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Who are you again? This is honestly my initial response to you Mr. Savage.  You see this is only my second open letter since I started blogging.  However, as I understand it, I can simply title this an open letter and the whole world knows I am talking to Michael Savage.  Whether or not you actually read this letter is not really my problem.  I actually wasn’t planning to blog about a Veteran issue today.  No, this is a blog about stuff after all and I’m sure I could have worked up a riveting post on kittens today.  However, you see I couldn’t help but notice the news today that you had some less than favorable things to say about Veterans suffering from PTSD.  I think to put it in your terms, you said that these Veterans were “weak”, “narcissistic”, and “losers”.  You then went further to double down on these claims by saying, “No Wonder ISIS can defeat our military.” To all these claims, I can’t help but still have the initial response of, “Who are you again?”


While I may not be sure who you are exactly despite your fame, let me respond by introducing you to the men and women you defame with your voice, namely, Veterans.  You see, if you haven’t noticed, our country for the past decade has been churning out War Veterans of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Myself, I am a Marine veteran of Iraq and served back in 2003.  I have made it public that I am a Marine of no special standing.  Despite being a grunt, my war experience was somewhat benign compared to many. However, a Veteran I am.

You see, most of us didn’t have a choice in what our particular war experience would be.  We served with our units, where our units were deployed and when our units were deployed. One squad patrols this street while another patrols the next and depending on which street you got, your life could change forever.  Our experiences may vary wildly, but we are bound by the commonalities of our experiences.  And that Mr. Savage is something you are missing.  You speak how you were taught to fight weakness and fight depression, but you know nothing of the experiences of which we speak.

I can’t help but feel you have this picture in your head of the soldier that General Patton slapped in World War II.  This scene was played out well in the epic George Scott movie, Patton.  However, what you miss about the Veterans suffering PTSD and depression today is that they are not sitting in a tent in the middle of a war zone refusing to serve. No, they functioned just fine in the War. Stepping out on patrol after patrol, driving past every piece of trash on the side of the road wondering if it would blow up, and doing it all with a smile as we did it with our brothers in arms.

The men you call “weak” had their chance to prove that true, and in the middle of the war, they proved time and time again, they had what it took.  They were not “narcissistic” as you call them for you can read account after account how they put the lives of their brothers before their own.  You malign them with these words, but it is only because you know nothing of the manner in which they view this world.  Again, I say this world, because we were all just fine over there.  It’s in this part of the world where people like you have money and a following that veterans find it so hard to adjust, so I ask again, who are you?

  The Stats

Here are the stats.  It has been reported that as many as 22 veterans a day commit suicide.  That’s a lot of weakness as you call it. However, if you ask me, I would take any one of those 22 that will be gone by the end of the day today to stand by my side before the likes of you.  In fact, if you look around, you will notice that countless non-profits have sprung up in the post 9-11 years that were founded by Veterans dedicated to taking care of our fellow Veterans.  For we know all to well, that we can’t count on people like you.

Does it not speak something to you Mr. Savage that the very people informed through first hand experience on the trials of war have thought it enough to form organizations to take care of one another?  So in what manner is it that you somehow think you are more informed to make such public and loud claims against those that suffer.

Moreover, lets examine the life of Chris Kyle.  You may know him as the Navy Seal sniper who became a legend in War.  The movie American Sniper will soon be out and I encourage you to go see it.  This man thought enough of his fellow veterans who suffered that he died reaching out to those that you defame.  As for me and the rest of the world, I’ll take Chris Kyle’s assessment of his fellow veterans before I’ll give yours any weight because to be honest, who are you again?

In Conclusion

If you are indeed reading this letter Mr. Savage, I am not sure what you were expecting.  There will indeed be plenty of profanity laced responses to your comments, but why bother with that.  I wanted to keep it simple for you.  We Veterans had our chance to be weak, narcissistic, and losers if we chose, but we did not.  We chose to step down range while you pontificated here at home.  Moreover, if those Veterans who do not suffer from PTSD and depression refuse to classify our brothers as weak then what gives you the right?  So my final words I’ll probably ever speak to you Michael Savage is this,  You speak of that which you do not know and your words contradict those of the very few in this world who do know.  So one last time, Mr. Savage, who are you again? Because if you feel like your “strength” makes you better suited to fight ISIS, myself and I suspect many of my Veteran brothers would be happy to fund that ticket for you.

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9 Replies to “An Open Letter to Michael Savage”

  1. Thank you for writing this rational and eloquent open letter to Mr. Savage. I just shared it on my personal facebook page and on Mr. Savage’s page. I hope he actually reads it. If not him, hopefully anyone who happens to think the way he does will read it and have their eyes opened a bit.

    All the best,

  2. Never heard of this savage wiener character either, myself I just say to POS like this, you’re entitled to your opinion cause because me and some hard mother fuckers, a lot harder than u and me allow you and fought for your right to say such weightless and meaningless and ridiculous words…and remember one thing Mr savage wiener us veterans know what you look like but u don’t know who we are

  3. I listen to Michael Savage once in awhile on the way home from work, what a shame that He let His Ego get in the way of what should of been, Him sticking up for the War Veteran.
    As I always say, Its Veterans that should look out for each other.
    When I’m in a crowd waiting for something or someone I look for some apparel that signifies a Veteran, and I go stand next to them and always have a good encounter. Thank you for writing this article… We need to know who is truly on our side.
    CPL Tim Thornton

    1. Thanks Tim. I appreciate the feedback. His comments were definitely an eye opener about him.

  4. Not to worry, we fought for his right to be an idiot. I remember what the guy said in Full Metal Jacket about what he was fighting for and laugh. I chose to think that I fought for good people and the hope that the world will, eventually, be a little better. But there will always be wars to fight. and thank God for those guys this idiot call weak.

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