The Next President is Going to Make Obama and Bush Look Like George Freaking Washingtons


Last week, Mr. Trump went to Mexico to speak with their President about the wall and came away unable to get the dude to even pay for his own lunch.  Seriously, that happened as the Mexican President sat down with Trump, looked him in the eye, and said I’m not paying for this food.  And good grief, I even assume it was Mexican food which is what, $7.99 for a Speedy Gonzales lunch combo? Trump’s rhetoric on forcing Mexico to pay for the wall has actually bolstered Mexican Nationalism to the point that their leader has the balls to look our potential President in the eye and say, “Buy my lunch Hessay.”  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was reported to have told the FBI she didn’t know what they letter “C” meant on a confidential document.  That is the head of State Department telling the FBI she just assumed it was a way to categorize paragraphs by letter.  I told this to a Clinton supporter friend of mine who deals with various security clearances and he laughed at the mere notion of it.  Why do I get the feeling it’s 3AM in club, we are looking a President friend to take home, and these two are literally the last two girls in the club?  Many a terrible decision have started that way and despite all the partisan bickering about Bush and Obama, I fear this nation is about to find out what a truly terrible president looks like in the morning.  When the 3AM election goggles wear off I think both left and right are going to be terrified at to whom and what they woke up beside.

It’s Actually Getting Worse By the Minute

If you can suspend instantaneous partisan rhetoric, I think even supporters of both Trump and Hillary at least kind of recognize the risk of this themselves because both candidates seem to be making it worse by the minute. Even the most adamant Trump supporters who honestly believes Trump has a higher ceiling as President than I do will also admit there is a decent risk the floor is pretty low for how bad it could get if they are wrong.  It’s a gamble they are willing to take because the alternative is Hillary.  And I’m not just talking national security matters, but it’s his position on gun rights after the first mass shooting and other conservative positions he picked up just two years ago.


Meanwhile, he is learning that rhetoric matters in international affairs more than domestic policy.  I don’t think Mexicans mind the notion of an actual wall as much as the insulting rhetoric that Trump was going to bend them over and make them pay for it.  Over the next 4 years, what Trump does and says when Putin starts pushing into the Baltic States, China actually starts shooting in the South China Sea, and Kim Jong Un parks a ballistic sub off the coast of California is going to matter greatly.  If I asked you if Trump has the potential to be the worst President in 200 years would you be honest enough to at least give me a, “possibly?”  If you do I’ll still let you vote for Trump anyway.  I’m doing my best as a blogger to stay out of it because I’m honestly over the 2016 election already.  But just like Michael Corleone when I think I’m out they pull me back in.


It’s Still Getting Worse

Hillary Clinton is not any better people and I have a message to Hillary supporters to prove it.  This email scandal is ridiculous and you turning a blind eye to it because you either like the woman or just fear Trump is an atrocious miscarriage of justice.  This is about good governance, the rule of law, and citizens holding those we pay to lead us accountable.  Listen, I’ll let you give the Presidency in 2016 to any other Democrat in the land if you would just not give it to Hillary.  I’ll even let you reincarnate FDR for a 5th term if you will just assess this scandal honestly.  The lady said she didn’t know what the “C” meant on confidential emails that she previously said didn’t exist on a private server which exposed state secrets while she was hiding from government accountability that could hurt her chances to become one of the worst Presidents in 200 years.  Did I miss anything?  Oh look, it’s average 2016 American voter below pondering their options.


I am truly dumbfounded that she is either 1, not indicted, or 2, just completely discredited by her supporters because they know she is lying to the FBI.  She is trying to play the role of old grandmother who just wanted to connect to the internet for the first time ever and I don’t even think her supporters are buying it.  They just don’t want Trump. Look at sweet old maw maw up there struggling with that nice expensive blackberry.  Face it Hillary Clinton supporters, this is going to be a scandal-plagued administration because history would suggest that Hillary Clinton either lacks the competence or character to avoid it.  She is the one who keeps dragging you into these scandals, not me and we haven’t even touched the Clinton Foundation yet.  In fact, one of Barrack Obama’s only major scandals actually came courtesy of Hillary Clinton.

History Will Judge Us for 2016

When people scoff at my vote for Gary Johnson by telling me, “You have to vote for the lesser of two evils,” I shout back in response, “Why the hell did we nominate two evils!”  That seemed like a really bad idea.  While I am still decidedly conservative I find myself dreading the next 4 years more than I lamented anything that occurred over the past 8.  Face it people, in light of what waits ahead, Barrack Obama was not that bad and certainly neither was Bush.  This is bad and I have that feeling America is on top of a 4-year roller coast, ready for a descent, and I’m actually nervous of what awaits.

obama washington

Meanwhile, George W Bush who is a man still loved by many conservatives refuses to endorse Donald Trump. Literally, no one alive who has ever actually done the job of President is endorsing Donald Trump to do it.  Whether you are conservative or liberal, I think we will be missing Bush and Obama in 4 years like never before and I hope we take our medicine well.  I know many have to put up a front that they are enthusiastically behind their guy or gal, but I know too many on both sides to actually believe it.  We are all literally worried.  I could be wrong and Trump could turn out to be ok, but it’s that bottom floor that keeps worrying me because the dude might literally break planet earth.  Hillary and Trump are the two major party contenders and may the ghost of Bea Arthur’s panties have mercy on us all.

I’m going to keep #FeelingtheJohnson, but I am not delusional enough to bet a month’s salary that it’s likely.  Actually, last month was a slow month writing so I might actually do that.  I do sell ads on this blog, so if you want your product in front this fine intellectually honest audience each month hit me up.  I don’t do pop-up ads because I hate them enough myself not to do that to people.  Or you can just send me money for nothing because I like money.  Here we go America, the Presidential roller coaster of the next 4 years is reaching the top of the first hill ready to drop and I am absolutely terrified.  George Washington, where have you gone.  Bush and yes, Obama, where have you gone.  Even that one dude who died of Pneumonia after a month in office, come on back brother, we need you.

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