If the Big Bad Wolf promised to eat me, no conversing about commons sense approaches to letting him the in the house would alleviate my concerns.  Don’t get me wrong as I appreciate him asking permission rather than just committing a break-in and burglary like that hellion of a teenager Goldilocks.  That girls got issues and in need of some serious parental supervision. The phrase “common sense” gun control has always perplexed me.  Primarily because it often wielded by people who have made no attempts to hide the fact that they would destroy the 2nd Amendment if allowed.  They are often denied their dastardly wishes because the Constitution is at least temporarily still a thing and thus, they then come back to the table and say “Well let’s talk common sense gun control then.”  And I’m thinking, wait a minute? Didn’t you just advocate and praise an Australian and U.K style gun ban and now you want me to believe this is about common sense?  Sure Big Bad Wolf, I’ll let you in the house so you can call your wife to let her know you’ll be late for supper.  Makes perfect sense to me.

The Problem with Smart Guns

To be clear, I don’t have a problem with smart guns as an option and neither does the NRA for that matter.  But Obama’s plan to push the development and adoption of smart guns as a path towards a mandate is fraught with peril and danger at every turn.  If people come to believe that the technology has them covered, then they will drop all “common sense” pursuit of training, gun safety, and discipline. A smart gun in the hands of stupid person will be more dangerous than ever before and if you doubt it, just check out these people.

Nothing, and I mean nothing replaces training, discipline, and gun safety.  If you do not treat every weapon as if it were loaded then you are going to mess up big time.  If you do not keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire you are in trouble.  If you point the weapon at things you do not intend to shoot then you are going to kill someone.  A smart gun can do many things, but make you smarter is not one of them.  Don’t be surprised when reliance on a calculator destroys our ability to do simple math and please don’t act surprised when a smart gun society destroys people’s ability to actually be smart with guns?

The Energizer Bunny

I don’t know if any of you ever had your weapon jam up in a firefight, but it is a less than pleasant feeling.  As much happened to me in Iraq and while I “Tap, Rack, Bang” like a pro and moved on, the pucker factor exceeded a high 10 for just a moment. Most of us will now with our lives never having to fire a weapon at another human ever again.  But if 30 years from now that moment should arise in an instant I’m going to be pissed if the battery in my smart gun has run out.


That’s right, many of these so-called smart guns run on AAA or watch style batteries.  You know that sinking feeling when you have to make an emergency call but your cell phone is dead?  Imagine having to make that split-second decision to pull the trigger only to realize you forgot to change the dang batteries. Smart guns can be useful, but if you are asking me to rely on any powered device in a gun fight I’ll take a pass.  The 2nd Amendment was never designed to be beholden to the Energizer Bunny and society would be making a tragic mistake to move solely in that direction.

Smart guns do nothing to answer the question of the 300 million plus “dumb” guns floating about and nor does a smart do anything to touch the 60% of gun deaths that are actually suicides.  What happens when kids grow up assuming every gun is a smart gun that will not fire only to find out tragically this was one of the dumb ones.  Smart guns don’t make people smart.  But truthfully Mr. President, I’m not entirely convinced this was ever about smart guns themselves as much as it is a path to government influence in the industry.

I Don’t Trust You

Obama and Hillary, I’m sorry but I just don’t trust you.  I will forever see your attempts to enact “common sense” legislation as a crafty approach to achieving the intent for which you have always stated.  You stated that you want America to be like the UK and Australia and how am I supposed to believe this is anything other than a step down that road.  Those were your words, not mine.  How am I supposed to believe in 10 years that another progressive will not build upon this action and require all guns made in America to be a smart gun?  We know crazy people shouldn’t have guns, but just because you throw the word “common sense” before a back door gun control actions doesn’t make the thought sensical or common.


I’d have more respect for you if you just came right out and said you would want to repeal the 2nd Amendment as at least that is honest.  You want to get rid of guns, I want to keep them, so let’s do this constitution thing just like our founders intended.  But you know you can’t win that battle.  You blame the NRA and try to make them the enemy, but you misperceive this one crucial element.  People don’t want guns because the NRA is strong and powerful.  The NRA is strong and powerful because people want guns. The citizenry wants guns and yet we too want to prevent unecessary gun deaths. The NRA actually has some pretty solid ideas about how to do that as gun supporters have a huge stake in preventing gun deaths that cause others to malign the 2nd.  If preventing gun deaths is the goal then you and the NRA can actually be on the same team unless your goal is something all together different.  As it turns out, there are alredy a couple of gun laws on the books that might help.

The constitution was supposed to be the brick house from preventing the Big Bad Wolf tyranny from dismantling the 2nd Amendment but since many progressive have shown disdain for that document this country needs a collective organization to fight on our behalf.  Mr. Obama, you have not convinced me to purchase a smart gun, but you have just convinced me to become a lifelong member of the NRA.  I will continue to staunchly support the 2nd Amendment on this blog but since it may take a little more than Unprecedented Mediocrity, the NRA gets tagged in.  Skyrocketing gun sales and increased memberships to the NRA will be your legacy on guns sir.  I not afraid to give the President the benefit of the doubt that he is simply a good man with an insanely liberal view on guns, but all the same this little pig will not be letting him into my house.  Oh, and if Goldilocks wants to give it a try that meth-fueled teen on a crime rampage is going to an introduction to the 2nd Amendment as well.

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