If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know that I am not a fan of Donald Julius Trump. Never have been and never will be as far as I can tell. Despite my conservative leanings and libertarian tendencies, I don’t think conservative or libertarian are words that describe Trump. In 2016 I chose to “feel the Johnson” when it came time to vote, but somehow “feeling the Jorgensen” doesn’t quite seem to have the same ring to it all. I live in a state that will go for Biden thanks to Seattle and as far as the Electoral College goes, my vote is less than relevant. If this unabated lawlessness continues in the streets of America, I’m going to vote for Trump. Now that might seem like an idle threat, but let me kick it up a notch. If the lawlessness in the streets of Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and wherever else it might erupt tomorrow continues, I’m going use this blog for the next two months to rally my fellow “never Trumpers” to the cause. Trump does indeed have some authoritarian tendencies, but I don’t find any merit in submitting myself to tyranny of the mob as the alternative.

Tyranny of the Mob is at Hand

Listen up Democrats, do you want to know how you lose a “sure thing” Presidential election? Well, you nominate Hillary Clinton as your candidate, of course. But if you want to find out how you lose an election 2.0, you unleash tyranny of the mob on the streets of America and that is exactly what is taking place right now. Trump may indeed long to be a tyrant, but I’m not very likely to run into him and a death squad while eating in a restaurant. I am, however, now more likely to run into tyrannical mob while enjoying a night out like this woman below.

In the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, one’s being can never be the threshold that justified violent action or mob justice. One should be able to be white, black, Asian, or Hispanic without fear of reprisal for being so. One should be able to be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or even a devout follower of Tom Cruises’ weird thing without being shouted down in the streets. One should be able to be a Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian without fear of oppression. Most importantly, one should be able to be a sentient being who dissents from your worldview without fearing for their lives. It doesn’t matter whether it is an authoritarian or a mob who demands that you kneel, tyranny is tyranny my friends.

Death is the Inevitable Result of Lawlessness

Last nights shooting by a supposed “pro police” kid in Kenosha of two protesters was inevitable and I’m a little pissed about it. I’m not even getting into the justification of it or not, as the kid and the protesters should have never been put into that position. I’ve witnessed “bad kills” in Iraq and though they were justified, that doesn’t undo the tragedy that took place. Even trained Marines in a war zone fail to make the right call every time, so what do you think is going to happen when you turn American streets into a war zone?

I try to always strike a somewhat moderate tone on this blog because I have views that span the political spectrum. You take me to D.C. and I get very libertarian. Put me down at the State and local level of government and I get a little more progressive as government does play a role. However, I also wear my biases on my sleeves and I blame the Democrats for the current state of mob rule in America. Death was always going to be the end result of mob rule and death and destruction is all that lays ahead of us if it continues. I blame the Democrats so much so that, I’m considering swallowing my pride and choosing to place my trust in our military, law enforcement and legal system to fight tyranny of an authoritarian leader rather than trust my wife’s ability to fight off a tyrannical mob while she is out walking with our kids.

It’s Your Move Democrats

The burden is on you Democrats. I don’t fear you and I don’t think every Democrat is a Socialist. Get ready for your jimmies to be rustled my fellow conservatives, but Obama wasn’t that bad of a President. He was more liberal than I wanted, but whether a President is liberal or conservative is not the mark of a good or bad President. It’s a silly bar to set that for a President to be a good one that he must represent your views alone. The Democrats understand that because they now look back a George W. with fond remembrance.

The protest were fine. I don’t even mind a little rowdy protests for whatever cause under the sun you want. You can protest loudly, dish out a little graffiti and hey, I’ll even let you run through the streets of America naked if you believe strongly enough in the cause and you do a little P90X first. However, the protests ended long ago. There is indeed a great deal of progress America needs to make with regards to race and justice in America. The majority of America has moved on in carrying out that good work. As MLK famously said, “the arch of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

What remains today in the streets of America does not bend towards that justice. It bends to lawlessness and an age long ago where mob rule was the exact opposite of justice. You want to lose an election Democrats? Do you want to undo the progress and open-mindedness that now exits with regards to racial justice and equity? This is how you accomplish both. These “kids” roaming the streets of America right now seem to care very little about racial justice and are apparently too stupid to see how they are pushing moderates like myself back into the Trump camp. It’s your move Democrats, I’ve got my blog locked and loaded and I can get real “MAGA” with the written word when I want to. End mob rule in America today and let the election of 2020 be the outlet and referendum that our founders always intended it to be. It’s not hard Democrats, just stop the mobs in your cities. If you don’t do that, I have to wonder if you even want to win.

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