Hitler's triumphant tour of Paris, 1940 (1)

Hitler in Paris is the image you see.  Keep it in mind as we move forward.  To be clear, evil doesn’t win.  I mean, sometimes evil might have it’s moment.  It appears right now in Australia, an ISIS wannabe has taken civilian hostages.  The story is still developing as I type and the outcome is uncertain. However, I just want to reassure all, that evil doesn’t win.  History is full of such examples of evil having it’s moment from the beginning of time.  Cain did succeed in killing Able after all in what had to be the worst fight of all time. I mean if this was the first murder and assault, chances are neither of them had any idea what was going on in this so called fight.  The imaginative part of me likes to picture them throwing leaves at each other, pulling hair, and punching each other in the leg until they finally figured out what it took to kill.  Someone had to be first, right? Well, as time goes on, we see throughout history the emergence of evil and the victory of good. It’s a pattern.  For sooner or later, mighty men rise up to meet the challenge.  And while evil is not completely destroyed, it hibernates only to rise up under a new name in a new season.  It just so happens that this is the season of ISIS.

Evil by any Other Name

I have been reading various articles and reports on the atrocities of ISIS lately. I mentioned in my article on Christian Children Martyrs that ISIS has been beheading Christian children whom do not convert.  This is atrocious, but in keeping with their radical ideology. In addition, they have been executing any political dissenters and potential rivals.  That too I understand from a standpoint of establishing total control.  So seeking to establish total dominance and religious compliance in a society makes sense if you want to establish your Caliphate.  It’s horrific, but I would expect nothing less.

But here is what I don’t understand.  ISIS is raping kids and selling them into sexual slavery.  It’s true. It’s wholesale even, not isolated incidents at all.  In fact, CNN had a pretty long piece on it where they got a hold of an ISIS manual of sorts that outlined all of this. It talked about when they could personally rape a pre-pubescent girl and when they sell them into slavery.  It is horrific. You see for whatever reasons we want to attribute to the rise of ISIS from the destabilization of the region through the wars to a radical interpretation of Islam, none of it really matters to me. For when I hear that these men whom are committing the normal atrocities associated with a violent rise to political power are now raping kids and selling them into sexual slavery, it all becomes clear to me.  Evil has simply picked it’s face for this season, and that face is ISIS.

Mighty Men

When I hear the phrase Mighty Men, the first place my mind takes me is the Bible where it speaks of King David and his Mighty Men.  From what I can tell, you didn’t want to mess with King David and his Mighty Men.  Fellow Marines or Army grunts, you know that feeling you have when you are playfully mocking our Navy brothers and then a Navy Seal walks in the room? You know, it starts out with you saying, “Let me tell you about the freaking Squids”, then in walks Navy Seal and you finish the phrase with, “They have really nice ships.”  I am thinking this is the effect David and his Mighty Men had when they walked in on a joke about the Hebrew people.

However, when I say Mighty Men, I am not talking exclusively about them.  You see, every generation has it’s mighty men and our is no different.  I have made it known that I am a Marine Veteran of Iraq myself, but I would hardly consider myself to be a mighty man.  Now, the Marines do like to consider themselves the Spartans of our age.  However, if that is so, then I guess I am like the guy from the Movie 300 that left the battle to go home and speak about the battle.  I assure you, I am likely more skilled with my words than the art of dealing death. But I know death dealers and they deal it swiftly when called.  We don’t need to look far for our heroes.  They are all around us and have been since the beginning of time.

The Truth

Look, here is the truth.  ISIS is going to have it’s wins. Evil typically does.  For a season, Hitler reigned in Europe.  For a Season, Imperial Japan reigned across Asia. However, it was always but a season.  For Mighty Men stood in the line of fire and laid waste to evil, not for the first time, but once again. It will be so again.  I don’t know if what is happening in Australia right now is another brief moment in the history of evil.  But I do know that it will soon be over and mighty men will reign.  Mighty men can’t help but slay evil.  It’s just what they do, so come to terms with it.

ISIS pales in comparison to the threats we have faced in the past and unless mighty men cease to be, ISIS will meet the same fate as evils of the past.  I hate it guys, I really do. I hate that ISIS gets any moments to rape young girls, kill innocents, or feel that any ounce of this earth is under their control.  However, history says this has always been so.  It’s just unfortunate for ISIS that Mighty Men have always existed as well. Mighty Men, and yes Women, will reign in our lifetime.  ISIS will be but a memory.  Let us pray that we act swiftly and with great violence to minimize their season on this earth. But take courage in that it is but a season.  The Same Hitler you see walking triumphantly in Paris blew his brains out a few years later when Mighty Men surrounded him.  Soon, ISIS, Soon.

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    1. Yes i read that. It’s tragic the civilians. Evil will have it’s moments, but better men will eventually win the day. It’s always been that way.

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