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Yes, you read that title correctly.  I am claiming that Senator Tom Coburn is a proponent of Veteran suicide.  Now that might sound harsh, but let me fill you in on a little background.  First of all, the picture you see is actually the same picture I used when writing an open letter to ISIS. You will see the relevance soon. I do apologize for the middle fingers, but you would be surprised how hard it is to take a picture of Marines without someone giving the middle finger.  It’s remarkable really.  But on to the issue at hand.  Currently in our country, Veterans are committing suicide at the rate of 22 a day.  That’s right, 22 a day.  Now there are innumerable contributors to this epidemic, but a group of people have taken it upon themselves to do something about it.  Veterans groups, mental health professionals, and families of our fallen Veterans have banded together to push the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act.  Makes sense right? We have a problem, the informed people in the world put together a plan, and give it to our legislators for approval.  Slam dunk. Everyone loves Veterans.  Everyone hates suicide. But not for Senator Tom Coburn.  You see, he felt that the 22 million price tag for the bill was simply too high.  So he, that’s you Mr. Coburn, are the recipient of my next open letter.  Let’s jump in.

My Scorn

Senator, typically my scorn has been resolved for some of the nastier elements of the world. I say that, because I want you to first know the elite company that you are joining. Our buddies ISIS are an open letter favorite of mine. I don’t like them. Not at all.  They prey upon the weak and in fact I just wrote an article indicating that they were the evil of our age.  You can read that article here if you like.  I thought I was done writing open letters to them. However, I might have to pen one more to them.  For I can only assume that after news of you single handed blocking a bill to help prevent Veteran suicide, that they will create a monument in your honor.  And I will have to shame them for that.

Are you not following what I am saying?  I am saying that ISIS would kill, neigh, behead, just to be as much a contributing factor as you are to the deaths of our Veterans.  You Senator, have accomplished with your actions what all the Lone Wolves in America could only hope to accomplish.  Look, I’m not blaming you for Veteran suicide. However, I am blaming you for doing nothing.  Or rather in this case, I am blaming you for enabling nothing to continue when something could be done. Moreover, I blame you for rejecting the efforts of the very Veterans whose lives are at risks.

Midterm Elections

This bill had the support of Veterans groups nationwide.  We are not simple folk.  We do not presume that if you pass an act that Veterans will somehow stop committing suicide.  However, we understand the idea of momentum.  In this case, 22 a day is a tragic pace that would paralyze the world if it occurred in most any other group.  Take a look at the graphic Senator.  That is you and your peers in less than a month.  Let’s take it another level.  Do you like Football senator?  Would you care to know that if NFL players committed suicide at this same rate, every starting line up for both defense and offense would be gone for every NFL team in 32 days.  Do the Math.  I guess if Tom Brady and Peyton Manning start committing suicide, you might be more inclined to shift momentum. I don’t know, probably not for you.


Here is the other thing Senator Coburn.  This bill had bipartisan support.  I mean, of course it does.  Its a bill to help stop Veterans form committing suicide.  You see, in this day and age I have come to believe this about politics.  If you can get bipartisan support for anything, you just take it.  Honestly, you just take it and call it a win for humanity.  We are a polarized nation along political lines.  It takes apple pie, the American Flag, and George Washington carrying baby Abe Lincoln himself to unite these political foes.  This bill did that.  And you opposed it to save 22 million dollars.

I know that we waste 22 million dollars in America. I am so confident of that fact, I am not even bothering to look up specific examples. For our Congress, 22 million is the average man’s equivalent to dropping a penny in a used public toilet.  Not worth it, let it be.  However, despite this bipartisan effort, the support of Veterans, and the desire of anyone with common sense, you oppose this bill to save 22 million.  Scandalous. Unacceptable. You voted to support the War in Iraq and now you abandon us when on the back end.  The memories that all of us take with us from War are with us forever.  I personally thank you for voting for the War.  I enjoyed my trip to Iraq as a grunt.  Good times.  But to think that the very people that sent us would do nothing while two squads a day are killing themselves is just sickening.  I would have rather you just sat out the whole thing Senator than to take such a treasonous approach to the men and women you sent into combat. The featured picture in this article, is actually on a C-130 on our way into Iraq in 2003.  Had I known we were actually flipping the bird to you, I would have held up a sign or something.

The Rest of You

I am going to shift this letter now and make it an open letter to the rest of you.  You see, I don’t know who you are, but I know you are out there.  Who are you? You are the other members of Congress hiding behind Tom Coburn.  You see, Senator Coburn is retiring.  Not returning for Congress and not running in another re-election.  And this makes him the perfect front man for the rest of you cowards.  You see, I know there are more of you out there.  I know there are Senators whom could care less and oppose this bill among you.  However, you might want to be President some day, so you can’t just step forward and say this can you?

Tom Coburn is trash for opposing this bill and his is even more despicable for allowing himself to cover for the rest of you. More controversial bills get through the Senate all the time.  The only reason you allowed this to take place on the suicide bill is you had a scapegoat with no need to worry about an election and you took the rest of us for fools. You see, in the military, when someone jumps on a grenade, they get a Medal of Honor.  In Congress, they just get to go home to their rich life and live a luxurious life while 22 Veterans will be dead before you have your morning coffee in your gold plated cups. Shameful.  Senator Coburn, I hope you live a long life.  A life long enough to count the number of Veterans whom will be dead each day you live and then ask yourself on your deathbed whether you could have done something. You could have Mr. Coburn, but you didn’t. Orphans and Widows will be your legacy.  And the same goes for the rest of you in Congress.  I don’t know who you are yet, but I know you are out there.  Watching while our brother die. Shameful.

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  1. I remember that day and each of those guys. We are all getting older now Jeff. I actually had brown hair then, and you looked about 15. I remember SSgt Donny Smith from India Co. Me and Smith were pals, came in the same time and were both Staff NCOs by the time Iraq rolled around. Donny ate a shotgun shortly after we got back. At home, alone in his bathtub. I never saw that coming. The hard truth is that just like there it’s really up to us to care for each other here. We are expendable. The government has an order to who is taken care of and statistically we fall somewhere below the ones in society who give the least. Mendevil earned his citizenship because he served his adopted country in war time. Now it looks like he was almost a sucker because it looks like he could have laid low and gotten amnesty without risking anything. Anthony Swofford said it pretty well when he wrote that “we are all still in the desert”. As a unit, whatever unit, we were fearsome and unstoppable . We knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses and compensated when needed. We cared for each other.but when we got home we fragmented which naturally made us weaker in some ways. On the one hand people are grateful , but not much more than a free meal once a year or 10% off your whatever. But on the other hand I get the feeling that many wish we would just go away. Your right though, 22 million is really nothing. It really is shameful.

    1. I didnt know India lost a man to suicide. thats tragic. I agree Gunny, little to expect from our Govt. I just pray anyone from 2nd or Kilo would reach out first. And yes, I do look 15!

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