Westerners Fighting ISIS
Honestly, the term mercenaries doesn’t quite fit. For that matter, Kurdistan is not a country at this time, but I think it easily conveys the region of which I speak. While it might be a catchy term, mercenary falls short of the truth and somehow short changes the honor and respect due these men. Volunteers, freedom fighters, or even solider of fortune somehow misses the mark as well as it doesn’t convey the seriousness of the struggle or the darkness of the evil they fight. Consequently, I have no choice but to simply land on the term, Mighty Men. While politicians wrangle, westerners debate, and even silly bloggers such as myself write, these Mighty Men said, Here I am, send me. I pray they are but the tip of the spear for a mighty retribution to fall on evil men.

Bearing the Torch

I found myself reading a story today about Erik Konstandinos Scurfield, an ex-Royal Marine whom was recently killed fighting along side the Kurds in Syria. In fact, just the other day I was reading another story about an Australian Heval Bagok whom reportedly selflessly covered his Kurdish brother’s and sisters at the expense of his own life. Consequently, when hearing of the newest story, it started to really set it that these men were not fighting for the reasons to which I am accustomed.

profileI am a United States Marine Veteran of Iraq and to be honest, I was raised on the notion of fighting for God, Country, and Corps. So when I am trying to assess the actions of these men, none of those quite line up. They died fighting side by side with a group of people whom are not even a country. They were not doing this for Iraq and Kurdistan is not a state. Although when all this is over, I am all for letting the Kurds draw the map however they want and give them enough arms to keep it so. But the point is, these Mighty Men from the West seem to be fighting for one cause and one cause only. Namely, they have seen the actions of evil men and with singular focus they know the manner in which to respond.

History Doesn’t Lie

I am of the opinion that mighty men will always pursue a just cause as quickly as evil men will pursue a holocaust. Like moths to a flame, they both feel an insatiable pull towards their destiny. What a tragic thing it is that the politics of the Middle East and the recent wars have turned us all into wandering nomads as we travel from camp to camp attempting to find one that truly encompasses our thoughts on the matter. It is almost maddening as we consider the implications of another war.

However, these Mighty Men of singular purpose have had no such wanderings. They saw the evil being perpetrated and they headed straight to the camp ruled by King David and where Achilles and Hector wrestle for fun. This is the camp where Mighty Men with large swinging steel balls step on the throats of evil at its first notice. If these men came to chew bubble gum and kick butt as the old adage goes, their only response is, “What’s Bubble gum”.  Say hello to the Flying Tigers from World War 2.

Flying_Tigers_personnelNow, I know there are many in our actual military that want in on the action. However, as the Constitution outlines it, we serve under a civilian leadership and we go as ordered. Honestly, for the longest time, I thought ISIS might be secretly run by a junior Lane Corporal illuminati still a little pissed they don’t have a Combat Action Ribbon. Start a war and then get some was the plan. Must be hard for the short ones to stand next to a taller vet with their full stack in their face. However, this newer generation must wait for the green light before they get theirs. Not so for these Mighty Men.

The Veteran Community

Now, the Veteran community is full of exceptional men and women who served honorably and have no reason to think less of their service. I served with the Marines in Iraq in 2003 and as a slightly pudgier family man, I can honestly say that the route of these Mighty Men is not for me and I am ok with that. From Facebook group to non-profit organization, the Vet community is full men, oddly enough mostly with long beards, whom are attempting to tackle this new phase of life and they are not wrong for doing so.

But I tell you, these Mighty Men. These freaking guys. These lions whom have dropped all that to return to a war that they already know so well deserve our respect and a certain tip of the hat from all of us. We all recognize the evil that is ISIS and I think the majority of us would love to watch those goat raping child murdering savages depart this earth sooner rather than later. However, I am just saying we have to acknowledge those whom thought sooner and jumped on a plane to make it so. There are many like them in our proper military ready to jump in on the action if they were only to be unleased. I believe it to be inevitable at this point, so to tarry is to only allow more evil.  Let us all put aside all Bushisms or Obamaisms and just tackle the evil in front of us.

ISIS SyriaFor whatever any of us think about Iraq, the war on terror, or the politics of Islam, can we all just go ahead and agree that the death of each member of ISIS is of benefit to all. Perhaps that is one less child raped, one less Christian beheaded, or one less victim of their desired holocaust. So once again, the men, these Mighty Mighty Men like Scurfield and Bagok deserve our ultimate respect. We can figure out the politics later, but for today, let’s send ISIS to the abyss they deserve. Rarely has evil been on such display in this modern age and the sooner the season ISIS is over the better the world will be.  So if you should see one of these Mighty Men out and about, buy them a drink. You should have no trouble recognizing them by the clanking sound of swinging steel as they walk.

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7 Replies to “Mighty Men and the Western Guns of Kurdistan”

  1. i read all of your articles & each one is as good if not better than the previous. thankyou for giving colour to these mighty men & paying great respect to the names of the fallen. i think it befitting that articles as such these are written by a veteran because no one knows war & combat as a veteran does. i too believe the world will be a better place without the members & followers of isis in all it’s madness, insanity & darkness. thankyou jeff for another candid view on the reality of what good men endure to protect us all.

    kind regards

    william marshall

    1. Thanks William, I appreciate that. I’ll keep striving to put out great content!

  2. Thank you for honoring my brothers. They fought as men possessed with no fear of death. They knew why they came.

    rock steady.
    jordan matson (heval serdar)

    1. No problem. I take it you are the Jordan Matson, one the Mighty Men of which I speak. I’ll honor you all as best I can with my words. Feel free to share the article and tell others. If there is any other word I can get out there for you all, just let me know. Your brothers deserve all the honor associated with Mighty Men.

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