather leave behind.  In 2003 we had to leave a rear party back in Kuwait and it was unanimous which Marines were staying behind because we knew who Carl was.

Chattanooga Marines

Cops know their peers with whom they would rather not patrol.  It is a hard complicated job to be a police officer in this country and some are simply not very good at it.  During this chaotic and divisive season in American history we need those fellow cops to push their peers towards excellence not cover up the ineptitude that is an affront to basic American liberty.  The man in this video knew his life was at risk and he pleaded like it.  He knew dang Renaldo was about to get him killed and it would seem he did everything right, but at a minimum, I’m struggling to see what got him shot.  Officer Carl, you simply cannot shoot a man like this.  I know there is more to the video than we see, but having been in that situation many times myself I’m going to go ahead and say Officer Carl just became 2016’s Blue Falcon of the year. You had one job Carl, and that was not to shoot an unarmed black man with his hands in the air as he pleaded with you not to shoot.  One job Carl.

Going Forward

BLM is inept because their approach to very real problems is foolish, divisive, and less than helpful.  But those whom we give badges and a license to intervene with deadly force on behalf of the state cannot match their ineptitude.  During this season above all, Blue Lives must be excellent at their craft.  Beyond race, it is an issue of liberty and justice for all Americans.  Police have to make split second “shoot or don’t shoot” decisions but you can’t be this bad at it and nor can the culture accept such ineptitude. We do not support our brothers and sisters in blue when we allow such ineptitude to go unpunished simply because we don’t know the person who just became Carl’s latest “oopsy.”


You had one job Carl, and that was not to shoot an unarmed innocent black man with his hands in the air.  One dad gummed job.  I’m going to propose the radical approach that if you are this bad at your craft perhaps you do something else.  Brothers and sisters in blue, you know who the Carl of your force is and you know it.  I’ve heard you mock and talk about them.  But what America requires of you now is something more.  Train them up right or send them packing.  I will always stand with the Thin Blue Line, but as a citizen and lover of liberty I’m trusting you to make this line one of unprecedented excellence.  You had one job Carl, one job.

If You Served in Uniform and Knew the Carl of Your Unit, Like the Unprecedented Mediocrity Page Below.  If you don’t know Carl, then you are likely Carl, but still, like the page Carl.

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5 Replies to “The Latest Hands Up Police Shooting Proves Cops Have to Be Better at Their Craft”

  1. As always, I enjoy reading your well articulated common sense approach to matters we all need to be talking about in the name of America and beyond.

  2. Jeff, as a retired civilian LEO and long-time soldier, I have said almost word for word what you so accurately stated. The “Carls” in the ranks of LE and BLM, and even worse, the folks who deliberately push misguided, hateful agendas, are screwing it up for the rest of us solid citizens of all races and backgrounds. We simply can’t afford this crap to continue.

    It’s going to require gifted, articulate and (most of all) courageous leaders in every sector to weed out the Blue Falcons, the Hot Carls, and the pernicious Adam Henrys! And it’s up to the rest of us to stand behind and support such leaders.

    Keep up the great work…What you say will surely have an effect!

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