For all my misgivings about Trump, and there are many and well documented, I’ve got to give a little credit where credit is due.  Kim Jong Un is an insane angry little fat kid who compensates for his missing chromosomes with nuclear weapons.  He rules via a reign of terror and while human nature means we all start with a fallen heart, Kim Jong Un has a greatest tyrants of history type evil about him mixed with a good bit crazy.  And sometimes, you just have to fight crazy with a little crazy of your own.  Donald Julius Trump is unpredictable, prone to rash decisions, and is unafraid to double down on his words be they true or not.  I’m here to tell you that only such a man can stop North Korea.  Don’t take that as an insult to Trump as I really mean it.  No one, and I mean no one, truly knows what Trump is going to do with North Korea.  Any other President starts stacking aircraft carriers off the coast and Kim Jong Un can safely call their bluff.  Not so with Donald Trump.  Only Nixon could go to China and only Trump can make this threat seem credible.  And in a crazy world, perhaps a little crazy of our own is indeed an asset.

Fight Crazy with Crazy

I don’t know if you have ever had the chance to fight or wrestle a person truly on the verge of insanity, but it’s no joke my friends.  Having spent 13 years in the mental health field, I have had to do it on multiple occasions and it’s rough.  First of all they are stronger than they seem as they draw their strength from the depths of hades I presume.  Then there is the spitting, the drool, occasional bodily fluids from down yonder and more.  Scratching, biting, weird contortions that seem like a lost ancient art of grappling that would baffle Royce Gracie himself.  If you haven’t wrestled or fought legit crazy then you just need to ask a cop.  It’s no joke.  Just take a look at this guy.

It’s why if when I’m out with my wife and some dude insults her in front of my face I’ll walk over, slap him across the face with a glove, and challenge him to a round of fisticuffs.  But if a dude twitching at the eye and speaking to the voices around him calls my mother a whore I’m going to let it slide.  Because you literally don’t know what that dude is going to do and fighting crazy is no joke.  That’s the beauty of Trump in this day and age.

Kim Jong Un has reveled behind that type of protection because the world thinks he is crazy.  I don’t know how crazy he is as there might just be reasoned sadism in his heart.  Kim threatens the world, calls our mother’s whores, and we just pull our wives next to us and keep walking.  Trump’s the guy that stops and says, “what did you say to me?”  Closing distance, Trump then says “Loco, you think you’re loco, I’ll show you what loco is hombre.”  And you know what, I think it just might work.

War with North Korea is a Bad Idea

Because here’s the thing, war with North Korea is actually a horrible idea.  Yes we would win but there could be nuclear fallout as a result.  And yet, war might just be the best option among a sea of bad.  You just need someone crazy enough to pull the trigger for it to be credible.  Trump is stacking military assets around North Korea and I believe he might actually use them.  And the cool thing has to be that Kim Jong Un can’t just dismiss it like he could from every President before him.

The real question is whether Kim Jong Un is a survivalist interested in the preservation of his own way of life.  If he just wants to live his tyrant way of life, get fat, visit his concubines and play video games then the dude has to back down.  Because despite the rhetoric of a merciless mighty attack with great proportions to reign hot fire down upon the enemy, dude has to know he can’t win.  He’s got to be the guy who thought he was crazy until he met real crazy.  Donald Julius Trump may not be crazy, but I don’t think anyone in the world can say this is merely a bluff.  Trump heard the rhetoric from crazy Kim and just stopped walked over and said, “What did you say hombre?”  So what now?

Conflict is Inevitable

If a peaceful solution ever presents itself out of this crisis, it will be because the threat from Donald Trump was credible.  I don’t blame Trump as if I got my own personal James Mattis guard dog I’d walk around the neighborhood like I was the toughest S.O.B as well.  If conflict arises, you can be certain the military will be let loose to win.  And I’m telling you, only Trump could have pulled this off and I do mean that as a compliment to him.  Sure other Presidents have their only moments as well.  Nixon had China and only Barrack “George McFly” Obama could have gone to Cuba and only he could have walked away with a photo like this.

You can be rest assured if Trump does meet with Kim Jong Un and has a photo op, the tall Trump will tower over the little man and whisper one more time, “What did you say hombre?”  I still have my misgivings about Trump, but in dealing with crazy I think Trump is dead on the money.  Only a credible threat can bring peace and should peace fail, only an unleashed military will win the day.  Donald Julius Trump, thank you for having that twinge of crazy to deal with crazy.  And remember my friends, you don’t fight crazy unless you have a little crazy of your own.

If You’ve Ever Wrestled a Crazy Person Like the UM Page Below.  If you Haven’t then you might be the crazy person.

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