Ok, national might be an exaggeration as I most likely will stay within 90 miles of home this week.  However, Lampoon, Week Long, and Staycation accurately describes the coming week for me. If you were born in the past 20 to 25 years and have never seen the National Lampoon vacation movies, then consider your life insufficient.  Vacations are as American as apple pie.  However, vacations cost money, time, and to be honest can often be a lot of work.  So what does one do when they don’t have the money or ability to take an extravagant vacation?  You take a staycation. And that is exactly what I am doing over the next week.


I truthfully love my job. I am blessed to work for a great non-profit that offers great time off benefits.  Moreover, I have a great supportive boss and work with amazing people that make taking a week off an easy task. Despite all that, managing a program in the social services field can take its toll.  Consequently, staying fresh in mind, body, and spirit are an essential element.  To be honest this has been something I neglected for a long portion of my career.

Being a Marine Vet of Iraq, I have pretty much had this attitude of Embrace the Suck. Thus, when things get hard, I just assume that is the way life is supposed to be and any need for time off is just a little whiny.  However, as I get older and busier with family life, I am starting to understand the need for a little mental refreshment.  Not everyone is blessed with an opportunity to take such time off and since I am, I think its something for the sake of those around me that I do so.

The Next Week

So for the next week, a staycation is what I am doing.  I actually sat in a work training today that emphasized the need for self care.  So I took that as a sign and affirmation of my need for a break.  Now, I fully intend to keep writing and blogging this next week.  Writing is actually very therapeutic for me and although this blog is not solely about Veteran issues and I have found great joy in connecting with many Veteran brothers and speaking words into their life through this blog.

So what should I do?  I am very open to suggestions.  If you can think of any ideas that I should embrace during this week long staycation, I am all ears. I plan to knock out a few tasks that have been neglected around the house.  Spend time with the family and let my mind unwind from the daily business of life. Life passes you by quickly, and if you don’t take a little time to act like Ferris Bueler on his day off, then you might be missing the point.  If you don’t know who Ferris is, then google it and emulate.


So that’s it.  This is a quick post, with nothing important to say other than Who’s with me?  Like Will Ferrell wanting to go streaking in Old School, Who’s with me.  Do you need a little time off? Do you need to take some time to unwind and let your mind roam free?  If so, then watch this video and listen to the song below.  If this song doesn’t make you happy then there is no pleasing you.  Either that or you have never seen these movies and you should cancel all plans this weekend until you have done so.  Staycation people.  Its where it is at.  Take your time and be happy.  Life is short by the way.

3 Replies to “My National Lampoon Week Long Staycation”

  1. Do a couple things in the area you wouldn’t normally do….maybe go to Stax, Civil Rights Museum, Ornamental Metal Museum….etc.

  2. I am all for the staycation. There really are great things you can do at home. Heck, it is worth it to take time off when big sporting events happen–Olympics or Superbowl or the Masters or Wimbledon. Sports Extreme Staycations!

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