I’ve never supported the candidacy of Donald from the moment of his campaign’s inception to the day he sailed through the election grabbing women one kit kat at a time.  The infamous wall seemed expensive and remarkably ineffective.  His propensity to mock and deride those who spoke against him seemed unbecoming of the oval office.  Although, I did follow his campaign strategy to become commissioner of my fantasy football league, so, thanks for that.  I doubted his conservative credentials, what with him being a Democrat like 2 years ago and all.  I thought the fact that a brilliant tyrant like Vladimir Putin had picked Trump as his BFF was concerning for all the reasons I’m simply not smart enough to understand.  Trump’s demonization of the press gave my chills of tyranny when he threatened to open up libel laws against them.  He promised easy solutions to complicated problems, was given a pass time and time again for blatant falsehoods, and for the love of sweet baby Jesus will someone please take his Twitter account away.  And it is with that great conviction I write now to the electors of the Electoral College and ask you to please, pretty please, cast your votes for Donald Trump.  Because everything you just read above, well, it’s just like my opinion man.

A Bloodless Revolution Must Be Heeded

I’ve never supported the man, but when the Electoral College meets on December 19th Donald J. Trump will have my unequivocal support.  Now lest you think I’m just jumping on the bandwagon, on December 20th I will return to my pledge to hold the man accountable for the office in which he will now hold.  However, rather than issuing warnings and prophecy about the man I will genuinely and optimistically hope for the best.  But more than fear Trump, I fear an America which no longer possesses the ability to heed the call of a bloodless revolution.  And simultaneously, 3 percenters across this nation just went:


Stand down gentlemen, I’m not giving you the green light to go pew pew pew on your fellow countrymen.  Were the Electoral College to deny Donald Trump it would be completely within the bounds of the Constitution for them to do so.  We cannot take an oath to defend it with our right hand and flip it off with our left.  Either the Constitution means something or it does not.


Yes, the Constitution specifically gave power to States with the intent that smaller ones would not be nullified by the larger.  And yes, the Constitution, affirmed by writings of our founders, intended the electors to serve as a final prophylactic preventing the inception of tyranny in our nation’s highest office.  But neither of them were ever meant to squash, suppress, and deny the American people the bloodless revolution of their choosing.  The unexpected election of Donald Trump is not about the candidate my friends, it’s about whatever this movement seems to be that is sweeping not just America, but the world.  The election of Donald Trump was a bloodless revolution springing forth from heartland America and it must be heeded.  I may not like it, you may not like it, but you electors need to regulate, mount up, and give the revolution its voice.

Hey Electors, You Ain’t so Smart and Stuff

Who died and made electors the smartest people on the planet?  Or moreover, who died and made electors the great voice of moral conscience in America.  I don’t care what anyone is saying, these electors were nominated under the premise that they would vote as their State wished.  No one thought Donald Trump was going to win the primary, much less the election, so don’t tell me you walked into this thing believing you were going to be called to “save your country.”  I’m not buying your hoity toity rhetoric about what you can and can’t do.  Plus, that Trump is unqualified to be President is well, that’s like your opinion man.

I have a similar opinion personally, but I recognize where opinion ends and the will of the people begins.   I think Trump could be a fiery plane clash, but if everyone else on the plane is convinced Stevie Wonder makes the best pilot then at least bring the drink cart by one more time and then hit the gas Stevie.  But it is my opinion and not one I feel so strongly about so as to deny my fellow man their bloodless and constitutional revolution.  He is surrounding himself with smart people ahem Mattis, so what the hell, let’s do this.  Be it a disaster even, it’s one America must see play out.


Elections are the steam safety relieve valves which release the pressure for social change in America.  Pressure builds year after year and just when the country feels like it is on the brink of exploding, the whistle goes off and the revolutionary steam is released.  This brilliantly set mechanism by our founders is one reason why I never really jumped into the 3 percenter movement.  Philosophically I agree that Patriots should guard against tyranny, I just think that it works itself out if you let the constitution do its thing.  That is, unless some hoity toity elector starts to really believe he is something he is not.  You ain’t so smart and much like this blog, all your anti-Trump rhetoric is just like your opinion man.

In Conclusion

Can you imagine if President Obama was denied the Presidency because the electoral college didn’t think America was ready for the man?  Conservatives might cheer the notion, but not this one.  For I see Obama’s election as a revolution of its own variety and you must heed the bloodless revolutions our elections put out from time to time.  America can survive Trump, but I’m not entirely sure we can survive without him as our President now.  What are 62 million Americans, 30 States, and thousands of counties who supported Trump to do when the establishment comes in at the 11th hour and says, “just kidding, maybe next time we will let you have a voice.”


To this group of so called “Hamilton Electors” plotting a coup, you ain’t so special.  What makes you better than anyone in that room above?  You are nothing more than a kid who volunteered to be Hall Monitor who is now imbued with power through circumstances beyond your control.  Alexander Hamilton wrote that the electors were to be men of good judgement who could save this nation, but what makes you any better than the 62 million who elected this man President?  Yes, you have the constitutional authority to throw chaos into the streets but just keep in mind you will be doing it all over something that is like, well your opinion man.  I share that opinion but at least I have the human decency to keep it on a blog. I support Donald Trump on December 19th, but after that he’ll be getting the full Bea Arthur treatment I regularly dish out here.  Hey electors, you ain’t so special.

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