Its Football time again America.  The long sports drought is over.  I say sports drought because for me, Football is really the only sport I enjoy following.  I’ll watch a little Basketball come playoff time, particularly if the Grizzlies are in it.  I even watched one game of the World Cup of soccer.  But truthfully, Football is where its at for me.  I am a loyal Mississippi State and Tennessee Titans fan, but you probably guessed that based on my blog title, Unprecedented Mediocrity. That may seem like a swipe at my teams, but its the truth.  I am still a loyal fan, but hey, truth is truth. Which speaking of truth, this leads me to the real point of this article. The pictures I am using are Sports Illustrated covers as I think it highlights the fame.

The National Football League is one of the most honest organizations in history.  Now that is not a statement of morality on behalf of the NFL or glorifying their ethics.  I am just staying that they are brutally honest.  I’ll use my 5 year old as an example.  My 5 year old, within her young life has the proven ability to tell a lie.  Its funny, I never taught her how to lie, but when you think about, no one taught any of us how to lie.  Sort of comes naturally.  Consequently, I am sure Roger Goodell, Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman, and Jerry Jones all know how to tell a lie.  I know Jerry does, because every year he states the Cowboys have a good chance at making the playoffs. But here is the other aspect of my 5 year old. She is really really honest.  If something stinks, she will quickly tell you it stinks.  If something looks funny, she will tell you so.  If you are singing a song and it is horrible, she will quickly tell you to stop.  Because its bad.

The NFL is that last kind of honest.  And for me, nothing highlights that more than the recent cases of Michael Sam and Tim Tebow.  Both men, famous for various reasons, find themselves without a job in the NFL at this particular moment. Why, because the NFL is that honest. It is not that either of these men are bad at football.  Tim Tebow is a 2 time national champion and Heisman Trophy winner.  Michael Sam was the co-defensive player of the year for the SEC, a conference known for some good defense.  Both of these men are exceptional at the sport of football.  However, as far as the NFL is concerned, the NFL is not impressed. tebow-sports-illustrated1

Both Michael Sam and Tim Tebow have many followers and fans who support them for reasons completely outside of football.  Michael Sam is known as the first openly homosexual player drafted and Tim Tebow is know for his open faith in Christ.  Now any who assume I am going to contrast the two based on the perceived moral implications our society likes to debate, that is not where I am going.  So at ease gentlemen, at ease.  I might blog about the Gay Marriage debate in America at some point, but only if you promise to share it with the world and make me millions of dollars.  Rather, I am just saying that these exceptional football players with legions of fans don’t have a job in the NFL because the NFL is honest to them both.  You are not good enough.  Now either man has the opportunity to prove the NFL wrong, but that does not change the honest message the NFL is giving them both today.

In most other areas of our society, popularity matters and has become some sort of virtue in America all of itself.  Kim Kardashian and Honey Boo Boo are famous because they are famous.  We perpetuate the lie that this popularity is of value simply because they are famous.  But if either of you want to tweet this article out or share it, then you know, that’s cool.  The NFL, not so much. The NFL is about winning games.  And making money, but winning games helps you make more money, so winning is the end game here. And the simple truth is this, if any team honestly felt or feels that Tim Tebow or Michael Sam will help them win games, they would be making millions right now.

Now you may look at this as some sort of corporate hunger games where only the strong survive, but its not just the owners and coaches.  The players view it the same way.  The players want to win and they openly embrace their peers that help them do so.  You hear it over and over from players, if they can play football, then they can overlook almost anything else.  Aaron Hernandez excluded, you can’t actually kill someone.  Ray Lewis excluded, maybe you can.  Just kidding Ray, I don’t really know what happened.  Don’t tackle me if I ever see you.

So legions of fans, not necessarily football fans, but people fans, the Michael Sam and Tim Tebow decision is purely NFL honesty. It may disappoint you for a variety of reasons, but the NFL tells it like they see it.  Teams will part ways with legends, i.e., Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana when they feel like they can do better.  History means nothing.  Winning today means everything.  Again, Michael and Tim can prove the NFL wrong, but until they do, the truth hurts.  Tim and Michael will be just fine.  I hear fame can make you money and in that regard, they will make more than I make in a year just to say how much they like Wheaties.  And if we are honest, we the fans, like it this way.  No one wants to watch a subpar game of football played by a bunch of swell guys.  No, we want elite matches of the best.  The NFL is honest because you want it that way.  We are the customers.  So if we are upset about the cutting of either man, we have only ourselves to blame. Lastly,  would just like to say, I like Wheaties too.  What does a guy have to do to get paid around here?


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