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Come now readers, let us take this path together.  I think if you have followed this blog for any time now, you know that there is much more to that title than meets the eye.  In fact, I’m guessing about 20% or better of the people commenting on this article will have just read the title and are calling me a minion from the depths of Obama’s secret lair of tyranny right this very minute.  And those are just the polite ones.  However, I do have a task for you all.  If you see such a comment where the person clearly didn’t read the article, I would like for you all to reply to this person’s comment with, “Bea Arthur wants her panties back.”  Because nothing frustrates me more than for a commenter to launch into a tirade based off the title and clearly didn’t read the article.  Those are called memes, go find one and knock yourself out.  So again, I want all of you, not just some, but all of you to reply to that person’s comment if it was clearly evident that they didn’t read the article.  “Bea Arthur wants her panties back,” now let’s move on to gun control in America.  I’ll not be making the same tired arguments about gun control to which we have all grown accustomed. That is the criminals will have them anyway defense, or it’s the people and not the guns.  As relevant as they may be, America has grown immune and I think they change the minds of no one.

The Amendments

As much as it bothers gun control advocates, the right to bear arms is a bon-a-fide constitutional amendment.  In fact, it is literally like the second one on the list.  It is not down there slumming around with the 26th amendment and a bunch of texting X-box playing 18 year olds who can now vote in between bong hits.  Nope, it is right there after that religion, speech, and press one that America seems to have loved so much since our inception.  The 2nd amendment was literally read by every single one of our founding fathers.  It has some serious constitutional street cred people and America should quit acting like it slipped in there somehow by mistake.  If you don’t like guns in America, go ahead and call it what it is.  You don’t like the second amendment to our Constitution and I’d rather you just came out and said it.

gun control

For those of you on the edge of your seat given the title of this article, let me go ahead and ease the tension by reminding you that I am a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  I own a gun, have plans to purchase another, and much as the oath I took as a United States Marine, I declare to use my guns for the greater good.  But to be perfectly honest with you, I am not just a fan of the 2nd amendment alone.  Rather, I kind of like them all.  Certainly the bill of rights and right up through the list till the end, I am a fan of our constitution and its amendments.  Except for the 18th as that one was a total buzz kill.  But guns are as constitutional as our right to vote.  And if you want to get with guns, baby there’s a price to pay, it was a genie in the bottle but the framers of our constitution found Christina Aguilera, rubbed her the right way and now it is out.  There has never been an America without private gun ownership and this future you like to surmise without them is a totally different America than the one we have ever known.

It can be changed if you like, but the bar for changing it is appropriately high.  The founders of our nation saw to it that anything could be changed, but it would take more than the whim of an administration, a genuinely appalling national event, or even the entire Federal Government itself.  Rather, to change the Constitution requires the entire shifting of the conscience and reason of a nation and I submit to you that this brilliance has allowed America to remain intact throughout the tossing waves of history.  So again, if you don’t like the idea of guns in America, then go ahead and be honest with yourself and call it what it is.  You are seeking to change our very Constitution itself.  The founders gave your permission and if the nations is with you, so be it.  However, you can count me in the opposition.

The Constitution is Kind of a Real Thing

I will confess, there are humans in this country who shouldn’t own a gun because they are in fact nuts.  Clearly every perpetrator of a mass shooting should have in retrospect been denied a gun. Daily in my old Memphis neighborhood there was an elderly man who used to mumble profanities to himself and others as he walked back and forth between the KFC and the liquor store.  By all means, if you restrict his constitutional right to bear arms as well, I will let it slide.  However, I am thinking that it is rarely so clear when we must act contrary to what is explicit in the Constitution.  For we have to call it what it is in that we have great cause to deny this person what the Constitution would guarantee them.  I’d like for you take a look below at a couple of ladies who by virtue of the 19th and 26th Amendments have an equal say in our government, the same as you and I.


If it is left up to me, I would take the right to vote away from these 2 girls in a heartbeat.  What is even worse is that there are 2 of them.  That means despite my research, they can literally cancel out and one up my vote with their fascinating idiocy.  It is clear that they should not be weighing in on the great matters of our day and when they do, we are all worse for it.  However, the Constitution says otherwise.  The constitution is explicit that no matter how foolish, ignorant, and burdensome to society these two women might be, they are guaranteed the right to vote by several constitutional amendments.  Of course, a gun tragedy is much more painful than foolish people voting, but we can’t just deny the Constitution itself without great consideration for how far down the rabbit hole this could go.

Honest Debate is the Only Way Forward

As a pattern, in light of  the particularly public shootings that have taken place in recent years, a large portion of our society continues to call for “common sense” gun laws.  To which I reply, great I guess, but you keep using this word “common sense” and I do not think it means what you think it to mean.  For it presupposes that there is this universal awareness of a most practical plan that allows individuals their constitutional right and prevents all violent acts committed with guns. An individual can be as insane as they day is long, but if there is no documentation to that fact, the can purchase a weapon and this is clearly what happened in Virginia this week.  You quote Australia or Europe as an example, both of whom had mass shootings in recent years by the way. However, wherever in the world you might choose to quote, you will be citing a land without a 2nd Amendment.  So please don’t bother unless you are willing to say that you are in fact supporting a repealing of the 2nd Amendment for we can have that debate together and at least it will be an intellectually honest one.


  1. I am not saying I don’t want to explore avenues to keep weapons out of the hands of those who would do harm.  I am just saying this “common sense” you describe in a country with 300 million legally owned firearms, millions more that we don’t know about, and a guaranteed right to them via the 2nd amendment is more elusive than you think.  How can you in a nation where mental health problems can as quickly make you rich and famous as they can infamous, then tell the insane from the quirky?  If you could, then at what point do you repeal a Constitutional right written in by the very men who founded this nation?  And when you have fixed that problem, how do you then stop them from walking around the corner to buy meth, crack, oh, and hey Mr. Drug Dealer, I’ll take that pistol as well for $40 bucks.  The world is rarely that clear and I think it is time you go ahead and say, what you have been wanting to say all along.  You want to repeal a part of our Constitution and we can debate that.  If you genuinely find yourself in the middle like much of America, then just quit saying “common sense” before you use the phrase gun laws unless you really have a plan for what that means.  Becuase I don’t.  But I’ll do my part and I have found one common sense opinion of a man who shouldn’t own a gun and I’ll leave you with his video below. For if this is how well he fights without a gun, all will be lost once we let ninjas get them.

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