National Sibling Day

That picture above is just me and one of my brothers having fun.  So apparently today is National Sibling Day if I am to judge from all the retro pictures posted on social media.  Honestly, if I see one more picture of people I know bathing as a child with their sibling I am going to lose it.  But since it is indeed National Sibling Day, let me show you how to do it right and talk about my brothers that bleed green.   Now I know what you are thinking.  You believe this is about to be an ooh rah article about military camaraderie brotherhood and what naught.  Well, you’re right on target brothers. Pew, pew, pew!  So put on your silkies, grab a drink, and throw on your Kevlar, because we are about to go full motto here. And when we are done, you might have to walk around school with a text book in front of your lap if you catch my drift.

All Branches

Now, to be clear I want to emphasize that I am talking about all branches of the military. Yes, you too Coast Guard so stop sulking in the corner and come join the party.  You see, we all in fact bleed green although I suspect the Navy bleeds a shade of turquoise for some reason.  However, being a Marine, it is obviously that about which I can write best.


So when I speak of stepping on the yellow footprints on June 2nd, 1997; I need you other military brothers to just imagine your own version.  Whether it was the first screams of the Drill Sergeant for you Army types or the time they ran out of Lobster for you Air Force boys, I want you to think back to the first moment when you realized your life would never be the same. Take yourself to that moment and breath it all in.

Those were your first birth cries in your new family and appropriately so, those Drill Instructors were about to make us all crap our pants. Those are our baby pictures.  You wouldn’t see us sharing a bathtub together, but in full disclosure you might, however, find 4 Marines crowded around 1 urinal because the Drill Instructors said so!

Green Blood Runs Deep

For myself, I actually do have two blood brothers who bled green as well.  One brother served in the Marines and another in the Army.  My Army brother is actually a good decade older than me and he served in both the Gulf War and Iraq circa 2003.  Coincidentally, we believe after comparing stories that we were likely no more than 500 yards from one another at one point in Al Kut, Iraq and had no idea.  I didn’t see him because Marines typically are not out looking for the Army. But when we do, we usually just look behind us because that is where the Army usually is.  Burn.

Grunts and POGs

Look, I can’t shake it.  I’m sorry, but I promise I am not trying to get all grandiose about it.  But I will forever remember the men with whom I served and the War experience has pretty much just doubled down on that.   Now, just like you can’t honestly be best buds with everyone in your platoon, so too you can’t reasonably expect to know every Veteran in America.  Yet, I find it the oddest thing that it is remarkably easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow Veteran of any era.  It is part of what makes this blog so fun although I don’t write exclusively about military matters.

I have had some Vietnam era vets regularly follow this blog and I truly hang on every word they say.  It is almost as if they were just in another platoon in my very own company.  I know them, but not like the men of my own platoon.  I have had a Korean War vet comment on the blog and I think I am just missing the World War 2 Vets as they may not be as active on social media as others.  But shout out WW2 brothers if you are here!

Military Siblings Endure

The point is though, this whole military brother thing is no joke.  Just look at all the military communities online.  We might honestly spend more time talking to each other here than we do our blood brothers that happen to share the same mother.  And as you can see from this article, we also like to mock each other because that is what brothers do.  And just because I use brother a lot doesn’t mean I have forgotten about our female Veterans.  It just sounds weird saying sister unless you are dressed like a nun.

Moreover, when you say you would lay down your life for your brother, it holds a special meaning within the military community because so many actually have.  It might be the craziest thing one can imagine.  The average military member doesn’t fight in combat with grand strategic vision about the nature of war and its tactics.  No, when you hear the first crack of a bullet whizz by, your head is on a swivel looking out for your brothers.  Not George W. Bush, not Democracy, not even the Statue of Liberty itself.  When you are surviving the streets of Hue City, the rubble of Fallujah, or the Valley of Sangin, you are surviving it with your brothers and at that moment little else matters.  And I’m sorry world, but I’ll remember that more than a game of kickball I played with my brothers growing up any day.

Unprecedented Mediocrity

So the pictures that you see regularly on Unprecedented Mediocrity are just me celebrating my own version of National Sibling Day.  So why not do the same yourself.  Share the article with one of your brothers, post a picture of your brothers in arms, and remember the brothers who laid down their lives for us.  Semper Fi!  Hooah!  Anchor’s Away!  Air Power, honestly Air Force what do you guys yell? And a blub, blub, blub to my Coast Guard brothers as well.  After all, we are family.  So let us enjoy and insult each other as is only right. It’s what we do.

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