To be clear, I am decidedly pro-life. Then again, I am also pro-choice because, who is against either life or choice. So perhaps a more clear picture of our positions are necessary to understand the current abortion debate swirling around the state of New York. I’ve seen the ultrasounds of my children. The beating heart is one of the first things they show you. Then, many weeks later in what is a terrible invasion of privacy for wee ones, they zoom in on their private parts. Perhaps we should be organizing a #BabyMeToo movement, but it helps to know the gender. I have then gone on to see those alien looking creatures in my wife’s tummy go on to become my two daughters and son. I now know each of their personalities, have seen their budding interests and have loved watching them behold the wonder and mystery of life. To have aborted them at any point in the process would have been to end all that. Given the size and scope of the universe, the creation of life itself is a remarkably rare event. In each aborted baby, a galactic miracle was stopped in its tracks. It is to rob the universe of a life and nothing else. Yet, I know many good hearted people who support a woman’s right to choose an abortion. You do too and it is perhaps that it is such a touchy topic that we just don’t talk about often. That being said, New York’s abortion law that allows an abortion all the way up until birth if the mom and doctor agree is a bridge too far for me. I can sup and dine with you if you are pro-choice. If you applaud robbing the universe of a life a week before it was to be then I say good day to you sir. This is simply a bridge too far and I’m praying more of my “pro-choice” friends are as appalled as I am. For otherwise, this is an unbridgeable gap between us.

You Never go Full Infanticide

I’ve been very open to a wide range of political positions as the libertarian-ish person in me says people can think and feel what they want. This is true even of the pro-choice friends I have. While I still mourn their position, it is not that I don’t understand their view on women’s health and the right to determine the course of their own body. While I disagree, I think many of these people have truly adopted the view that this is not a life and it is merely a fetus as the medical term indicates. Personally I think that is kind of like calling a Vietnamese human a Gook, because Gooks are easier to shoot than humans. Yet, I know too many good hearted pro-choice people to believe that they all have evil in their hearts. Most have never had an abortion and never would, but they are stuck on the political angle and they simply don’t think a “fetus” rises to the level of individual rights more than the mother. I disagree, but fine. Consider again the size and scope of the universe and what a terrible tragedy it is to end one of this exceptionally rare events.

I don’t pursue the abortion issue regularly as a political one because I do think it is an issue of the heart rather than the ballot box. Political will is a lagging indicator of the citizenry heart rather than a leading indicator. We don’t change our hearts after hearing the views of politicians first. Rather, the moral compass of a nation shifts and slowly but surely the political landscape will reflect this reality. This is true of the left and the right. If you don’t believe me, then look at the Republican Party. You can love Trump if you want to, but you have to admit that the “moral majority” that fueled the GOP for decades has made a few concessions on the ethical qualifications to be President. Why? Did Trump lead us here? No, rather the citizenry cares less about marital fidelity and integrity now than ever before. Politics has caught up with the waning moral compass of a nation.

The Heart of New York State

Back to my pro-choice friends, many of you are in support of this New York law because you point out it must be made in consultation with a medical provider. What such doctor would allow a 39 week old baby to be injected full of poison and sucked out you say? Well, what such doctor would prescribe opiods at will to a knowing addict? Yet, it occurs. What doctor would possibly do such a thing? A baby at 36 weeks is more than viable and long before that. In what scenario would it be necessary to kill a viable baby? Then why pass this law? Why make it possible? At 38 weeks a doctor can perform a c-section to open up the universe to another one of its rare creations or it can kill it in the state of New York. That is appalling. That is what this law has allowed and it is morally bankrupt. I cannot fathom who would do such a thing and to make it legal scares me for the heart of this nation. For if political will is a lagging indicator on the nation’s heart then good lord what is coming next?

This is a bridge too far for me. I can walk in sadness among my pro-choice friends because I know we aren’t close to the political will to change abortion and as such, nowhere near the heart to do so. Yet, we live in community so we do our best to live together among our many differences. However, for those who support the killing of a baby up until birth I look at you with the same horror as I do when father has been found to beat his newborn baby two months after birth. I weep at the life robbed from the universe when a crackhead mother shakes her infant baby causing lifelong brain injury. Yes, I rise up with righteous anger at a 38 week old baby being killed in the womb all the same. This is a bridge too far and I cannot commune with you as there are some sort of people not worth associating with in this life.

In Conclusion

I don’t think this article will change either the political will of America or its heart. Rather, in future times I just want my children to know that I spoke up against a great evil in my day. I didn’t change the world, but nor was I silent while precious, rare, and unique life was robbed from the universe. Speaking of kids, that picture above is actually my son. I don’t think you can see his wang, so he can’t be mad at me later for this picture. He is four years old now and you might not can tell it from that picture but he is a handful. He is stubborn and obstinate and yet, can be so sweet and loving at the same time. He likes PJ Mask, always only eats the icing off a cupcake and likes to dance and shake his booty at the people in line at the grocery store to get a laugh. He takes after his mother I presume. There are many children, but this one is mine. Come near him with ill intent and you’ll get every bit of wrath this old Marine has left in him. Come near him at 39 weeks, 38 weeks, 37 weeks or beyond and you will still get that wrath for he was always my son. To have taken that viable life for any reason would have been to rob the universe of every bit of his uniqueness. You can call him a fetus in that picture if you want, but I know he was then, is now and always will be my precious Wyatt. Any pro-choice citizen who supports the killing of babies up until birth has crossed a bridge too far for me to sup with you any longer. We know we are hearing from the pro-life camp regarding this new law, but reassure me America and please let the voices of the pro-choice camp call a blatant evil an evil. Tell me that for you too, this is a bridge too far.

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  1. Well written. A very thoughtful look at “pro-choice” people that while “logically” supporting the law would not actually use/benefit from the law.

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