Rush Limbaugh Kill the Republican Party

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…. There was a Jedi named Ronald Reagan.  He raised taxes, compromised with the Democrat controlled congress, and gave a clear vision for what it meant to be a conservative in a divided government where opposition plays a role.  He was heralded by conservatives to such a degree that many wanted to put his face on Mount Rushmore.  For decades, the GOP would pay homage to the man and claimed they are somehow continuing his legacy.  In his wake, 12 of the next 20 years would see a Conservative President.  But a dark and mysterious force brought an unbalance to conservatism.  Fueled by hate, anger, and ad revenue, talk radio began to creep over the land.  Followed by his apprentice Darth Blogger, they began whispering into the ears of conservatives that they need not govern. They just need to slay anyone who does.  “Into exile moderate conservatives must go, no longer valued are we.”  Yoda

A Party of Moderates or a Party of Losers

If those with a conservative vision continue to follow the path of talk radio and conservative bloggers, then the party will be philosophically pure, ideologically homogenous, and an absolute joke.  You know, Bernie Sanders is powerless without the rest of the Democratic Party.  You take the party away from Bernie and all you get is a guy with some crazy ideas selling you Maple Syrup in Vermont.  Or whatever you sell up there, sorry Vermont, but when I think about you I think Maple Syrup, feel free to send me some.  If Bernie and all his pals got together and said we are going to form a Democratic Socialist party, then his impact on America would be laughably small.

Bernie needs a party of moderates for his voice to carry and resonate and it is no different for the conservative vision.  It blows my mind that conservatives call for a more pure party than one that sees a need to govern in a divided government amongst a divided population and offer a reasonable alternative.  Paul Ryan as newly elected Speaker of the House helped negotiate a budget bill that rang in to the tune of $1.1 Trillion.

Rush Limbaugh Kill the GOP


He had an evenly divided Senate to consider and a Democrat for President who has pretty much gone into “to heck with it mode” in his final year.  Lots of crazy stuff in that bill that conservatives don’t like, but don’t blame Paul Ryan for going all Ronald Reagan governance in a divided government on us.  Blame the especially liberal President America elected twice because winning the Presidency matters.  Keep replacing speakers willing to govern with ideologues if you want and the GOP will find itself in a future without relevance.  Don’t be sad, I hear the Whig and Know Nothing party throws an epic bingo night.  Last plea for sanity GOP, you have to be in it to win it but govern until you do.

It is like You Don’t Want to Win

So what in the name of Darth Sidious are my fellow conservative voters doing?  If you despise the liberal vision so much why are you supporting a clearly unelectable candidate?  Look, I like Donald Trump as an American, I really do.  He is outspoken, successful, ambitious, and if you are offended by what he says in the land of free speech that is your problem.

I like the way he is unafraid to go on SNL and get roasted because it shows confidence.  But the man speaks the language of tyranny.  He offers simple solutions and vague answers to complex problems while promising results that one could only get in a divided government if the opposition ceased to exist.  He won’t solve America’s problems, but he might bring peace and justice to his new galactic empire.

Paul Ryan House Speaker

Human nature is responsible for tyranny, not conservatives or liberals.  You can search time and history over and make a good case that both philosophical viewpoints can produce tyranny.  But human nature is always the key to unlocking that Pandora’s Box.  Because as would be the case with Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, humans are not so opposed to tyranny as long as it sounds like a tyranny with which they agree.  And by the time they disagree, liberty has already died with thunderous applause.

I’m Joining the Rebellion

I have solid conservative values embedded deep in my heart.  I love me some second amendment, small government, and an America-first foreign policy because the world can be a nasty place.  But I have friends I hold dear, many who I fought with in the Marines who hold other values dear and they deserve representation as well.  All of America deserves a seat at the table and I no longer identify with a party that was supposed to be the opposition to liberal thought.  It’s fine, I was never a registered republican or anything, but you will also never catch me voting for Hillary Clinton or Barry Sanders.  That was actually a legitimate typo, but I left it because I might actually vote for Detroit RB Barry Sanders before those two.

As long as the GOP continues to be ruled by bloggers and radio pundits who are accountable for nothing, there is no home for me here. Sadly, there is nowhere else for me to go, so perhaps I’ll just be like Han Solo and wander the universe until the cause that resonates finds me.  I am not ideologically pure to the GOP and if that causes me to be purged then so be it.  The platform of oppose anything Obama has been disastrous for conservative thought.  Rush Limbaugh said of Paul Ryan after he had the audacity to govern as the opposition party instead of just opposing, that the GOP should be killed.  I agree.  Kill it, for it is not the party of Reagan anymore.  Reagan would be crucified today for his actions were he President today.

But let me ask you modern voters, when the world is on the line do you choose Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump?  Because this is where the Jaba the hut pundits and bloggers have taken us with their antagonistic rhetoric, clickbait false headlines, and Jade Helm conspiracy theories.   I will always hold my conservative values dear and I’ll never fall to the dark side of Bernie Sanders.  But you will never hear me utter the words I’m a Republican in my lifetime.  May the force be with you America, because we are going to need a lot of supernatural help with the next 8 years of Hillary Clinton.  But hey, pundits like Rush will have lots of material and that is ad revenue out the wazoo!  Good for you Rush, but no seriously, up yours Rush.  I can’t cast a vote for Donald Trump for fear my children ask me if the future he would bring is partly my fault.  I am not abandoning my conservative values, but rather with sad Bruce Banner music, I must go in search for those who represent us all than the whims and wishes of an ad revenue fueled industry of clickbait and non-governance.

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5 Replies to “Men Like Rush Limbaugh who Chained GOP Reps Wearing Gold Bikinis Killed the Republican Party”

  1. Hey, Usually love your stuff but “As long as the GOP continues to be ruled by bloggers and radio pundits who are accountable for nothing, there is no home for me here.” Really?! If they were ruled by anyone with a shred of honor, They never would have voted for this 1.3 trillion dollar clusterF***. All the same, Merry Christmas. Joe.

    1. No problem brother. I have always said that the best compliment someone can pay me on my blog is that they loved the article, but disagreed with everything I said. Your thought is as valuable as mine and I just try to serve as a springboard for that thought with my own. I love it with like minds disagree from time to time.

  2. I enjoy your comments and agree with what you said. I am concerned about this upcoming election because no one seems to represent what I believe in. I do believe Trump is riding on the fears of people and I don’t trust Hillary so where do we go? Thanks for the clever writing and the quick turn of a phrase!

  3. Is it curious that we expect our elected officials to represent the will of the people? In our current state of politics one cannot rise without the approval of his party’s peers and superiors. And since there are only two parties a polarizing effect is inevitable.
    Further, the founding fathers set up a government of three branches with checks and balances to ensure one branch could rule by edict and ignore the people’s will. Bet they counted on more than a two party system to support a three branch balance of power.

  4. Simply put, Donald Trump is not a conservative. To me, he has no discernible ideology. If he is the choice of a majority of Republicans, then perhaps the logical conclusion is that the Republican Party is not primarily composed of conservatives. What is sort of terrifying when you continue that thought is that most Americans, like Donald Trump, have no discernible ideology more complex than someone screaming for a favorite sports team.

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