Perhaps it is my ever increasing age or just an old man’s soul that longs for days gone by, but I have a greater appreciation for class and dignity with each passing year.  With that in mind, if I told my wife that I was about to purchase a calendar featuring beautiful women she might have me on the couch by the time the sunset.  That is until she saw the calendar of which I spoke.  Pin-Ups for Vets is a veteran-themed non-profit dedicated to changing the quality of life for wounded or ill Veterans through a good old fashioned nostalgic pin-up calendar and I’m absolutely smitten with the concept.  The women featured are indeed beautiful, but you couldn’t call this lust and as for love, my wife gets that unique place in my life.  So smitten is really the only word I could come up with that fits the bill.  I’m smitten with their mission, smitten with how they dress up female Vets with class and dignity, and smitten with their reference to the greatest generation.  In a world where Veteran charities seem to pop up at the drop of a hat, this is one that gets it right for more reasons than one.  Pin-Ups for Vets, you got me, I’m smitten.

The Greatest Generation

Having been a Marine deployed to a war-zone, I get the concept of having pin-up girls.  Surrounded by a world of ugly in war, a pretty face is a welcome sight and that is true whether it is pictures from home or perhaps your classic pin-up girl.  Now, don’t make this dirty people.  You spend months or years away from home and war and tell me you wouldn’t welcome such a sight.  I’ve never seen grown men stare at clean pictures from home for hours a time like I have at war.  Certainly there are some dirty dirty men in war with dirty dirty pictures that would make Dana Carvey’s church lady sad, but that is not of what I speak.  The mere smile of a pretty face or perfume of a classy lady in the midst of a horrible war is far beyond lust, and yet, not quiet love.

Iraq War a Mistake

Pin-Ups for Vets harkens back to a classier time and they live up to that classy reputation.  Their calendar is one that my WW2 Vet Grandpa would be happy to own and that’s not just because my Grandma was a homely looking woman.  Sorry, Maw but its true.  In small town Bolivar, TN I actually attended the same High School as my grandma and when I saw her class picture from the 30’s I thought my Grandpa must have been the last one off the train from Europe and had last pick.  They are both with Jesus now in their glorified bodies, so I can say that.  Sorry, but I simply don’t have time to for you to be offended for my dead Grandma on her behalf.  Deal with it, moving on.


But Paw, as we affectionately called him, was part of a generation we have yet to see rivaled.  Perhaps you might call the founding fathers generation the best in US history what with them having wrote the constitution and all, but they didn’t survive the beaches of Normandy, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.  As far as I’m concerned when you reference World War 2 you have me sold hook line and sinker.  There has been nothing like it both in its ultimate brutality and its ultimate victory.  It has defined warfare itself for over 70 years and I’m smitten that Pin-Ups for Vets would pay homage to our grandparents as such.

The Veteran Charity

I have long written that I think making the word Veteran and Charity synonymous with one another is less than helpful to say the least.  We are not a broken generation of Vets in need of a handout, but that doesn’t mean there are not real ways we can seek to ease the suffering of modern warriors where needed most.  That is why how you approach this Vet Charity business matters all the more and one more reason I’m smitten with Pin-Ups for Vets.

a iraq

There is unimaginable genius in its simplicity.  For they hear there are wounded Vets in the hospital without family and visitors and they think to themselves, “We should go visit them.” But more than just visit, they sit and chat with wounded soldiers who have little other reason to look forward to the day.  It is your classic morale visit and by all accounts, the testimonies of the medical staff say they recognize an instant increase in spirit, demeanor, and mental health.  It’s the smile and the conversation that wins the day.

Again, if you’re a sad wounded and lonely soldier then a chat with a pretty lady goes a long way.  It is absolutely genius in its simplicity.  Pin-Ups for Vets has visited over 10,000 wounded and ill Veterans over the years and I’d like you to find me one who said that wasn’t a good day for them.  That’s not all the charitable endeavors of Pin-Ups for Vets, but this is a charity where you know exactly what you are supporting with your funds.  They even got Max Uriarte from Terminal Lance to pose for a calendar pic although they kept him out of a dress for which the entire vet community is very thankful.

Female Veterans are Veterans Too!

I’m probably as guilty of this as anyone, but when I speak to the Veteran community it is all too easy to just say “brother” and “men.”  Now, I’m not going to change that as when I address the community as “brothers and sisters” it sounds like I should be standing behind a pulpit.  However, I recognize the ladies are being left out and for that I apologize.  But Pin-Ups for Vets has embraced the female Veteran and rightfully so as many of their Pin-Ups are just that.  There is something beautiful about taking female Veterans attempting to move on with this next season of life with a gorgeous nostalgic look.  And here they are visiting an elderly female Veteran if you didn’t have enough reason to love them already.

Bottom line, Pin-Ups for Vets empowers Veterans, supports Veterans, and lifts the spirit of our wounded brothers, and sisters there I said it.  One of the primary ways they fund this powerful and classy mission is through the sale of their annual Pin-Up Calendar.  You won’t find me plugging charities too often on this blog as that is a path fraught with peril.  However, I’m happy to throw my support behind Pin-Ups for Vets as they are not only a classy charity with a top-tier reputation, but I feel like my Paw would be proud.  That’s good ole Buford, aka “Paw” below.


Were he alive today, I’d buy him one in a heartbeat and I even think Maw would be cool with it. I’m going to give you the link below to check them out and perhaps make a contribution, but whether you purchase a calendar or not, send a message of thanks to a group of classy ladies doing their part to move this next generation of Veterans in the path of those who have gone before us.  Neither lust nor love, I’m smitten and you should be too.  Click Here to Check Out Pin-Ups for Vets!

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