If I made my Presidential political choices based on how well their campaign slogans sounded in the middle of coitus, Donald Trump would win hands down.  Now, I’m not being crass here as I am a married man with a beautiful wife and relations are a God-given part of a healthy marriage.  But I’m asking you to consider the Presidential candidates based on how their slogans would sound during coitus and let’s face it, telling your wife to “Feel the Bern” is not going to get you anywhere. Moreover, wrapping up a romantic date night by asking my wife if she is “Ready for Hillary” just sounds strange.  Oh but there is something oddly fitting and congruent to look my wife in the eye and say, “Let’s Make America Great Again” as we indeed, make America great again if but for a moment. It just works for me and there hasn’t been a more appropriate campaign slogan since 1948 Harry Truman’s, “Give Em Hell Harry.”  But alas, that is the only reason why I personally could vote for the Trump and if you too are finding yourself at a loss, let’s consider the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson.

To the Trump Supporters

First of all, let me just say that I love my Trump supporters that have hung around on this blog.  I have been hard on him, but I respect your principled support of him if that is indeed where you land.  We can disagree in general while agreeing he does indeed have the best coitus slogan of this campaign.  Moreover, Trump deserves the GOP nomination.  As much as it may burden my heart, he has the groundswell of support that literally ravaged the competition and I never liked this contested contention nonsense.  Your vote matters even if I hate it.


But this is where we must part ways.  I too have convictions and I am a #NeverTrump guy for principled reasons much the same as why you support him.  I will always have a deeper love for his supporters than the man himself because we are not all that un-alike you and I.  I just can’t go with you down this road.  I know what that means and it may very well be that Hillary is our next President, but this is primarily why I didn’t want Trump.  I don’t think he can win the general election, not even close.  I know you pray I’m wrong, but #NeverTrump is a serious movement among traditional conservatives and Trump would have to do some amazing back peddling to convince them otherwise.

Less Government is Cool

If you have held the notion that less government is a good thing, then the election of 2016 should make that your life’s mantra because you never know who is going to be running said Government.  Whether it is Trump or Sanders, one could easily make the case that government becomes quite problematic when extreme men grab hold of the reigns.  So yes, why not embrace some libertarian logic that says you can smoke, eat, drink, marry, or carry whatever firearm you so choose.  I’m not saying I would like every inevitable outcome, but there is something principled to getting government out of the conversation. America has always prized individual liberty and I don’t care how many cool Scandanavian socialist stories you post Americans don’t want that.


Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Candidate for President and while he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hades of winning he might have won my support.  He wants low taxes, America first foreign policy, term limits, healthy environment, and lots of other cool stuff too.  I’ve never really understood how America can transition to as much, but in the year of our Lord 2016 I’m not sure it even matters.  He is not Hillary, He is not Trump, and the man at least sounds like he has a brain.  I never admitted it at the time to stay relatively neutral on this blog, but Rand Paul was my guy.  Had only I admitted it and he got the famous Unprecedented Mediocrity bump he might very well be here today.  How will I ever live with myself?  But alas, we are in the election we are given which is unfortunately not the one of my choosing.  It is your classic “red pill” versus “blue pill” and perhaps I am finally tired of swallowing pills.

The Path Forward

As painful as it is to think of me abandoning my path to write-in General James Mattis, I’m considering a vote for Gary Johnson.  This is the point at which I cling to the General’s leg and say “Sorry sir, I didn’t mean it, honest!”  But I do need some convincing as I am not there yet.  I have always valued the thoughts of those following this blog as much as my own.  My thoughts are but a springboard for your own and I love it when others take the reigns and debate.  I can’t quite get with Gary Johnson yet and my write-in campaign for Mattis still stands on principle.


But I must warn you, I do not believe that a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary.  This two party mindset of picking the lesser of two evils is what got us into this mess in the first place, so don’t go there. I’m done with that.   I’m looking to consider whether Gary Johnson is worthy of my support if for no other reason than to give the third party dream a chance.  Perhaps it is time we consider the only major third party candidate for the principled reason that he is third party and nothing else.  Nothing says we are fighting for our independent minds like telling the Matrix we will not accept either pill.  That, and now that I think about it, looking my wife in the eye and stating Johnson’s slogan of “Be Libertarian with Me” might just work.  Sounds like an evening of endless marital possibilities. Woo me and sweep me off of my feet America, should I consider Gary Johnson?  Someone tag Gary in this article and let’s see what he has to say.

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5 Replies to “Perhaps It is Time to Give the Libertarian Party a Real Shot”

  1. All Gov. Johnson needs is 5% or more of the vote. He doesn’t have to (and won’t) win, he just needs a decent showing of support. This will open up Federal funds to the Libertarian “party” and will allow the national discussion to shift towards other options then the wonderful two we have right now…

  2. Gary was one of the best Governor’s that New Mexico has had in my 57 years as a New Mexican. He reduced state spending, improved services and left the budget with a robust surplus when he exited. I truly wish the voters would seriously consider a 3rd party candidate. Although I don’t agree with the libertarian platform per say, the man is a competent leader and administrator.

  3. Hilarious article! Talk about an attention getting opening! Btw, when did you learn how to read my mind? I have also been debating write-in VS Gary Johnson since Rand Paul dropped out.
    Even if the “any vote not for Trump is a vote for Hillary” argument (that all of Facebook seems to be spouting) were true, I don’t care… I dislike them equally and would be equally disappointed and afraid of Tump or Hillary. Anyone is better. Traditionally Donald Duck is the most famous write-in to express distain for all candidates collectively, but that animated duck’s name could too easily be construed as a vote for the wrong Donald.

  4. Voted for him in ’12 and it’s very likely I will again in ’16. The question will be how much can he get done in the face of a do nothing Congress.

    1. That’s the beauty of it. I think if a non-GOP/DNC President was elected, the Congress would actually allow some things to work instead of play the partisan game. A non-traditional party President could be a scapegoat for them if things don’t work out as planned.

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