So here we are, the last of the Pick a Fight series.  The first two were somewhat serious as both picking a fight with fear and fighting for what you believe in are fairly serious aspects of being that I believe in.  This last part is serious as well, but the subject is so absurd in my mind that I can’t help but let absurd thoughts flow through me as I type.  Namely, Partisan Politics.  If you have followed me at all on Facebook or just chatted with me, you will know that have somewhat equal disdain for both sides of the political aisle, namely because the world tries to force me on one side of the isle or the other. That’s just not for me.  I like to live in a world where Shrodinger’s cat is neither alive or dead, but rather was alive, died, and now undead zombie cat that eats you when you open the box for putting him in there with poison or explosives in the first place.  So off we go then. I say pick a fight, but pick a fight for your independent mind.

Partisan politics are a reality, I get it.  There are things that people really believe in, and they feel that one side has a better chance of advancing that cause than the other.  Consequently, you find yourself going all in supporting the Republican or Democrat cause.  Even news channels have gone all in and picked a side.  Fox News and MSNBC are just head and tails of the same partisan coin.  So what is someone to do?  They know they need to vote and they feel obliged to pick a side.  Well, I don’t claim to have the answer for America, but I do have a suggestion for you as an individual.  That is fight for your independent mind.  With the all or nothing approach that most political discourse takes these days, I think one can find themselves sucked in to buying things they don’t really want to buy, but feel they have no choice.

So here is what I am asking of you, the reader.  Pick a fight with an ally.  Here is what I mean, if you are a conservative, find a fellow conservative and pick a fight with them over something you view completely differently than the party line.  Now when you do this, I want you to fight in the opposite direction.  If you are conservative, don’t argue more conservative.  Argue for the most liberal topic your mind can align with.  Same if you are a liberal.  If you are liberal, find a fellow liberal and argue with them towards the most conservative topic you can align with.  What you are trying to do here is not become more conservative or liberal, you are just waking up your independent mind and reminding the side that you typically align with of this fact, “You don’t own me”.  Its thrilling, trust me.  An exercise in independence.

See my belief is rooted in the fact that most of you don’t like partisan politics.  You just like the other side’s views even less.  So you buddy up and make alliances.  But alliances don’t have to be Kool-aid drinking cults.  Think of your alliance like General Patton thought of the alliance with the Soviet Union.  Sure their mutual enemy was Nazi Germany, but make no mistake, he made clear what he thought about the Soviets.  So pick a fight to let you own mind know that this is a marriage of necessity.  Like Rand Paul or Obama got you knocked up and now you have to make this work type thing.

So search your mind, heart, soul and find out where you differ with your chosen side.  If you are deeply entrenched in partisan politics and this is a struggle for you, then I suggest you practice on your Glenn Beck or Nancy Pelosi body pillow as you snuggle with it at night.  It takes some work.  Politics are politics, you do what you must.  But again, fight for your mind’s freedom.  For here is what I know,  if you pick a fight with fear and failure, and you pick a fight for the things that matter in life, and you pick a fight for the programming of your mind, then the most spectacular mediocre life awaits you.  You belong to no one on this Earth and you fight that it stays that way.  After all, be this guy below.  Both sides have Kool-aid they want you to drink, sometimes you have to spit it out just to remind yourself that you are more than who they make you out to be.

this guy