Government has taken a sick baby from his parents in England and condemned him to death while hope remains.  Let me say that another way.  The parents of a very sick child in a western government have raised plenty of money, received offers of support from the President of the United States, an offer for free treatment from a US Hospital, and an offer of support from the Pope himself just to give his parents the slightest bit of hope and knowledge they did all they could for their baby.  And yet, government says no.  They have taken this baby and made him property of the state so that this baby might die the way the state says it should die because they literally said, “It’s his time to die.”  I’m going to tell you something right now.  If you want to make a domestic terrorist out of me all you have to do is let the government do the same to my child.  I’ll make Oath Keepers and 3 Percenters look like Girl Scouts before I’m done.  Government has taken a child from his parents because “it’s his time to die” and it can happen here too in America.  Just look around, pay attention and you can already see it.

Just the Facts

Now before anyone accuses me of sensationalism let’s just talk about the facts.  Baby Charlie Gard was born with a condition from which it seems medically improbable he will survive.  British doctors have tried everything they could but to no avail and have told the parents it is time to let the baby pass naturally.  To me, that is an understandable and reasonable position.  That’s just the cold hard reality of life and death in a fallen world.

But the parent’s reaction I equally understand.  Hanging on to any last semblance of hope as any parent would they sought out the experimental.  They raised huge sums of money and even had Doctors here in America ready to give it a shot.  Not quacks in a back alley with a Doc McStuffin kit, like real legit doctors.  So when the parents go to tell the hospital, “Thank you for all you have done for my child, but we have raised the money and we are going to try one last effort in a real medical setting so that we might live knowing we did all we could.”  And the hospital backed by force of state said, “No, you can’t have your own child.  It’s his time to die.” But it gets worse.

The Pope himself chimed in and offered the baby a spot at the Vatican hospital.  And yet government said no.  Donald Julius Trump offered one of his coveted tweets to support Charlie Gard.  And yet government said no, it is this baby’s time to die.  A hospital in the US offered to treat the baby for free.  And yet government said no, these individuals endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights must watch their child die in the manner and setting the state sees fit.  This is tyranny in action my friends and it can happen here to in America if you let it.

It’s Not About Healthcare

Look, I’m not going to get into the debate about universal health because that is not what this is really about.  This is about the end state of progressive vision in any industry.  You see I’m a moderate conservative, but I could easily be considered a classic liberal on a variety of issues.  I support a limited form of a social safety net and I do believe people in the richest land on the planet should not suffer just for being poor.  But I will never ever become a progressive and Charlie Gard is just another reason why.

You see, liberals look at the world and genuinely want to make it a better place but progressives are so certain that they know what that future world looks like they will through force of state trample and destroy the very inalienable rights our constitution was designed to protect.  And yes, even to the point of telling parents with the means to keep their child alive “no, it’s his time to die.”  If I lived in the UK right now I’d be furious.  Because I know you to be liberty loving people, but this is just another instance of government tipping its hand early.  Universal healthcare could be great, but when did great involve making people, children, and babies property of the state to live and die as the state sees fit? Again, it’s not just healthcare.  Take a look at Bernie Sanders question a Trump nominee about his religious views.  Not actions, just mere beliefs.

What that nominee said is basic core Christian belief.  That all of us are condemned for our sin and only the grace of Jesus Christ atones.  So logically those who reject Jesus would be condemned.  It’s a faith and belief system supposedly protected by the constitution.  You don’t have to believe but my right to do so is inalienable.  Unless progressives get their way.  Because Bernie now sees that belief as a problem and progressives don’t like problems in their utopian future.  Believe what the bible explicitly says?  Sorry, you are no longer fit for service in my progressive government.  Muslims think I’m going to hell because I’m an infidel.  Imagine that testimony in reverse with a Muslim nominee.

Liberty versus Collectivism

Just look across collectivist Europe and you’ll see more of the same.  In Germany, it is illegal to homeschool your children.  By force of state, parents cannot see to their child’s education and must by force of state receive only the state approved version.  In fact, a German family was so adamant about homeschool that they moved to America so they could do so.  Great, problem solved right?  No, by force of state Germany sought this families deportation back to Germany over homeschooling.  Did you catch that? Even though this family moved to a country where homeschooling is legal this progressive vision said no by force of state your children are ours, not yours, and we will chase you across the ocean to enforce it.  Just take a look at this devious international criminal family below.

I homeschool my children, well actually my wife does, and I’d be up in arms if the state said my children were not my own to teach.  There is nothing wrong with public school and this is just our choice. My children do not belong to the state, but in a progressive environment they would.  I actually had a progressive friend tell me it should be illegal to teach children anything the state or science doesn’t believe to be true.  We teach all the right stuff.  We teach science, math, and history just as any other child would get it.  Although I’m seriously going to teach my kids the J in Donald J. Trump stands for Julius.  Parental prerogative.  But I’m allowed to teach my children about faith and life.  Not so in a not too distant progressive future.  In that future my money, my life, my family, my children, my guns and my beliefs are all property of the state.

Friends we created a constitution to protect the very rights progressives would have to trample to achieve their vision.  This is not about being liberal.  If you want to vote for a Democrat then knock yourself out but please choose carefully which Democrat you pick.  There is nothing wrong with liberals but progressives scare the hell out of me.  For in a not too distant future a family with all the means to prolong the life of their child might be told by the United States of America, “No, you can’t have your child it is his time to die.”  Please don’t let our partisan bickering make us blind to a future America that looks nothing like America.  Every America should look at Charlie Gard and shudder with fear.  I’m sorry UK friends, I know this isn’t what you intended.  Pay attention America, pay close attention.  Everyone you know should read and understand the tragic and cruel fate of Charlie Gard.  Don’t let any of your friends miss this.

If You’ll Join Me in Teaching the J in Donald J Trump stands for Julius Like the Unprecedented Mediocrity Page Below.  #IStandWithJulius

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2 Replies to “Why the Life of Charlie Gard Should Matter to Every American”

  1. Great article! This progressive agenda makes my blood boil. Our freedom is always under attack. I pray that Americans will see through this b.s. and vote them out of office.

  2. Hi from across the pond Jeff. I’ve read your article twice now, and I still think you’ve got a few points wrong. The government/state hasn’t grabbed poor little Charlie at all. Obviously, Charlies parents want to do everything in their power for their son. However, it’s the doctors of the Great Ormond Street Hospital that have taken Charlies case to the High Court. They sought to get permission to end his treatment as they are of the opinion that to carry on would cause him uneccessary pain and suffering with no chance of improvement. The High Court agreed. Charlies parents then went to the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights, all of which rejected their appeal. Strangely, it turns out that, if the doctors had a change of heart they could go back to the High Court to get the decision reversed in a process that would take two hours! That would then clear the way to get little Charlie on a ‘plane.
    Seemingly, Donald J has requested a one to one meeting with Theresa May during the G20 summit in Poland to discuss Charlies case. I’d love to be a fly on the wall.
    I know this snippet is from the Daily Mail online, but it explains it quite well
    How can doctors end Charlie’s life against his parents’ wishes?

    Great Ormond Street (GOSH) took Charlie’s case to the High Court and a judge agreed to allow them to end Charlie’s treatment because it was not in his ‘best interests’ after he agreed it will cause him pain and will not improve his condition.

    The Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights all rejected appeals by his parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates, who believe they should have the final say on their son’s treatment.

    Can the doctors change their mind and not turn off his life support?

    Yes. Great Ormond Street could go back to the High Court to stop the order they fought for this year.

    The process of gaining a Consent Order could be done on an urgent basis and completed in less than two hours.

    Experts have told MailOnline this is the only way Charlie could travel to America or Rome for treatment because his parents’ appeals appear to have been exhausted.

    Can the hospital stop his parents taking him to America without permission?

    Yes. If doctors believe that any parent will cause suffering to their child, police can be called in to arrest them using Powers of Protection legislation.

    In the case of young cancer sufferer Ashya King his parents faced a European Arrest Warrant after absconding with their son who was in hospital.

    Charlie is on a ventilator so would require a team of medical staff to move him and his equipment.

    Why won’t the hospital let Charlie die at home?

    Connie Yates and Chris Gard say doctors have denied their ‘final wish’ to take Charlie home to die. Travelling to a hospice was also denied. While judges ruled that his treatment should end, there is nothing in the judgments that says the little boy cannot be outside the hospital. Great Ormond
    Street refused to tell MailOnline on what basis that decision was taken

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