I love the movie Forrest Gump.  Really I do, I think its one of the best movies I have ever seen.  No matter how much my wife makes fun of me, and she does, I will literally watch it every time I see it on TV.  In fact, when I was in China, I even bought a bootleg copy off the street for like 3 bucks.  Every block in China there is a stand of bootleg movies, at least in 2004 there were.  That was a decade ago so I think the statute of limitation is up on any criminal liability on that, but if not then just kidding I made that part up.  But all the same, I love this movie.  It’s one of the few movies that will actually make my eyes sweat.

Not only will I watch this movie every time it is on, but I will watch this movie at any point in the movie it is already at.  Braces falling off running scene, good to go.  Vietnam Bubba dies scene, great place to start.  Whether its ping pong, shrimping, running, or sitting on the bench, if the movie is on, any place is a great place to pick up watching. At various points, I started wondering why this is the case. Why exactly is it that a movie which clearly has some chronological storytelling going on can compel me to jump in and participate regardless of where the story may be.  It eventually dawned on me, but we will get to that point in a minute.

In my years as a member of Facebook, its been interesting to see the debate that takes place on social media regarding political issues, current events, or even religious matters.  If anything, I have come to the following conclusion; American’s liked each other a lot better before they knew what each other thought about every issue.  Not only do I know what my friends think about the major issues of our day, but thanks to the plethora of Facebook quizzes, I even know which 80’s wrestler they would be.  Don’t make me de-friend you because you are really the Iron Shiek in disguise.  Camel clutch or not, I have standards.

However, I have personally witnessed this process of Facebook personality revelation take place first hand.  On both sides of the issue, I have watched what appeared to be friends for years, react with horror when said friend posts a political or social opinion that the other just can’t live with.  You would think the person just found out their friend was secretly a Nazi SS prison guard.  Now this is not to say that those who continue to read my blogs, and you should, will not in someway be offended by something I type or say.  However, my blog is just about where I am at.  It’s not about where I am trying to get you, or the need to be right, but rather the need to convey where I am at on things and to let that do to you what it may.  However, so many people in life that you will encounter are so sure they know where you need to be that they have no respect for where you are in that process.

And that’s why I love Forrest Gump.  The movie is awesome no matter where its at because the movie is in no hurry to get anywhere. Gump is living life in every phase of his life by just being.  What, are you in a hurry to get to the end where Jenny dies?  Granted, Jenny was kind of drag on Forrest and that whole scene where she sneaked into his room, stole his seed and then disappeared with their newly created child was slightly disturbing.

But the movie began with a feather and ends with a feather.  In the middle was just Gump doing what Gump does.  Great stuff.  The guy accomplishes much by just being and not trying to get anywhere.  You know that future you envision where everything is awesome?  Guess what,  that future day is 24 hours just like today.  So all I am saying is be like Forrest Gump.   His Drill Sergeant was right, He might be a gosh-darned Genius.

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  1. Well you know there hasen’t been a sequel, cause not only did she steal his seed, but gave him AIDS and he’s dead

    1. Great point, Great point. Sorry the comment got held up in moderation all night, I’m still figuring the blog stuff out. But your right, now that Forrest is likely gone, little Forrest is probably living with his Uncle Dan right now.

  2. Thanks Mr. Clark, I appreciate the view and support! Adam’s share got me a view and comment!

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