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Let me be very clear from the start of this article. I support science, because science has a rare objectivity that is very much needed these days. COVID-19 is perhaps the best example of that. COVID-19 is a virus and a virus is going to do what it is programmed to do. It pays no attention to the political affiliations of its host and nor does it care what part of the word it is in. COVID-19 ravaged Italy without having the slightest idea of where it was on the planet. Meanwhile, COVID-19 was more compassionate in other parts of the world without so much as the slightest idea that it was doing just that. It’s just a virus. Our opinions on what it will do are just that, opinions. Science sounded the initial warnings and it will be science that tells us that we have reached the “near” clear. I do not have time for conspiracy theory laden platitudes that doctors around the world are part of some medical Illuminati being told to up the death counts. I personally know Doctors and nurses on the front lines and they are patriots who would not engage in no such behavior. So if you read the headline and you are excited to post your next George Soros theory, you’ve come to the wrong ship for conspiracy laden anarchy. That being said, life is precious and we only get one. There are many ways to squander your existence and death is just one of them. It is time to reopen America, one smart step at a time, before America is lost.

Proper Precautions Saved Lives

Before I get to the reasons why we should open America, let me try to bridge the gap between the two camps that have emerged in America. On one hand you have those who say scientists are in on the conspiracy and there was never any risk of life. To these people, the Doctors are part of the Illuminati, the Scientists are part of the Illuminati, and God help us if the Dentists of America ever join in on the action. There is very little one can say to those people. Then, there are those who think if you step foot outside you are committing genocide. You never liked the free market economy to begin with and a lifetime at home sucking milk from the Government’s teet is all too appealing to you. I’ve neither the time nor inclination to address the lunatic or the sheep.

I do, however, have much more time to talk to the other 90% of America. These are the people who enjoy what science has to offer, but are equally concerned with authoritarian government overreach. The other 90% of America sees a role for the Government to take care of those with little ability to contribute economically, like children and seniors and yet, supports small business as the American dream. You see, we are the people, who when told to quarantine were like, “Cool, I can do my part and be responsible.” What we were not expecting was for the Government to say, “No, you’ll do it whether you like it or not because I said so.” We then said, “Government, I said I’ll do it.” To which the Government then yelled, “Infraction!”

We are also the people who perhaps ran businesses and were willing to do our part to limit our income for the greater good. What we were not expecting was for information to come out that we may be in the “near clear” and still be told that we cannot earn a living, or catch a fish for that matter. I’ll say it again, we get one life and there are many ways to squander that one existence. Death is just one of them and economic devastation is another. Proper precautions saved lives because the science indicates as such. Now that we have saved what we can, we must proceed forward with accepting some of the inherent risk that life brings.

The Time to End the Devastation is Nigh

Every American should be concerned with the government overreach at this point. Some states have been worse than others, but when people start getting arrested for playing in a park while isolated from all or fishing on a boat with no human contact, we need to worry. China is where the virus started and while the Chinese people are awesome, their government is the pure manifestation of evil in the modern era. I taught English in China after I got back from Iraq and I can attest to both previous statements as absolute truth from my own observation.

Militarize South China Sea

With each action the government takes, we are either more like China or more like the America we have known and loved. When we ask Americans to stay home and wear masks, but withhold civil fines and penalties for noncompliance we are like America. When we tax the Americans for their private and independent movements, we are more like China. When we encourage entrepreneurship as a solution out of this crisis, we are more like America. When we bolt the doors of American business shut as China welded the doors of the citizen’s private homes shut, we are more like China. With every action we take during this crisis, we are either responsibly leaning into our freedoms or waning ever further away from them.

In addition to my writing, I have actually developed a pretty healthy nonprofit career that has led me to become the Executive Director for a local Meals on Wheels program. If the economy opens up, seniors should still stay home. Families should still use good judgement as to when and if to visit while so little information is available. We should still keep a little distance and God help me, we should have been washing our hands all along America. Some of you people are just nasty. We have but one life to live and there are many ways to squander that one existence. Death is just one of them and living under tyranny and oppression is but another.

Embrace the New Normal

Personally, I’m ready to embrace the new normal. I have seen through my work with the nonprofit and city leadership that a community really can respond to a crisis. There was a part of me that wondered whether America could do such a thing on a scale of World War 2 ever again. After seeing these efforts, I am confident that we can. Be encouraged in America as I have seen the greatest good come out in others in this crisis. Private business owners revamping their business to meet the emergency needs. Private donations, self-sacrifice, and taking a little healthy risk of one’s own life to save another. Honestly, if getting back to normal means losing that hope in America, I’m not sure I want to go back to that normal. Perhaps we should mourn very little for what is lost and embrace what we have gained.

It is time for America to start opening up, one healthy step at a time. It is time for the Government to let loose of the leashes that we voluntarily and temporarily handed to them on our private behavior. Did you hear that government? We let you tell us to stay home for the greater good. How do I know that? Because we are armed to the teeth. If we really opposed you, then you would have known it by now. We allowed you, but we are getting to a point where we are ready to make that voluntary contract null and void.

My fellow Americans, you can support science and the economy. You can promote the early and aggressive measures we took as a nation while recognizing that it must come to an end. American entrepreneurship will save us on the other side of this crisis, because the pursuit of profit has not gone anywhere. If the government tries to remove that pursuit through handouts and stimulus much longer, we need to sound the alarm as one of the trip wires to true socialism will have been set. We have but one life to live and there are many ways to squander that one existence. Death is just one of them and falling into a world where the government controls your ability to provide for your family is another.

I understand the risks and that is why I support the initial science. I support the voluntary stay at home. I also support the new science that tells us the worst may be behind us. I do not want nor do I expect guaranteed safety. I expect the opportunity to live my life in light of the many ways to ruin my one existence. I’ll say it again, we get but one life and there are many ways to squander it. Death is but one of them and by far not the worst one. We can be smart, data driven and free. Do not let anyone tell you that you must choose one. The time to reopen America is nigh and none of us will like what is to come if we tarry too far beyond that threshold.

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11 Replies to “Quarantine Was Nice, but It Is Time to Reopen America before America is Lost”

  1. If he was only this reasonable and co derivative in real life he could do some good.

  2. Jeff
    Have commented to your blog before, always with very positive response. I’ve been waiting to hear from you on this issue. Got to say I’m disappointed. I don’t feel the least bit oppressed by my Government. I do feel very let down by the daily, on-going display of massive organizational failure, starting in the WH. CDC botching and contaminating test kits. The guy running day-to-day actions in HHS is a breeder of labradoodles. Literary his only prior experience before becoming Azar’s CoS was running a small dog breeding company. WTF!!!! Trump advising the populace based on his “gut feelings”. As you implied SARS-CoV-2 care nothing about our feelings. It will only be defeated by science. You say we should take “safe steps”. Agree. Then you strongly imply that means open up everything now. I am far less concerned about people living off Gov “teat”, given that is a meager living at best that most will not settle for. I am very concerned about the massive pile of national debt and general financial stress. We could start by not wasting $MMM on unproven drugs like hydrochloroquine, and apply these funds to real treatment development and testing. If we had full testing, we could make informed decisions. This is the first, second, third and fourth priority for Gov to work. Nothing will have more positive impact than everyone know if they are infected or not, and infected but asymptomatic and possibly immune. Germany and S. Korea pulled this off. Want to MAGA, how about we actually use our massive, unmatched scientific and industrial capacity to attack real problems and solve them? Like our Gov. Larry Hogan who went out and got 500K testing kits from S. Korea, and in the process got snipped at by Trump.

    OK rant over. I look forward to your next posting. I do respect your efforts and will continue to subscribe.


    1. As a German I can say: Germany didn’t pull this off. It’s a massive failure over here and testing is scarce and chaotic. The government is helpless and becomes more china-like every day. Freedom is lost and I too fear for our rights in the future. And over here we’re not even armed.
      Guess we’re screwed. Maybe someday healthy and alive, but screwed.

      1. Sucks to hear man. The 2nd Amendment is a big deal to us here. Stay safe and stay free over there.

    2. Thanks for offering the dissent. I very much welcome it here. I’m not much a Trump fan so I don’t really base my thought off of him. Plus his ignorant rant on disenfectants reinforced that notion for me. I think we have got to find the path forward sooner rather than later. This is an unprecedented time and if not stewarded well, could herald in an age of changes we don’t like.

  3. Longtime fan and love your blog but you got this one completely wrong. I think it might do your perspective good to interview frontline heathcare workers who are dealing with this pandemic in currebt US hot spots. This thing is real.

    Do I feel under the tbumb of a “tyrannical” goverment because I am being asked to sacrifice a bit for my fellow citizens’ health and welfare? Absolutely not. I’m proud that my State’s democratically elected and empowerd state (MN) officals had the testicular fortitude to take strong and effective measures to quell COVID. MN now has the lowest infection rate in the US because of this. Less of us are dying and our economic recovery will be faster.

    As an American, I love that “you can’t tell me what to do” is essentially encoded in our social DNA. I love the fact that we don’t act like lemmings and we question authority. However, the best thing that we can do for our economy is to take drastic measures now to shorten the duration of this.

    Should my fellow American’s grandmother, mother, or father have to die because I don’t have the self control or fortitude to stay 2m away from people? No.

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