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The balls on this lady.  Honestly, I can’t fathom a human being aspiring to lead the free world now lecturing the free world on why it’s their fault she lost.  If you have not seen her interviews or read excerpts from her recent book, “What Happened”, then you need to get ready. Because when despite her desperate pleas to re-write history, never before will you see an honest book cover.  On it is simply the title, “What Happened” and then the author “Hillary Rodham Clinton.”  That’s right, never in the history of literature have you seen both the question and the answer on the cover of a book.  What happened in this election to cause Hillary to lose?  Hillary Rodham Clinton happened and this book reminds us all why.  

It’s Not Feminism

First things first and I have to dismiss the notion that people dislike her because she is woman.  I love women and always have since I first start feeling funny things in my special place.  I married a woman for whom I would lay down my life and she is better than I deserve.  I have two daughters that I hope grow up to be strong independent Godly women.  I just don’t want them to grow up to be like Hillary and nor would I marry Hillary.  This isn’t about some spite for women it’s just a spite for Hillary based on her record of public service.

I don’t like Donald Julius Trump either people.  I wouldn’t let me daughters intern for him in the White House and nor do I hope they marry a man like Donald Trump as rich as he may be. This was a choice between two individuals and people seemed to dislike Donald Trump less than Hillary.  Let that sink in for a minute.  For all the reasons that exist to dislike Trump somehow Hillary out does him there. That’s not a slap in the face to women that’s a slap in the face to one woman.

It harkens far back to her days helping Bill win the Presidency.  Anyone remember when she mocked stay at home moms who take care of kids and bake cookies? My wife stays at home lady and she makes amazing cookies. It carries on to her move to New York in order that she might basically swipe a Senate seat.  Fast forward to her banging on the desk in the Benghazi hearings saying “what does it matter” as Congress tried to explore the unnecessary deaths of 4 Americans. Moving to her inexplicable lies about a private server and emails hidden and bleached from the public record and you get one remarkably unlikable candidate. So let’s get into the book.

Now I’m Certain I Don’t Like Her

To be clear I didn’t buy the book as I am not a fan of making people who got rich in public service a lot richer. However, for someone who did indeed somehow get rich being a public servant to look that same public in the eye and blame them for her loss is infuriating.  She went on to say that she could not forgive people who apologized to her for not voting.  She went on to blame Obama for not supporting her more.  She went on to blame Vladimir Putin even though we know he didn’t change any votes.  She went on to blame Bernie Sanders and his audacious move to run in his party’s primary.  She went on to blame sexism and she went on to blame James Comey.  With that, I’d have join Doc below and say now I’m sure of it. 

Listen, I admit that it was a tough choice for Comey to come forward with the renewed investigation. However, it’s not his fault that Hillary’s top aide married a pervy Weiner.  That’s right.  Top aide Huma Abedin married Anthony Weiner and the Weiner was apparently inclined to showing his Weiner to underage girls. So when the FBI investigated his laptop lo and behold they found the emails that were supposed to have never existed. What was the man supposed to do?  

He had just testified to Congress and made public statements that all was done and over.  Then, thanks to her pervy inner circle it was not over anymore. That’s not James Comey’s fault. Madame Clinton that’s just bad luck. Bad luck that revealed a new chapter in your secret private server that you literally destroyed with a hammer to keep from falling into the wrong hands.  A criminal can bemoan his luck of robbing an off duty officer all he wants but that doesn’t excuse his criminality.  No private server, no Weiners showing Weiners and the whole Comey thing never happened.

In Conclusion

I’m certain of it now for sure.  I don’t like Hillary Clinton.  Despite the fact that I was not a Trump fan I disliked her so much I decided to feel the Johnson. The balls on this lady to act like she was entitled to the Presidency like it was her turn. Don’t try and say it’s just because she was a woman and this personality would be applauded in a man.  The truth is that Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher.  Just look at how likable this iron lady is giving men the business.

Man I wish we had those style debates in Congress. The point is that Hillary Clinton is what happened and it’s not the first time.  It was Hillary that ushered in the first African American nominee and future President.  And it was Hillary that ushered in the first Orange President. The lady might win the Senate in a liberal packed New York state but the country just doesn’t like her and these interviews remind us of why.  I like the Taxation is Theft lady from LOLBERTY below more!

It’s cool Hillary get on with it.  You should be in jail but now you get to still be rich and spend the millions you somehow made while being a public servant.  But please spare the country your righteous indignation.  You were never entitled to the job and you are 0-2 for a reason. What Happened? Hillary Rodham Clinton happened.  

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3 Replies to “I Never Liked Hillary but I Like Her Even Less After Her Book”

  1. You picked a great clip there Jeff. Most of the men in Parliament fancied Margaret Thatcher, as well as being terrified of her at the same time. She had more cojones than all of them. She faced down the communist backed and financed unions that had been allowed to ruin the country for far too long with previous Socialist governments connivence. The ‘ Special Relationship ‘ between America and Great Britain was never stronger than when Thatcher and Reagan teamed up, helping in no small manner to ending the Cold War. Every British Prime Minister since her, has been either a weak kneed limp wristed conservative ( small ‘c’ ), or a full blown socialist traitor ( Blair/Brown ).
    I can see some of her traits in Trump ( I’m not his greatest fan either, but the alternative is far too horrible to contemplate ), I just wish he’d take a twitter sabbatical.
    I saw this guy on YT earlier, he kind of chimes with what you’re saying.
    PS. Did you get a ghostwriter for this piece? It was quite polished. ;~)

    1. I love the way you guys debate in Parliament. As far as it being polished I think I just got lucky this time on the grammar!

  2. Hey bro. So… I voted for HRC (don’t shoot me). The thought of what we have now is insane and everyday I wake up hoping it’s a nightmare, but it’s not. Nevertheless… When I first heard the title, “what happened?” I yelled, she lost! That’s what happened. And my husband almost spit out his drink. There’s no reason re-litigating this situation, especially since she refuses to take any responsibility for her part in her loss. Yes, the media bought into the Trump spin machine, and good God Comey…
    But, she didn’t have a clear message. She refused to acknowledge the email situation. She underestimated how important Benghazi was. And all the stupid Republican commissions successfully kept the story in the news cycle. She was a little too smug about it. People died. Can’t be smug about that.
    And while she is super de-duper smart, she’s not likable. And this is where I think sexism does come in to play. Women leaders have to be likable or so fierce that they put the fear of God in you like Thatcher. HRC is neither, and men don’t get judged like that. Before the unprecendented crew calls me out on this, when was the last time, you saw a male Senator get thrown out of the a meeting because they were talking, or censored because a witness refused to answer their questions. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have both been “put in their” by their male counterparts. Meanwhile, males can go all off the deep end- and no says a thing. So, we can’t pretend like sexism isn’t there. But, its not the reason she lost, not even close, less than 5%.

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