Rules of Engagement
So that’s me in 2003 guarding  Al Kut City Hall during a protest just feet away from a crowd that probably wanted to kill me.  Read on to see why this is relevant.  I think a few definitions are in order before we proceed. Rules of Engagement, henceforth referred to as ROE, are the principles that guide the acts of aggression in various settings. They are not so much rules as they are guidelines as you can’t really list out a rule for every scenario. However, they give you the gist of what can’t do. For example, 2003 Iraq in the invasion and shortly after, you pretty much shot anyone that looked menacing. I exaggerate, but you get the point. Then during the occupation years, you needed 3 references and a resume before you could hire him as your bad guy to kill. I exaggerate, but you get the point. The ROE let you know with what discretion you can kill. They are good and helpful as it is rarely a good thing to tell Marines just kill whoever they want, but can be restrictive in less than clear circumstances.

The Throat Punch

Now, this is why I like the idea of a throat punch. You see, not everything requires a death. If someone makes you mad by cutting you off in traffic, I highly discourage you from killing them. Now, if said bad driver gets out their car and starts running their mouth at you, well, a well placed punch to the throat might still be illegal, but the Unprecedented Mediocrity ROE says it is within the limits. See shirt below from Gruntworks and click the picture to check it out.

Throat Punch shirtQuick point of clarification, I don’t get paid for plugging Gruntworks stuff. As a blogger I can indeed do that, but I think the blogger ROE say I’m supposed to disclose that. I write for Gruntworks from time to time and think they are a great people and an Awesome Veteran owned company. So should you buy a shirt from them? Yes, yes you should. But I am not making money off of it. I truly will do what I can with this blog to help support other Veteran ventures so feel free to hit me up unless you are selling something really stupid. Now, I will plug products from time to time, but only when they are congruent with the message of the article and are of a serious nature.

Like the robot lawn mowers you see above. Yes, just imagine what you can do with an army of robot lawn mowers. If you click that and buy, I get paid, buy lots of them and begin the robot revolution. Although it actually is kind of cool.  Moving on, so let’s talk about ROE and that cop from South Carolina charged with murder.

Blue Falcon Award

Yeah man. This cop that shot the 50 year old unarmed man in the back 8 times as he ran away should be labeled by all cops and the rest of America, the Blue Falcon of the year. Now, if you don’t know a Blue Falcon is, that is a military term for man who screws over his buddies. Why is it called Blue Falcon, well I try not to have a potty mouth, but I am sure one of my readers will elaborate in the comment section so just read there.

Seriously. The nation was just starting to wind down from the hands up don’t shoot crap, and then he goes and pulls this off. Now, I made it clear that I thought Michael Brown assaulted the police officer in Ferguson and as tragic as it was, the cop was right to fire and end his life. Thus, ardent supporters of Law Enforcement such as myself were explicit that cops were not going around killing unarmed people for no reason.

Military Blue FalconThen this douche with a badge goes and does just that. BLUE FALCON! The tragic thing is, that this was so explicit that it will be jumped on by the crazies and used to justify the murder of Cops whom would do nothing of the sort. The lives of cops everywhere just got a little bit harder today because of this man’s actions. Thus, let me say:

To all who shall see these present greetings, Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of the Worst Cop in South Carolina, I do appoint thee, Blue Falcon of the Year.

Throat Punch is an Option

Bottom line, the ROE say you can’t shoot a man 8 times as he is running away from you unarmed. You can’t then go pick up the taser you say he was grabbing and set it next to him.

Look, I know that the nature of liberty and freedom means we actually make it hard for our LEO’s to do their job sometimes. However, that is just the price of liberty. We don’t want to live in a police state and we work hard as a nation to check the power of those in authority. It is the American way and another reason to be extremely thankful for our law enforcement.

If he had tackled that man and felt like he needed a Throat punch for tussling with the law, well, who am I to judge. The ROE says you have options and deadly force is not always one of them. I chose to comment on this matter in my typical semi-serious way as I don’t think there is much we can do to change people’s opinions on these types of incidents. So, if you are bound and determined to burn down your local Little Ceasar’s over this like they did in Ferguson, well, go ahead and just grab me some Crazy Bread before you do it.

However, before you do, it might be worth noting that this cop is actually being charged with murder. That kind of sounds like Justice to me and if there is no peace without justice, then peace be unto you. I promise you, good Cops are as pissed at this guy as everyone else. After all, they know a Blue Falcon when they see one and they would likely line up on throat punch Thursday to give him one themselves. Now carry on with your plan of the day and buy a robot lawn mower.

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    1. Ha, thanks man. Sorry, the comment got caught up in the spam folder. Some times that happens. Thanks for having my back on that one Josh!

  1. As LEOs we have a responsibility to use the minimum amount of force necessary. In the past month I have had 3 guys run on foot. Not one got tazed and not one got shot . One did get away but hey, it’s not personal. And they were all wanted for violent felonies with violent history’s. It’s frustrating to be a 46 year old man and be outrun by a 23 year old but it’s there job to run nd my job to chase and nobody said we would catch them all. This tool box in SC set us all back a bit. To be clear, theere aren’t that many scenarios where you are good by shooting people that run away. I am skeptical that this guy should have even been tazed. Taking a life is very serious and even if you are justified it doesn’t always mean you have too. But this Blue Falcon just made all our our jobs harder and more dangerous. Throat punch and sac slap.

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