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I absolutely love the look on that Secret Service agent’s face as it just screams, “You stay away from my Donald.”  I think by now I have established a pretty strong record as an anti-Trumper, but this article will have nothing to do with him.  I am against him and with my natural Southern accent and a box of chocolates in my lap, that’s all I have to say about that.  But let’s talk political protest of every variety.  Now, I’m not encouraging violence at all by insinuating punching them is warranted.  Rather, violence in the political process is devastating to our democracy.  I’m just saying I get it.  A few years back, my daughter who was perhaps 4 at the time got in another kids face and starting yelling.  That kid in his honest heartfelt reaction gave her a slight tap on the face.   My daughter looked at me as if to tell on him and I replied, “That’s why you don’t yell in other people’s faces.”  Life lesson learned, Dad of the Century for Jeff.

My Ears, What’s With All the Screaming

I’m not fan of any of these yelling protests and political rallies regardless of the position held.  A few weeks back, a Marine Veteran stood up to ask Bill Clinton questions about Benghazi.  Just when Bill was getting ready to give his likely canned answer, the Marine just started yelling uncontrollably and was escorted out.  Many in the Veteran community applauded this Marine and I was all like, “eh he blew it.”  He could have taken the opportunity to press on Bill Clinton’s answer and taken the moral high ground, but instead the news reports went something like ” Breaking News: A Marine was really mad about Benghazi today and now on to yet another nude picture of Kim Kardashian.”



Just standing up and yelling uncontrollably at someone else’s event is cheap activism and accomplishes very little.  We get it, your angry but what’s with all this yelling?  And now that we expect it at political rallies it loses even more of its effect.  I have always thought that to include back when the Pink Ladies from Grease had a problem with George W. Bush for some reason and were always disrupting his events.

Maybe I am biased because I am a writer, but if the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, then going crazy lady at a rally is the nerf gun of dissent.  Honestly, Code Pink, Black Lives Matter, Benghazi, or Trump it really doesn’t matter to me as I don’t like nonsensical yelling from anyone.  But you should be able to do it without threat of violence in a free society.  Period, end of case.

A Call to Non-Violence

The day you can’t protest in America because of the threat of violence from government or the masses is the day liberty checks into hospice care for its final hurrah.  Cross your arms, look at it like the toddler tantrum it is and then laugh as they are escorted out. That should be true whether you support Trump, Sanders, Clinton or whoever.  In fact, look at this guy feeding his bro a Nacho at a rally.  I would argue these guys who are now famous have a greater platform to spread their voice and all they did was eat a nacho.  Seriously, I’m working hard to grow this blog and these dudes get famous for eating a nacho.  Sometimes I hate the internet.


But if you are a protester and you take it too far, don’t be surprised if you get hit.  The douche who charged the stage behind Trump seems like a punk and if the secret service and police played a game of “which night stick hit you” on him I wouldn’t lose any sleep.  At the same time, the old dude that sucker punched the protester walking up the stairs was criminal.  But if in your dissent, you should step an inch away from a grown man’s face and start yelling, don’t act shocked when you learn the same lesson my daughter did when she yelled an inch away from that kid’s face.  Protest is cool, but how you protest matters if you want to clearly separate the good guys from the bad guys.

Listen, Trump knows there are people out there who don’t like him.  Trump supporters know there are people out there who don’t like him.  I am one of the haters and yet, I would love to go to a Trump rally to take on the experience but I wouldn’t disrupt it. For 90% of the people in the room this might be the one chance they have to see their beloved candidate in person and I’m not going to blow it for them because I want 15 minutes of internet fame.  That’s just loud, cheap, and boring.  If anything, I would try something bizarre like the nacho guys to get famous.  So if you hear about the guy arrested at a Trump rally for dry humping a cardboard cutout of the candidate, I can neither confirm nor deny if it will be me.

School Circle Kids

After Iraq, I actually spent years working for a non-profit where youth with behavior and mental-health issues lived in a residential setting.  Needless to say, fights would occur from time to time and it never failed that one of them claimed they were totally innocent.  My next statement would always be, “Wow little Timmy, so you were just sitting in the corner reading your bible when this other kid ran over and dropkicked you in the face.”  And of course the truth was typically nowhere near that as they were in each other’s faces trying to punk each other out.


So listen up Trump supporters and Trump protesters.  If you actually do love America then drop the “he started it” or “I’m totally innocent” or “he was staring at me”  jargon that comes from troubled teens.  You are grown adults so keep your hands to yourself and stay out of each other’s faces.  When someone goes all Forrest Gump at your Black Panther Party, step back and make it obvious who is doing what.  Did you ever think if you Denied Timmy the gratification of your attention he might quit doing it?   The ability to campaign in relative peace is important to the democratic process as is retaining the right to protest.

I don’t care if Timmy was saying bad things about Daddy Trump and I don’t care if you worry little Bobby will think you are a punk and take your dessert at lunch time.  Keep your hands to yourselves children.  The authority figures will handle the disruption, stay out of people’s faces, and if we keep having these incidents then we are going to miss out on the good behavior outing we had planned for Saturday.

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4 Replies to “I May Not Like Trump, but I Hate these Rally Protests Even More”

  1. Lloyd Red Carroll, it was Teddy Roosevelt which said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” not FDR.

  2. I don’t mind the protesters as much- the real protesters. I work in higher ed now after serving in the Army and these students walk around like zombies with their earphones and cellphones and it is frustrating as an educator. We want them to think critically, and act if necessary.

    The role of protesting in changing the conversation in our national dialogue is undeniable (i.e. bus boycotts, sit-ins at segregated restaurants, women’s lib, LBGTQIA movement, etc.). And many those movements started by protests got exceptionally violent at times. We as a nation have been down this road before; it’s maybe a past that we want to forget. But, it is part of our national fabric. Should we go to protests with the intention to fight? No! I think we agree with that. But, if I’m struck for protesting, expect to get your butt handed to you. That could be the GWOT veteran in me though. =)

  3. Well written succint ,funny, and to the point .we have a moral responsibility to be decent intelligent human beings …i like to call it the credible hulk syndrome where you back up your rage with carefully checked and vetted facts so you dont come across as whiny little no control bitch …The Samurai had it right when they spoke about giving and getting face ..getting angry and losing your shit just makes you look weak whereas listening to understand and not to retort is the epitome of badarse

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