With arms crossed and an unprecedentedly mediocre skeptical look on my face, I stood among the thousands of roaring and cheering Trump supporters in Spokane, Washington.  At his signature catch phrases, the crowd would erupt in jubilee and yet, there I stood arms crossed.  Perhaps that is why halfway through the rally two Secret Service agents approached off my back left shoulder and stood for about 10 minutes.  I’m sure they were just doing their routine jobs, but out of nerves I almost yelled “Build the Wall” just to throw off their scent.  Fortunately, for all I wasn’t there to protest or cause trouble although my mind was constantly flooded with the absurd actions I could conduct on camera in order to gain a little public attention for this blog.  Were you ever to see a slightly pudgy bearded man dragged out by police for incessantly doing the truffle shuffle during the entire speech you will know that caution did not get the better of me and there is an empty flask somewhere on the convention floor.  But out of respect for those who attended I listened, took in the experience, and came to the conclusion that I like Donald Trump.

Still #NeverTrump

Before that causes you too much grief I should also reassure you that I will still not be voting for Donald Trump in November.  But I have to tell you that the guy is a hoot!  That entire rally was a blast from beginning to end and if you ever go to one you will have a great time.  I had some great conversations with fellow like-minded conservative people, fellow Veterans, and Donald’s tangent rants had me on the edge of my seat for what was coming next.  Despite being one of the few people without a Trump banner, button, or shirt this bearded white man felt oddly at home in the crowd. But more about that later.


And yet, this is where we diverge.  Like Luke Skywalker at the end of Return of the Jedi, I throw down my light saber and respond to Trump with “You have failed your Highness. I’m a Jedi, like my father before me.”  I didn’t go there to be tempted and truthfully at no point did I truly consider voting for Donald, but after the rally I get the enthusiasm and I get the appeal.  If you are just 50 percent #NeverTrump and you attend a rally, I promise you’ll be chopping off Darth Vader’s head and helping the Emperor hide the body as you take your rightful place by his side.


The event is intoxicating and I had a really great time.  There were many young people there and a part of me was happy to see youth getting invovled in politics with such enthusiasm.  However, if you are not ready for the temptation that will come then perhaps you just hang back with Yoda at the swamp and practice your Jedi Stuff.

Trump Supporters are Not Idiots and Racists

As I sat watching the protestors, I started chatting it up with a young Trump supporter smoking a cigarette.  I told him the truth that I’m actually not a Trump supporter and just came to take in the experience.  When he asked for whom I am voting I said likely whoever the Libertarian candidate turns out to be.  He shook his head in approval while taking a drag of his cigarette and said, “Ahh Bernie Sanders huh.”  I looked that young man dead in the eye and said, “Yes son, Bernie Sanders” as I hit the abort button on that conversation and resumed pondering the spectacle you see before you.


Perhaps that man could have benefitted from an immediate education, but ain’t nobody got time for that.  However, this particular man was not representative of the broader crowd.  Yes, just based off the overheard conversations both idiots and racists were indeed present in ample supply.  But I simply can’t simplify the crowd in such a manner.  There were many high-level and well thought out debates taking place and the broader mass of people who support Trump are just not so easily caricatured.

Rather there was a sense that between the train wreck that is the Black Lives Matter movement, illegal immigrants from Mexico, and Islamic terrorist that someone has done gone and pissed off the white people in America.  But it wasn’t necessarily racist as there are merited arguments against BLM, an open border, and keeping terrorist out.  And then there was the Trump supporter who yelled at a Latino protestor to “Get a job, learn English, Go back Home” despite the fact that she spoke perfect English and it was a Saturday afternoon where she likely had the weekend off.  The simple fact is that Donald Trump is the only one giving voice to that anger and both intellectually honest white people and racists have put up camp here.

An Honest Case for Never Trump

All that to say, #NeverTrump means never and I am as convinced as ever that Donald Trump would be a poor President with a fascinatingly low floor for how bad it can get.  During his speech, the guy showed about as much depth as one would assume.  Now, it made for great entertainment and again it made me actually want to have dinner with the guy as he sounds like a riot.  But at no point did it appear he had followed any of his thoughts out to fruition.  Imagine any of us being obligated for just 24-hours to do and say the first thing that pops in our heads without restraint.  Such a world would be absolutely hilarious were not likely to devolve into “The Purge” in about 30 minutes.  Humility, restraint, and empathy are characteristics that could save our nation when in the hands of the President.

The Purge Election Year

The sum of Donald Trump’s life and wealth seems to have produced what you see before you and I’d rather not find out what happens when you give such a man the keys to the most powerful nation on the planet.  The truth is that you have no idea what you are really going to get with Donald Trump and once we know for sure it will be too late.  Ladies and Gentlemen of America, I don’t care how sweet she is and if she says the right things at the bar, if you take Caitlyn Jenner home for the evening, brother you are in for a surprise.  I’ve seen and heard enough of Donald Trump that while I understand his appeal, I am convinced that once the election is over some industrial strength duct tape is going to loosen up and reveal that America is in for a really painful 4 years.

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4 Replies to “This #NeverTrump Guy Went to a Trump Rally and I’ll Admit It, I Like the Guy”

  1. I’m going to vote for him on the principle that Congress won’t work with him at the least and at best will work to take back some power from the executive. But that’s just my theory. Having an understanding of statistics, I just can’t bring my self to vote for a third party, it’s effectively voting for whichever candidate I would least prefer of the two from the main parties.

  2. All of us that are voting for a third party this term know that a third party candidate will not win this time around. The point is that now is the time to give a viable third party (Libertarian is probably the best option out of all of them) a shot at the 2020 election cycle.

    The point is, I (as well as many others) can’t stomach a vote for either Clinton or Trump. I fully believe that Trump will win the popular vote, but Clinton will beat him in the electorate count. (Never mind my tin-foil hat belief that Trump is merely running to get his BFF into office)

    But if a third party can just get 5% of the popular vote or even a electoral vote or two, it will open up a whole slue of possibilities (and money) for future elections and may just be the only shot at limiting Clinton part deux to one term.

  3. That is probably the most fair assessment of Trump anyone can expect from someone dead set against him. I respect your right to hold a different view of him, even as I disagree with your Darth Sideous correlation. Most of all, I appreciate the recognition that Trump supporters aren’t all just angry, bigoted, racist, zenophobic assholes. Now maybe if you attended a couple more rallies…. mwah hahaha!

    1. No more rallies! I’m only human and if he promises me he can save Padme I might be done for!

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