Break the Internet

If you have been keeping up with pop culture at all these days then you are no doubt as depressed as I am at times.  I think this despair reached an all time high upon the news that nude pictures of Kim Kardashian were supposed to break the internet.  I am not sure what it exactly means to break the internet, but I am guessing it might be similar to what ATT does to me when I pay for high speed internet and they apparently give me dial up speeds. Or perhaps they simply mean that the pictures will be so compelling that the internet will go crazy and lose their minds.  To be perfectly honest, I just assumed the internet was already full of nude pictures of any of the Kardashians so I am not sure why this would be news at all. However, much more compelling and world altering pictures exist on the internet and it’s either sad or insightful commentary that pictures of Kim would break the internet as opposed to these. Consequently, I am going to take you down one particular road of pictures that should have broken the internet.

The Reign of Evil

Break the internet

Everyone knows about North Korea.  We know it as this bad nation that continually threatens America with words of the most peculiar syntax around. However, what may or may not be known or just completely ignored, is that North Korea is not just a nation full of people that hate us much as one associates with Middle Eastern countries.  Rather, it is a nation that enslaves it’s population, starves them, and submits them to confinement and torture at will.  If they say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then Pyongyang is the greatest example of that since Hitler.  And while the world attempts a general policy of isolation towards North Korea, Evil reigns within it’s borders.

The picture you see here is actually a drawing from a North Korean escapee from one of these prison camps.  No pictures as drawings were all that could be managed.  While we have no doubt that such things exist in the world or that other nations participate in such, what struck me about this picture was the tears. It’s the simple premise that this particular survivor thought it pertinent to express the despair.  You see it’s possible for physical pain to cause tears, but despair causes weeping.  And it’s weeping that I see here.  The resignation that this one life, this one life that you receive here on earth is now bound to such a torturous existence.  And this occurs en mass.  Probably less than a few hundred to a thousand miles from where that Samsung phone you might be holding right now is made.  Or if you use an apple phone, China is pretty close by as well.  But let’s let the world talk about Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Distraction or Delusion

Break the internet

Look, I am not trying to bring down your mood.  The truth is, I don’t have a solution for North Korea.  Do we engage in Nuclear War?  Do we go to war with China who for some reason enables the crazy? I don’t know honestly.  However, in a world where such utter destruction of the human experience exist, there is something somewhat disgusting about the idea that pictures of Kim Kardashian would be given the ability to break the internet.  To me, it seems that it ranks right up there with a Roman Emperor’s orgy while the barbarians are at the gates.

Art, music, literature, film, and sport can all be good ventures that define much of the good of the human experience.  Moreover, in a world that seems to have overwhelming despair and evil, such things as the arts can serve as a healthy distraction.  They can inspire us to take action to preserve such things as we see the joy it brings those in our lives who participate.  Moreover, all these things have in history been used as a voice against evil. But to give naked pictures of Kim Kardashian world altering status speaks more to delusion than distraction.  Has American truly become delusional that Kim’s body is a more important image than the cries of help and despair from the oppressed in the world. The cries of help come from a world so isolated that all we have to account for it are these drawings from the images no doubt seared in the minds of those who witnessed it.

This Fate Awaits Us All

Break the internet

Let’s be certain of it.  Evil exist in the world. And to be honest, were it not for good men ready to visit violence upon those who would bring such evil to our doorsteps, such a fate would be ours as well.  It’s not as far away as you think.  Would it surprise you to know that Mexican drug cartels seem to be beheading people at a faster pace than ISIS?  Speaking of ISIS, you can’t even Google the phrase ISIS without a strong stomach for the images that will appear.  Moreover, let’s not fool ourselves that even certain citizens of America would be capable of perpetrating such evil if given the authority. I weep at the idea of anyone I know suffering one day’s worth of existence in the picture that I see here.

However, people and governments in the West have developed a culture of freedom and governance that prevents such from occurring to us all.  Look, I know America has it’s flaws and we don’t always get it right when it comes foreign policy brilliance. But America has constantly chosen the path that fights such evils.  I believe that will continue.  That is until America becomes so enamoured with Kim K. and the rest of the Marie Antoinette’s of the world whom claim that eating cake, looking at Kim’s butt, or perhaps looking at Kim K. eat the cake that gave her that butt is the pinnacle of the human existence.  To be honest, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I am of the belief that the soul is what ultimately matters more than this life on earth, but even still we are commanded to meet the needs of those that suffer here on this earth. So while we might need the occasional distraction from all the suffering in the world, let’s not attempt to elevate such delusions to the point that such an image matters more than these.

Like I mentioned earlier, these pictures are just one road of images that should have broken the internet and I have no doubt that many of you could find and endless path of roads.  So the next time you see a Facebook or twitter comment thread on Kim K’s pictures, I say drop a picture in the comment section that ultimately matters in the world.  We can’t stop the Kim K’s from craving such attention, but we can refuse to accept the delusions that her pictures are of any real importance in the world.  Not while images like this exist.

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  1. Really good Jeff. You should think about getting paid to do this. I agree, Kim’s ass holds no allure for me. The only one that concerns me is attached to Mrs Brown. Americans do live in a bubble of ignorance though. The world can be an ugly place.

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