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Politics is often measured in numbers and for the past 8 years of the Obama administration it was the 3%ers who stood in the gap.  During the waning days of the Bush administration it was the 99% who decried the wealth of the 1%.  There’s Romney’s 47% pay no taxes and Bill Clinton’s 50% of citizens he thinks are bootylicious.  But I want to offer another percentage for the modern political generation. Namely, the 90% of us who think that regardless of your political orientation your political violence is absolutely adorable.  Yes, it occurs on both sides and if you simply can’t admit that I’ll go ahead and bite my thumb at you now because you likely lack the intellectual honesty to make it to the end of this article and receive it then.  A couple of days ago, I posted an article about a douche in a blue shirt sucker punching a woman which received over 300 comments.  Granted, that was mostly due to the private Veteran run Facebook group which directed its membership to come troll a fellow Veteran’s article for dissenting thought.  Sorry, but you have a few moles who know how to take screenshots.  But you really helped my web traffic and many of your trolls turned out to be really cool dudes who when engaged with honest conversation stuck around.  But since I’m a grown man who doesn’t do social media beefs that’s the last you’ll hear from me on that.  But it is apparent to me that the Americans supporting political violence is sadly larger than I would have thought, but still laughably pathetically small.  So to that 10%, let me on behalf of the 90% publicly bite my thumb at thee.

Leftist Violence is a Real Thing

Too many of the trolls seemed to think I was indicating an affection for Antifa by suggesting a man in a blue shirt who ran past other fighting men to sucker punch a woman with pathetic effect was in fact a douche.  Clearly, those people hadn’t read my prior articles as no one who regularly followed this blog would have come to that conclusion given my prior writings.  Although, kudos to your satire of accosting me for assuming her gender. I like a good joke and that with pithy.  I’ve always said my favorite compliment is that you loved my article, but disagreed with everything I said.  Second favorite, is good job no grammar errors this time.  Still waiting on that second.

I didn’t support Trump in the primaries, but the one thing that always brought me closer to doing so was the violence and assault laid out by some Trump protesters.  Watching a woman get egged, people in red hats getting maced, and other tomfoolery just for one’s political opposition made me sick.  And it would seem after their surprising defeat at the polls that same wing of the left decided to up their game.  In walks Anti-Fascist, aka Antifa.

Yes, Antifa is annoying as all get out.  Even when they are not committing outright violence, the tactics at their protest are akin to your brother in the back seat of the car sticking his finger in your face repeating, “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you.”  And of course we want to hit that person.  And of course if that person should hit you, then by all means punch them back.  Maybe don’t get annoyed at that person who might be a large man and then run across the crowd in a blue shirt to punch a woman, but by all means fight back.  But Antifa is a laughably small group of Americans who don’t even have the support of the broader left.  Crazy thought, but liberals can be patriots too.  I think Antifa tactics are ridiculous but I refuse to be afraid to look in my bathroom mirror and flash the lights three times while I repeat, “Antifa, Antifa, Antifa.”

The Right’s Equal and Opposite Violent Reaction

The biggest reason I wrote my last article was that I knew the conservative internet was about to make a hero of that blue shirted man.  But is not the last one conservatives will regret.  Currently, a variety of internet famous figures fighting back are being made into sensations and I’m telling you now that will come back to bite you.  It’s not long before you think you just discovered the next Susan B. Anthony only for them to open up their mouths and you realize you just idolized the next Honey Boo Boo.  Do you honestly not think conservatives can be prone to unprovoked violence?  Anyone remember this guy?

If you say blue shirted douche was justified in his violence what was the man being escorted up the isle by police entitled to?  Violence is human nature and by its virtue apolitical.  How the right responds to the leftist extremist matters much and of whom they make heroes matters as well.  Again, if they attack you fight back.  If I had been present when the Antifa scum maced an old man I’d have jumped into the fray because that’s defending the weak.  And I’d of totally not found the first woman and punched her. Defend yourselves, by all means.  But you own your strategy to confront these types of protests as a political movement.  If your sole reason for organizing is to prepare to battle then you are missing the point and 90% of Americans who look at you as a cool YouTube video.

I’m here to tell you that rallies and protest are not what they used to be.  Honestly, the only thing they might actually be good for anymore is to hope for some violent occurrence so that we all have a great YouTube video to watch later that evening.  I’m a ridiculously small-time blogger and I’ll reach more people with this article than your average town rally.  I’m just saying if you glorify the violence on one end that you decry on the other I may very well still bite my thumb at thee.

If You Caricature the Opposition It’s Easier to Kill Them

I don’t know anyone that would say they would happily break a stick over their fellow citizen’s head, but I do know lots of people who would do it over a Kraut, Jap, Gook, Haji, and so on.  To de-humanize the enemy in war is an age old tactic that simply helps the violence. Useful in war, perhaps not so much in a debate of ideas with your fellow citizens.  Leftist, libtards, Nazis, Trumpkins its honestly all the same.  I’m for free speech and thought which means I don’t instantly de-humanize my fellow citizen for that which I might think reprehensible.  It’s why Tony and Maria could never be together.

One of Antifa’s great failures is that they seemed to correlate Trump supporter with Nazi and that’s ridiculous.  One of the right’s emerging failures is to associate opposition to trump with communist Antifa.  I know lots of patriotic liberals who didn’t and don’t support Trump and they are patriots.  The longer both the left and right continues to caricature the political opposition the greater the chance for continued violence.  The more we assume the latest YouTube video of hundreds of people fighting fully represent a diverse nation of over 300 million the more prone we are to assume violence.  This isn’t running man or hunger games.  It’s not helpful to watch from afar and pick your favorite fighter.

Honestly, you can rant on social media all you want and claim the other side as a grand nefarious scheme for America all you want.  But 90% of America just laughs at you.  And we most certainly bite our thumbs at you.  America has been equally ruled by Democrats and Republicans since WW2 and we are just fine.  That there was a fight between a handful of Trump supporters and Antifa in Berkeley of all places is the least surprising thing in my day before I go work, play, and live beside both conservatives and liberals with nary a punch thrown.  If you assume political violence is the answer I feel bad for you son, I got 90% of America with me and you ain’t one.  Punch me and I’ll punch you back. Dissent against me and I’ll still respect you in the morning.

There’s no way everyone made it to the end of this article without responding, issue your “Bea Arthur Wants her Panties back early and often.”  Also like the UM page below.

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3 Replies to “Left or Right, I Bite My Thumb at Your Political Violence”

  1. Spot on as usual Jeff! The answer is easy but yet famously impossible…stop taking advantage of each other’s infallibilities and help each other instead. Unfortunately human nature and sin is difficult to overcome. Keep up the good works!

  2. Spot on Jeff. I’m kind of in the same place as you but totally independent although I may lean left or right depending on the subject at hand and rest assured that if I was present when something like that happened I would be inclined to insert my self 73 year old self in the middle of it.

    Keep up the good work Brother
    Semper Fi

  3. Funny how those who oppose war and allow the genocide of unborn babies are so violent at times with their protests. Interesting fact. Semper Fi Do or Die…

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