I still don’t like Trump and I’ll likely vote Libertarian, but Hillary Clinton’s continued statements on guns is putting my #NeverTrump faith to the test.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be happy about it and if Hillary makes me vote for Trump I’m pretty sure it will have the following effect on me if you just replace “Einhorn is a man” with “I voted for Trump.”

Unfortunately, as it currently stands in America the modern gun control debate has turned into nothing more than the hypocrisy of those who don’t attacking the rights of those who do.  It’s the societal conversation that goes something like this; “Guns can kill people.  I don’t use guns, so let’s ban guns.” It’s not even a left or right issue really as I know lots of left-leaning patriots who are very pro 2nd Amendment. Rather, I’d liken gun control to the prohibition of alcohol.  In fact, it’s remarkably similar because alcohol-related deaths and gun deaths are actually pretty much on par with one another.  In Trump picking up the nomination and getting the NRA nod, ask yourself what would Jack Daniels have to do if a Presidential candidate was basically calling for a sneaky return to the prohibition of alcohol?  If the next President was planning to hold distilleries responsible for the poor decisions people make under the influence of alcohol what choice would Jack, Jim, Johnny and Jose even have?

The Pursuit of Prohibition

You know, at least with the prohibition of alcohol the hypocrites had the character to take a constitutional approach.  Although they didn’t have the right to vote just yet, prohibition can largely be seen as a movement spearheaded by angry wives less than pleased with their drunk husbands and the effects of alcohol on society.  Now, I do enjoy a good drink now and then, but I have never pissed my wife off to the point she went and gone changed the constitution.  I’m not sure how you men drank back in the early 1900’s, but you must have been doing it like a boss.  And yet, here we are again with a new generation of those who don’t assailing the rights of those who do.



Geez, given the choice above I think I’m going for that drink.  But in modern society, it is a new breed of  progressive.  It’s a hipster in New York City or academic at Harvard who reads about a murder on the streets of Chicago and comes to the conclusion that a rancher in Montana must give up his AR-15 as a result.  Never mind there are over 300 million guns in America and only 13,000 of them or so will be used to commit a homicide.  If you are doing the math that’s 0.000043% of guns that will be used to kill someone else.  The NRA is not protecting those 13,000 murderous weapons, they are protecting the other 299,987,000.  For all I know NRA President Wayne LaPierre is crying in his own shower right now for what he had to do.  But given Hillary’s comments what choice did he have?

Bullets or Booze

Meanwhile, nearly 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving incidents each year so let’s run with that same logic.  If a family is killed by a drunk driver in Chicago why does a rancher in Montana need to pour out his whiskey?  If I get drunk on bourbon and fall off the Golden Gate Bridge, why is a distillery in Kentucky responsible?  In fact, I’d argue that a good number of gun deaths are in fact preceded by the use of alcohol.  When a drunk man shoots someone who is to blame, the gun or the alcohol?  The truth is that between alcohol poising, liver problems, and just good old fashioned doing stupid stuff when drunk that alcohol is as deadly as guns.


Hillary’s statements on holding gun manufacturers accountable for gun violence betrays all this talk of “common sense” gun control and even Kooky Uncle Bernie called her out on that.   It’s a sneaky push towards the prohibition of guns and nothing else.   I’d rather you just fought to repeal the 2nd Amendment as at least that is an honest debate the country can have.  But be careful of what you seek.


Were you successful, you would then find that the prohibition on guns will fare no better than the prohibition of alcohol.  The demand for guns won’t be any less and a criminal black market will thrive.  You can even 3D print guns these days which I guess would be the modern equivalent of a whiskey still in the hills of Kentucky.  And you will take honest men like me and make a criminal of him with the stroke of a pen.  You will not save 13,000 lives any more than prohibition stopped people from getting drunk.  You say you are not talking about the prohibition of guns, but make no mistake Hillary Clinton is.  Gun are as certain to be used in crimes each year as whiskey is in bad decisions.  But since you enjoy your evening Chardonnay and don’t own a gun, I’ll guess you’ll care more about gun deaths than drunk driving deaths.  Because there is common sense gun control that even the NRA could support.

Control Your Freaking Gun

To responsibly enjoy the 21st Amendment you need to be able to hold your liquor.  Every time you get in a car drunk you demonstrate to the nation the evil side of a good drink.  To responsibly enjoy the 2nd Amendment you need to have some idea what you’re doing and that includes those of use who already know a little about guns.  We have a responsibility to stay sharp and trained.   I weep at the news when a child accidently shoots themselves because that shouldn’t have happened.  When a man is cleaning his gun and accidently shoots someone that is foolishness at its finest.  You want “common sense” gun control?  Teach people how to use guns properly because they are not going anywhere.  I’d have a lot more trust for gun control initiatives if they pushed education as much as they did restrictions.


Legally Concealed is a company run by EJ Owens who is a former Army Infantry Officer and combat instructor for various elite military units.  He provides high-level professional knowledge through his training that as a Marine Grunt I even find beneficial. For just $9.99 a month, you get unlimited access to all their courses, new material, and the community known as the Sheepdog Society where thousands of like-minded individuals sharpen each other.  This is common-sense gun control in action for the price of a Netflix subscription.  Check them out, join up, and we will do this 2A thing right together. Click Here! for Legally Concealed.

In Conclusion

Don’t make me do it, Hillary, please don’t make me vote for Trump.  Just stop talking and don’t say anything else until November.  I’ve given that man a fair, but really hard time on this blog and I have lots of readers who will love to see me crying in that shower.  Admit it, I know you guys are going to dig it if I cave and cast the vote.  I’m not there yet, but I promise to let you know when I’m burning my clothes.  In fact, since Washington State is a vote by mail state, I’ll even let you see my ballot in the pointless primary I cast on Tuesday.


As for the NRA, what choice did they have?  This election has been messed up from the moment it started and I’m personally still praying for the rapture to hit before November.  Come Lord Jesus, Come.  Fellow lovers of the 2nd Amendment, train often, drink responsibly, and remember, Einhorn is a man.

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2 Replies to “Love or Hate Trump, the NRA Was Right to Endorse Him”

  1. Damn fine post. I was just saying very nearly the same thing the other day. The thing is that despite people’s complaints, things are actually pretty damn good. While things are good, most people will willingly disarm peacefully. So for the first time in my life being a single issue voter on gun rights is something worth considering.

    But here’s the rub with Trump: given another school shooting or some other matter, Trump will flip in a heartbeat (consider his Newtown tweet). Hell, even Reagan and Bush passed gun control. And I get the impression that Trump is even more willing than Hillary to use an executive order to get there. However, an unsteady ally is better than a certain enemy, so yeah, I may have to hold my nose in the general election. I haven’t decided. Mad Dog is still in the lead.

  2. I agree with your ballot and a fine post this one is. I kind of view the endorsement of The Donald by Wayne LaPierre as one nut endorseing another.
    Semper Fi

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