Grunts and POGs

So there it is. On the front page of the Marine Corps Times, there laid an article indicating that the Marine Corps was seeking to end the feud between Grunts and POGs. Specifically, there was the discussion that Grunts should quit referring to non-infantry Marines as POGs. Now, for all you non-military types reading the blog, of which there are many and you are very welcome here at Unprecedented Mediocrity, POG basically stands for Persons other than Grunts. If I’m being completely honest, the P in POG is more often than not used to represent another P word that is a little bit dirty and more insulting. I’ll opt not to type it here since this is a clean-ish type blog. But I’ll let your imagination fill in the gaps. Well, as a Marine Grunt myself, let me go ahead and weigh in on this debate with the following post.


Full disclosure about me if you don’t know already, I am indeed an 0311 infantryman, aka Grunt. I served in Iraq in 2003 with the 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines. Double full-disclosure, I was also a Reservist. That’s right. So in the world of the Marine Corps, us reservists are not immune to jokes, harassment, and general witty banter that is characteristic of the Marine Corps.  In fact, my older brother was actually an active duty grunt in the pre 9-11 era. So of course, being the younger brother/reservist of the two, I heard plenty of jokes about my weekend warrior status. Look, some of it is fair. The Reserves are a legit part of the Marine Corps, but it is just not plausible that Marines who then train on weekends and summers would be as proficient or disciplined as those who do it on active duty year round. It makes perfect sense. However, when called upon, my unit was there and when the enemy fired at us, we fired back. That was our policy. Now you might call me a POG because I spend my days getting paid good money to write. If you would like to learn how I do it and how you can too, check out my online course The Veteran Copywriter Now! 

Consequently, regarding the jokes or insults I got as a reservist, I never cared. The first reason I never cared was that there was some honesty behind the idea that fellow grunts who practiced proficiency all year round were bound to be a little bit more skilled than my college bound self. Second, I never cared because I am a grown man. That’s right. I am a grown man and I don’t need people to take up for my poor reservist hurt feelings. See where I am going with this POGs? Lastly, I never cared because in the end, I still got to go to War. I am thankful for my War experience. My older active duty grunt brother never got the chance to go to war. He hates it, I love it, and Thanksgiving has been more fun ever since.

Gas Stop

Look, the truth is, the Marine Corps needs POGs and I do have respect for that. In Iraq in 2003, myself and another Marine were driving around the air field in Al Kut when we had to stop and get some fuel. So we swing by the fuel depot that was this big swimming pool looking bladder manned by two POGs. They looked miserable. They were covered in black soot with just a small tent to cover them. That was their war. No cool battle stories.  Just gas. Somewhat depressing, but It’s necessary. I get it, I really do and I respect it.

In fact, back in 2003, getting the chance to step out on patrol with the infantry was a currency of sorts. I can remember my platoon leadership working out deals with POGs to get some absurdly limited supplies. What does the Infantry have to offer POGs? A little time outside the wire. So on a couple of occasions, we patrolled with some POGs and made their day. But I didn’t see them complaining when they got to go back to the airfield and sleep on a cot when me and my platoon were heading back to our concrete floor in the slums of the city. But truth be told, we all play our roles.  Grunts are Grunts and POGs are POGs.

The Truth

However, here is the truth that all those who scream that the Grunt versus POG beef should end are missing.  The Marine Corps should glorify the Infantry.  It’s who we are and always will be.  Why shouldn’t we glorify the infantry?  The Air Force glorifies it’s pilots, the Navy glorifies it’s Ship Captains, and the Coast Guard glorifies, well to be honest, I’m not sure what the Coast Guard glorifies.  There is now and should always be a certain amount of reverence for the Grunts that comprise the Marine Corps.  Do you think future Marines are going to want to embrace the suck that is grunt life because the benefits are good?  May it never be.  Marines become Grunts because they want to be Grunts and all the misery that comes with it while hoping one day to go to combat.  And if one of the few joys they get is the opportunity to call non-infantry POGs, then so be it. Let’s face this truth.  If your are an admin Marine somewhere, the only reason your title of Marine has any bad assery associated with it is because of the Grunts.

POGs should be cool with this and to be honest, I think most are as they knew what they were signing up for. Because let’s be honest.  Nothing makes you sound more like a POG than complaining about being called a POG.  The Military is a grown man’s world, yes ladies too.   However, a military so sensitive about being called a name, sounds like a military that’s going to get it’s butt kicked in combat.  So may we all maintain the toughness and fortitude that makes us who we are, whether that be Grunt or POG.

There is currently an Army commercial going around right now where a Drill Sergeant is yelling at his Army recruits and asks a particular recruit why he joined the Army.  The recruit responds with, “To be a graphic designer.”  The Drill Sergeant then repeats what the recruit said and yells, “Outstanding.” The recruit smiles.  To which I say to all of that, no, just no.  Look, sleeping for 2 hours a day, kicking in explosive laden doors, and going room to room gifting violence to the enemy is outstanding.  Graphically designing the newsletter that reported all that is, well, acceptable.  And that’s the way it should be.  Every Marine is a Marine and earned the title.  Marines will stick up for other Marines regardless of MOS.  But we will still make fun of each other because that’s how Marines do it.  If you can’t take that, then sign up to be a Grunt and try your hand at that because a POG by any other name, is still a POG.

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58 Replies to “A POG by Any Other Name”

  1. Please, as an Army grunt, don’t lump us in that commercial. Drill woulda beat the shit outta that boy.

    1. As a retired Army Grunt and Drill Sgt. I can’t stand that commercial, or any Army of one crap… Or the black beret nonsense. Anyhow Marine or Army… if you are a grunt you are my brother always. We may give each other crap but put us in a combat zone together and I promise you we will take care of business.

      1. Thanks for commenting. I actually figured most army grunts hated that Army Commercial as well. All the trash talk is definitely in good fun.

  2. A history lesson. Grunt stands for Ground Replacements Ussually Not Trained. It is a termed coined during the onset of the Korean War because of the heavy casualties ground forces took when we first entered the war and when China entered the war. Many were often hastely thrown into the war with little to no training and generally speaking they were not long for this world. In fact MOH recipient Hector A Cafferta USMC Reservist never attended basic training (it was pencil whipped) (didn’t stop him from killing over a hundred chinese soldiers. Point is that GRUNTS typically were not that bad ass and ussually did something stupid to take others with them. So in the strickest most literal sense being called a POG is a compliment… unless you are Hector Cafferta because Hector Cafferta don’t need no training to know how to kill commies.

    1. Yea. It also means: Ground Reconnaissance of Urban and Natural Terrain or Grenades Raining Until No Tomorrow. Either way, they are all bullshit in reference to the correlation it has with Marine Corps infantry. In the Marines, the nickname grunt refers to the sound a person makes when lifting and donning the heavy packs that all ground infantry troops carry. Maybe the Army had that acronym for less than POG troops. Either way, it is completely fabricated with no historical verification. Additionally, ground combat forces make up less than 10% of active duty troops, they deserve to be proud and those who chose a lesser route in a support role, need to accept that they joined the military NOT to fight. There are warriors and there are POGs. Semper Fi.

    2. Said the POG to rest of the POG’s, Ground Replacements Ussually Not Trained is what GRUNT stands for. Here POG, hold my beer while I give your girlfriend a taste of what a real man can do. Look, I get it, you have inadequacy issues about being a POG. Not every Marine is created equal, regardless of what they tell you in MTC, but you POG’s serve a purpose. All a GRUNT needs is two things, water and hate. Deliver my water I’ll do the rest.

    3. Historical sense aside, the term grunt is used as a badge of honor in the modern day Marine Corps. It means that you made a decision upon enlisting to fight and not work on Hueys or to sit at a desk all day in the US. I recall my SOI instructor telling us we could finally be called grunts upon graduating and it felt almost as good as earning the EGA. So don’t belittle the grunt title based on 1950’s thinking. We VOLUNTEERED and were trained so the dismantled post-WWII military that fought in Korea is not a good comparison in this context. Grunts deserve any distinction they want after 13 years of war.

  3. In the Army INF we used soft skill MOS in public display but the rest of the Army they are person or personnel other then grunt…history maybe but not my history…Grunts are a different animal…an Infantryman can do any POGS job above and beyond through cross training…a POG nine times out of ten cannot be an infantry…it something that is in you…doesn’t make anyone more important but it does mean that I a POG or MP for that matter could do what we do then they would…I made a choice to make sure my brothers came home to there kids by any means necessary…beans, bullets, and bandades came from resupply which came the airbase and got to us by POG… The soft skill MOS is needed, is respected, and essential…without them busting there ass in there own way I couldn’t have done my job bringing Jonny private home to little baby Sally…but when other MOS’s down Ifantry like we’re stupid…we only have to pull a trigger Shit and anyone can do that…funny how they can’t…and that’s why God loves the infantry…I Am The Infanty Follow Me…ps…and they have no problem playing infantry singing infantry cadence during PT…airborne Ranger my ass…what ever motivates them I guess…hahahahaha…

    1. As I remember it, a GRUNT could not do his job without my POG ability to acquire things like ammunition, vehicles, or gear. On the reverse end, I don’t necessarily need a GRUNT in order to do my job. Someone’s always gonna’ need toilet paper. Having said that, I’m sure all you badasses look down on that fry cook at McDonald’s…but you sure as hell will eat those fries. Oh and if you think that a Supply Sergeant can’t fight, try entering my house in the middle of the night. Just make sure to wear that battle rattle I made sure that you got.

      “Proud POG”

      1. I get that we need to get gear for the fight from supply guys, we need POGs. But, if it wasn’t for the Grunts, the Marine Corps wouldn’t exist. Who the hell are you going to supply? The air wing? They’re there to provide CAS to the Grunts. Motor T? They provide transport to the Grunts. What the hell is with the butthurt about this term POG? You signed up for a job. It gave you skills that probably transfer over to civilian life better than mine, can’t really find a ton of jobs that look for blowing stuff up from a long distance. Noone’s looking for a guy to go in and clear a room or house.

        I deployed with a bunch of POG reservist engineers on my last tour. We went through a bunch of stuff and I love all of them, but they are still not Grunts.

      2. Comical that you say you could do your job without grunts… no you couldn’t because it wouldn’t be a job. The entire marine corps supports and is revolved around grunts. Now that being said I agree all Mos are needed. Fighting and not being able to put in an ammo request or get a speedball drop of supplies when the squad is almost out of ammo with days left on a combat operation would not be fun. So I do have a respect for POG ‘s, however it is is much different than how I feel about fellow grunts. I respect the choice to make something out of one’s life even if it’s not infantry but let’s be real infantry is the center of any military. And what one thinks of when they hear military is what we do. Noone thinks marine and sees an accountant typing on a computer.

      3. Yeah, I don’t really remember any of the god damn shit you mentioned being shipped to me on a regular basis. What I do remember, however, is constantly foraging for food, drinking shitty water, and guess what, wiping my fucking ass with baby wipes brought from home. As far as POG’s being able to do a grunt job…… yeah, I remember something like an attack on LNK where 15 taliban insurgents held 50,000 military trained personnel in a “constant” fight for 6 hours until finally defeated….. yeah, good job non infantry personnel. Why don’t you tape another magazine to your butt stock….. No, non-infantry people cannot do infantry shit, unless you are merely talking about being able to just literally load a magazine in a rifle. I mean damn, non infantry personnel probably think that fire support means firemen….. Now, I have seen some non infantry personnel do some bad ass shit out there. No doubt about it. But that is such a small percentage to justify glorifying every damn non infantry person in existence. If you wanted to be someone important and to have a movie glorified moment, as you see it, then you should have joined the infantry. But no, you didn’t pick a ground job, so therefore you get to be in the background, moving boxes from shelf A to shelf B. And during the Marine Corps Ball, have a dick measuring contest with your ribbon rack and realize it only measures two inches. (This is a funny scenario when it’s a SNCO with only 5 ribbons, meeting a grunt LCpl with 8, including a CAR. For non infantry personnel, that’s Combat Action Ribbon. And no, you can’t really get one for putting a metal plate on an aircraft or pumping fuel for a VIC, unless you’re part of that small percentage already mentioned).
        People who complain about being made fun of for being POGs are the same dudes that sit at the fucking VA pretending to have a 1000 yard stare wearing every single award ever earned on some baseball cap that stops short of writing grid coordinates of where he served. Usually I strike a friendly conversation just to shoot the shit and maybe, just maybe, having met a bad ass from back in the day. But no, statistically speaking, so far, 9 out of 10 times it’s some fucking retard that sat at the bottom of some boat somewhere, an admin clerk, a supply clerk, bla bla bla, that can only talk about boot camp experiences or talk about something that happened during their “war time,” but they were really, really, really far away, like on the other side of the country far away. (hell, you can’t talk about the 38th parallel if you sat in the States and didn’t leave anywhere)
        Bottom line: My war time experiences did not include LNK, AC, hot chows, clean toilets, barracks rooms, green bean coffee, mattresses, barbers with hot ass chicks ( I hadn’t seen a woman in a while….), massage parlors, fucking laundry mats, TV’s, playstations, PX’s, showers, bus transportation systems, and I could fucking go on. But of course, all the non infantry personnel, tell the ground pounders how hard you are…….

  4. It doesn’t matter what I’m called, it’s what I did as a POG. I’m proud of my service years during war time. I give to the infantry Marines, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do his job. I might be slow but oh well. I know I was appreciated by the grunts every time I gave them items on a high rapid response time. I know it was critical. All I know I did my part as thousands didn’t.

  5. This artical is outstanding much better than that garbage dumped in the marine corp times. I was a grunt and my brother joined up two years latter and became a cook because he didn’t want to work as hard as I did and still be a marine, his words.
    To me that says it all.

  6. This is just another attempt at putting the leash on America’s pit bull. I am tired of reading stories about whiners who made it into the Marines and then complain about the lifestyle. Why did you join? What was your reasoning? I know what I signed up for, and was proud of what I did. Still am. I did avionics on shitters out of Miramar. Yeah I was a POG but so what. Our satisfaction was getting Grunts and their gear where they needed to be as efficiently as possible. We excelled at it and that was the mission end of story. If you here someone complain about being called POG, slap them upside the head.

  7. Everyone gets a trophy …. thanks for showing up! Lets toss out a few Bronze Stars so everyone feels important. What? A mortar round landed over there and I was in combat! Give me my CAB. Its all the same, The warriors go outside the wire and put boot to ass on the battlefield. When we were tearing around Ramadi doing work … the motorpool guys put in long hours to keep our trucks running after they got jacked from IED hits and contact. I would say less that 5% of them would have opted to roll on mission if given that chance. A few did often for recovery missions with the wrecker and those were the few that really wished they were a different MOS. The rest just talk about it.

  8. Haha this was an awesome read. I was 11B in the Army with 2 tours and my brother was in the Marine Reserves, major POG status. I fucked with him all the time and he bitched about it, “just like a fucking POG” I would tell him laughing. Now i’m out I still fuck with him about it but not as serious because I know he cant take it like my grunt fuck buddies in the 101st, alls we did was talk shit to each other and do gay shit, grunt shit hahaha. But I must say that there are some POGs who got down and dirty when the shit hit the fan. Cooks getting on the roofs with M249s lighting up Taliban fuckfaces. Or airman dog handlers out on point hunting IEDs with us and fihgting off Taliban ambushes. Most of the others were just straight POG, by God we had a highsped EOD guy we dubbed Fat Locker because he acted like we were in a fucking movie and give us commands while on the ground securing an IED, like “Motherfucker we know what the fuck were doing, worry about that damn IED fucker!” I mean my word some people are just dumb as shit.

  9. I believe it was General Gray that said “The basic marine is an infantryman, all others are support”. After this MCT was created, (not sure if it still exists, but i believe it does) Either way the concept of the Marine Corps, is that of the Infantry Marine, and everyone else to support him, not the other way around.

    About the Grunt vs. PoG mentality, it’s all just smack talk between people of the same branch of service, in front of outsiders they are all brothers in arms. Just as it is between inter-service rivalries. I don’t see the Big deal, nor do I see how the Commandant c an think he can change it, or why he would even want to.

  10. Jeff Edwards,

    Good read. I was in Kut as well. I remember the fuel bladders and those Marines standing there. Poor bastards. They hated it, but they chose to do it. I was in Lima, 3/23 Battalion area was on Blair Field. We operated to the north in a little town called An Numiniyah.

    1. Yeah man, glad to have you along on the blog. I was Kilo company. Most of our time was spent in Al Kut itself. Those fuel Marines definitely looked miserable.

  11. (0811) POG, 1984-1988. I had the pleasure of serving the last year of my tour under one of the most Bad Ass Commandant’s ever General Al Gray. He summed it up this way ” There are two types of Marines, Warriors and those who support the Warriors. Thats a nice way of saying Infantry and PIGS. Semper Fi .

  12. Coming from a POG, I didn’t care to be called a POG. Being a Comm God, “You can talk about us, but you can’t talk without us”, we were with every single Grunt platoon, company, battalion, regiment, and division. I was in the same stuff that every Grunt was in over in Iraq. I wasn’t even a radio operator by trade. I was a Communication Technician. So, if your radio stopped working in the middle of a fire fight, I had to drop what I was doing, unless I was in a fire fight myself, to go fix your radio even with rounds flying over my head and mortars dropping on our position.

    We as POG’s, being in the rear with the gear, wasn’t really a true statement. We ended up getting attacked in Iraqi offensives. We would get into fire fights. We ended up in fights against tanks, mortars, troops, artillery and everything else. We had our target literally carried on our backs. The antenna that nobody else in the platoon carried.

    I slept in the same holes that the Grunts slept in. Hastily made 6 inch deep skirmisher holes. The rocks were hard, the showers out of a canteen cup, the MREs cold, if we got to eat at all. At least the Grunts in my unit got to ride around in a vehicle that could take a 5.56 round. I got plastic windows and doors. I ended up in a four vehicle convoy everywhere I went, had to post guard everywhere we stopped, alone. This was because we had 1 driver for 4 vehicles, then my vehicle with 3 others in it, myself included. The other two in the vehicle were a SSgt and a 1st Lt. Me as the Sgt in the vehicle and the only one in the convoy with an M-16 had to post all the watches and guards.

    There were POG’s though that weren’t in the combat, like I was. There were lots of them, just don’t like the generalized, you guys can go back to your cot and have warm meal concept. That hardly happened for us. If it wasn’t for my running around, the Grunts in my unit wouldn’t have had beans, bullets or water.

    Thank you for the read though. Overall, it was a good read. I personally think that some sissy was the reason this even made any news at all. The “I feel like I am being hazed crowd.” I hated the Marines that think getting yelled at is hazing. It was some PC police crap that brought this up and the PC police can go f*** themselves.

    1. Thanks for your personal account Comm guy. I agree, that I can’t imagine the guys that were so hurt by the words they had to make a policy issue of it. You know what you did in Iraq, so I say own the POG title proudly and with swagger. i went out on a patrol with some army MPs one night in Al Kut. They gave me a radio I had never seen before and for the life of me I couldn’t figure the damn thing out. We all got our roles.

  13. Here is the real deal. Fine your a Grunt. GREAT. Happy for you bruh. That being said. It’s not that we don’t love and respect our grunt brothers. That’s cool. Proud of you. you’re a Marine I’m a Marine. You’re a Grunt Marine. Cool. Great. Whatever. Still both Marines. HERE IS THE PROBLEM. NOONE GIVES A SHIT LOL. But alot of y’all (not all) but ALOT of y’all Grunts feel the need to walk around everywhere you go and announce to everyone I”M A GRUNT HAHA FUCK YOU POGS. BLAH BLAH. It’s gay, it’s old, noone gives a shit,. If y’all would just walk in and be cool and ya know act like a damn Marine gentleman. We’d probably be more inclined to chill with you and buy you a drink and share war stories. Instead ya gotta beat your chest and let us POGs know how inferior we are and we really aren’t. Just different choices. Whatever. This really wasn’t even an issue when I was in. I think social media has made this a bigger and more troll prone issue than it really was.

  14. Here is the real deal. Fine your a Grunt. GREAT. Happy for you bruh. That being said. It’s not that we don’t love and respect our grunt brothers. That’s cool. Proud of you. you’re a Marine I’m a Marine. You’re a Grunt Marine. Cool. Great. Whatever. Still both Marines. HERE IS THE PROBLEM. NOONE GIVES A SHIT LOL. But alot of y’all (not all) but ALOT of y’all Grunts feel the need to walk around everywhere you go and announce to everyone I”M A GRUNT HAHA FUCK YOU POGS. BLAH BLAH. It’s gay, it’s old, noone gives a shit,. If y’all would just walk in and be cool and ya know act like a damn Marine gentleman. We’d probably be more inclined to chill with you and buy you a drink and share war stories. Instead ya gotta beat your chest and let us POGs know how inferior we are and we really aren’t. Just different choices. Whatever. This really wasn’t even an issue when I was in. I think social media has made this a bigger and more troll prone issue than it really was.

  15. POG Shit Bird here, LOL. Former CH53 crew Chief. I loved being called that by Grunts! It was a badge of honer of sorts. We felt there was a little jealousy from grunts. We got to wear out hair a little longer. Wore flight suits. Ate good food most the time. slept in decent accommodations. (even if sleep was in our bird on the seats, it beat the ground or worse) All POG’s need to quit WHINING! you sound like a bunch of leftist PC liberal bitches. Boo hoo my feelings are hurt. Go fill out hurt feelings report and make sure the media finds out so “SOMETHING CAN BE DONE!
    From my experience the grunts running around mouthing off are usually the ones that either; A. have an ego issue. B. have Screwed the pooch somewhere and are trying to make a point of how “BAD ASS” they are so tas to not be questioned as to their past pooch screwing. C. Were the most scared, Especially when they rode in the back of my 53. or D. they were never really in a serious combat situation. Most grunts I know and knew that were combat vet were … not quiet, but just quietly confident. there was an air about them that you knew just not to fuck with them. Loud at times sure, but any non combat POG that has not had to go through all that a combat grunt has needs to understand, they see and do things most no others have to, or ever will. So being loud and proud is a way for some to deal with it. I know that the Marines would not be who we are with out the grunts! Everyone in the corps should know and appreciate that. We all had and have a job to do. LOVED my job. Hauling Grunts and being proud of my bird. EVACS and insertions were… Well Fuckin kick ass. turfin, low level high speed flights. Cover fire from my .50 cal good times! Some friendly advice For all you grunts out there, do me and all the Air crew out there, and for your own ass a favor… KEEP YOUR MUZZLES POINTED DOWN when entering a bird. its for ALL our safety. A stray round up through something important can ruin all your days.

    Semper Fi brothers (and sisters)

    1. One of the CH-53 crewman from Operation Eagle Claw used to run an ice-cream shop outside New River. Alone and unafraid.

  16. Great comments from everyone. sorry if there was a delay in some of your comments posting. the SPAM filter was catching some of the comments for some reason.

  17. To the author Jeff, I probably helped your unit get ready for Iraq. Did you do pre deployment training at Edson range? Nearly every range coach was an 03xx like me, some had been deployed, some deployed after.

    Like others, I appreciated what POG’s did to support me, and I too give them a hard time. It’s a finely tuned machine when it all works well. When there’s a problem, POG’s get the blame. When it works, grunts get the glory. Thank you to everyone who served and did their job, no matter what it was.

    1. No, they sent us to 29 Palms back in March of 03 to work up for Iraq. Upon returning though, we did spend three weeks in the barracks adjacent to the recruit chow hall at Edson Range. That was a fun experience to see the recruits all over again.

  18. 1. Every Marine earned the title.
    2. In The Marine Corps you go where they send you and do what you are told.
    My older brother influenced me to join in 1959. He said sometime during your recruit training at Parris Island you will receive a questionnaire asking you what job you want. You put down supply, which I did. You guessed it I was an 0300. I guess they had enough in the supply area by that time.

  19. I admit it, I was a POG. In fact I was a bit pissed when 9/11 happened because I was stuck where I was stationed while others got to go overseas. I’ve always looked at it like a large Italian family. It’s okay for grunts to make fun of POGs…(after all…what else do they have going for them?), it’s okay for each of the armed forces to make fun of each other. I had a cousin that went to USAF boot camp 3 weeks after I left for USMC boot camp…he of course graduated about 3 weeks before I did. He ended up going to officers school. Even though he’s still in, and I’ve been out over 10 years now…I still joke that I refuse to salute him since I was in first. In my family we represent just about every branch you can think of, except the Puddle Pirates…I mean Coast Guard.

    We can and do make fun of each other, and crack jokes…but we all took the oath. We ALL served, or are serving our country. And as much as my cousin rags on me for being a Marine and doing things “The hard way.” If someone non-military said something to be about being a Marine…he’d be one of the first to jump down that person’s throat.

    Do I take offense to being a POG. No…It always amazed me, how much a platoon of grunts would complain about the cook’s being POGs before they went on a long term training…and how much those SAME cooks became their best friend as soon as they got back to a hot meal in an enclosed space.

    1. Great comments man. sorry if your comments just now appeared. They some how got caught up in my spam folder. We all make fun of each other. It’s part of what makes it all fun.

  20. They’re Marine 03s/Corpsman, then there’s everyone else. I remember the cooks at Hurricane Point; absolutely miserable. Buck up man, you chose to not be an 03, you have no one to blame but yourself.

    But all Marines/Army deserve recognition for signing up at a time of war. However, there is a rigid dichotomy between 03s and non 03s.

  21. I was an awesome minesweeper in 2003… on my Windows computer… at the helpdesk. Yay POG life!

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