A good man’s death is nothing of which to make light, but the spectacle that has ensued since his death is nothing short of absurd.  We can honor the man for his lifetime of service and deep love for the constitution, but also tackle the hard truths about its impact that rests before us today.  His passing was a blow to conservative’s vision with an impact that will outweigh every single Obama executive order combined.  But just as grieving family members can often be prone to irrational and self-destructive actions after the passing of a loved one so too can conservatives take a bad situation and make it worse.  Swapping the court to 5-4 in the other direction hurts, but 6-3 by 2020 will be difficult to bear. Antonin Scalia’s death is unusual because a Ninja assassin might have taken him out but conservative ideologues might assassinate everything the man worked hard for after the fact.

Worst Assassin Ever

Let’s get this out of the way, there was reportedly a pillow on his face when he was found and if Antonin Scalia was assassinated it was by the worst assassin in the history of assassins.  He left the pillow on the face!  You don’t do that, who does that?  The whole reason you use a pillow is so that the causes look natural.  I can just imagine the assassin driving home from the scene when he realized that and started banging the steering wheel cursing the same way you do when you realize you left your cell phone at home or the iron on.  The teasing at assassin camp this summer is going to be brutal for this guy.  Think Chris Farley from Beverly Hills Ninja.

Stop it conservatives, just stop it. The Obama conspiracies are part of the reason conservative vision in America is so lost and confused.  You have spent 8 years promising me everything from race riots, marshal law, to sharia and in the meantime progressive vision is winning over the youth of America because it sounds smarter than this junk.  I know they will always tell me that calling it a conspiracy is just one way to discredit the truth.  But another way to discredit one’s words is when you never get anything right.  Seriously, just get one right, just one and then we can talk. Otherwise, you are just enabling future tyranny by crying wolf time and time again.  I believe in conservative vision because I know it has merit and utility to free people throughout this nation. Let us talk that more often and see what happens.

Scalia assissination

This type of stuff has to stop because at this point the only conspiracy I believe is that all conservative conspiracy theorist are secretly liberal agents trying to make conservatives look silly.  Obama is leaving in less than a year and for all the readers out there, I want you to write down the names of all the websites that spewed this stuff as fact and know who blatantly lied to your face for the purpose of baiting you into a click.  Yes, the title of my article is, in fact, click bait but that’s just because I do irony well.  There is no ninja assassin, but this year might just see the assassination of everything Scalia stood for in the court and that is worse than the passing of any one man.

So What Now?

Ok, so now that you all promised to not help destroy conservatism by spreading the absurd let us move to what should be done now.  When it comes to whether or not it is proper for a President to nominate a Supreme Court justice in his final year both Republicans and Democrats are full of crap.  If the roles and parties were reversed, you would see Democrats screaming that it is improper and a Republican President saying it was his constitutional duty.  The truth is that each seat on the Supreme Court is immensely valuable and you take them however you can get them. I’d rather both parties just look each other in the eye and say, I will destroy you while the other says go for it.

I don’t imagine politicians to be any different than the average man or woman when it comes to human emotion and their reactions mirrored what you saw on social media.  I do believe that liberals and Democrats are human and can honestly mourn a good man’s passing, but don’t tell me they didn’t see the obvious.  They are the equivalent of Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson crashing a funeral to pick up women.  Sure you are crying, but we know what you are really here for. You want to lift up that robe and get a piece of that seat now don’t you?

scalia assassin


Republicans likewise could have an honest reaction of sadness for the man that transformed into sheer panic in about 20 seconds.  It speaks to our humanity and our practicality so all sides can spare each other the moral lecture about how they are supposed to act.  We know exactly what this is about and anything other than a battle royal for ownership of 5-4 is utterly absurd and patronizing.

To Block Or Not to Block, That is the Question

Now that we admitted there was no assassin or if there was no one would believe it because not a single other conspiracy ever came true.  And now, we know this is about 5-4 and nothing else so let’s talk strategy.   I admit it is a tough call, but before you threaten and hem up your Senator with a block or die ultimatum, consider this.  The GOP is not exactly fielding a guaranteed winner here in 2016.  I know that is hard for Trump supporters to hear, but in your of hearts you have to question whether it is true.  Trump supporters are loyal, but once you get past the last one support falls off a cliff.  I’m not even going to trash Trump just ask you to consider the reality.

Which means if the Senate blocks Obama’s nominee it could actually be worse in 2017.  If Obama wants his nominee in, there is an incentive for him to push a moderate.  There is no way Obama, Clinton, or Sanders will be nominating a conservative justice along the line of Scalia.  Come to terms with it, 5-4 as it was for the GOP is done and over.  Sure there is a chance the GOP wins the Presidency in 2016, but are you willing to bet 6-3 on it? Because you are betting the farm that Trump will win over this entire country or 6-3 Liberal for the foreseeable future is our destiny.

Playing the Long Game

Look, no one wishes for the death of a Justice but we can’t deny their age.  Scalia was a 79-year-old overweight man and I don’t know how many of the same demographic passed away this year but it was more than a few.  Ginsberg is a sweet lady and I truly wish her a long life, but if she makes it on the bench another 8 years it will be shocking.  In my opinion, Obama wants his pick and he doesn’t care to leave it to the next guy.  It is possible that the Senate could leverage the most moderate brilliant mind they can get out of him and then confirm them before worse happens in 2017. Could Hillary nominate Obama in 2017?  My goodness who would Bernie put up there?


Again, 5-4 is gone this is just how our constitution works as much you might hate it.  Then if, big if, super if, like “its gonna be yugeee” if, the GOP wins in 2016 you wait to flip it 5-4 back towards a stricter interpretation of the constitution.  Because that is how the constitution works. In the meantime, the conservatives better get serious about vision rather than conspiracy.  Stop forcing your reps and Senators to be idealogues or there will not be many of them left when it matters most.  You want to bet the 6-3 farm that the GOP wins in 2016, go ahead.  If you are wrong, its over.  These times require smart action, not that which pleases the bloggers and pundits so just consider it. Making sure number 5 is as moderate as they can get might be the only hope to ensure the vision for which Scalia fought is not completely assassinated with him. Seriously, what kind of assassin forgets to take the pillow off of the face. Smh

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6 Replies to “Antonin Scalia’s Death is Unusual for This Reason Alone”

  1. Sorry dude, but I have to disagree with you on this. The entire promise of getting the Repubs a congressional majority was precisely for this reason. “We need balance”, they said. “We can protect the Constitution”, they said. Americans went to the polls and gave Congress back to the Republicans as a stopgap against the progressive agenda that many loathe. They have a moral imperative to act in this manner now. This is Munich, and it’s 1938, by God. Half measures and misplaced faith in “incentives” to “appoint a moderate” be damned. We gave them the tools to right wrongs and protect the intent of the founders. If they cannot find it within themselves to do the right thing, then maybe the States should seek alternatives, because that would indicate that the ship is run through with rats, and it might be time to burn the hull down to the waterline and start anew. -Unclean

    1. That’s cool man, I actually welcome dissenting thought here on the blog. I think the conservatives should fight, but I think their misstep was to say Obama doesn’t get a pick. 1. Because the GOP could easily lose in 2016 and then what, and 2. It hurts the GOP image. If Obama nominated say, Eric Holder, then by all means, die on that hill and fight. Rather the message should be, “Don’t bother with anything other than a moderate.” Obama is not sending the next Scalia for certain, but that 5th Vote is gone. Now it is a matter of how do we get the best moderate possible. Force the MOderate and hold the line. But to say you don’t get a pick is just now how it typically has ever worked and makes them look petty. 5-4 the other way is rough, 6-3 is tragic, if we start hitting 7-2 then much may be totally lost. I just fear 6-3 and 7-2 is the future if Conservatives don’t get a clear vision that appeals to all Americans and not just the pundits. We are not Munich 1938 yet I believe, there is still time to hold out hope!

      1. Moderates get us Justice Souter who was supposed to be a “home run for conservatives” and didn’t pan out that way at all. Should Obama get a pick? Yeah, as much as I wish otherwise, he should. And the Senate should advise and consent. Let the president pick whomever he wants and then hopefully the Senate will bounce the nominee back down Capitol Hill. The vindictive part of me wants them to Bork whichever poor fool gets nominated. What I want is another Scalia, an originalist, someone who reveres our founding documents and does not go searching for what is not there in an effort to create ex nihilio that which was not intended.

        My problem is that I don’t have any better answers. I don’t know what sort of litmus test or vetting the Senate should apply to a nominee. There is a great difference between qualifications and agreement. Nearly anyone that would sit in a confirmation hearing would be “qualified” but the realpolitik is that SCOTUS seats aren’t passed out based on qualifications, they are passed out on ideological agreement with the Senate as composed at the time of the vacancy. That is a shameful statement to make about this country.

        I don’t think we can get what we want, nor do I think I think that if we try that we’ll get what we need . So instead I’ll just pray, and try my best to love my enemies.

        Apologies to The Rolling Stones

  2. The way it seems to me, is that Ted Cruz would buy us 4 maybe 8 more years to prepare. If he can gut the Federal government back to the military, state department and capitol hill we might even be able to turn this country around in a generation or two. But that’s probably a pipe dream.

    Any other Republican candidate and we’ll be lucky to get 4 years to prepare. Democrat candidates we’ll have even less time. The federal agencies and courts will be so big and pushing collectivist agendas so hard (BLM vs Ranchers etc) that individual freedoms will ceases to exist and America will resemble any one of the totalitarian west European nations.

    So why not go for broke? 5-4 or 6-3 left doesn’t matter when we’re breaking out our GWOT knowledge to stand up against tyranny. However 6-3 or 7-2 Constitutional would give us a fighting chance to correct the system and reduce the government to its proper size, without having to take a more direct and forceful approach.

  3. After all the crying, on both sides, is finished I think if Justice Scalia could be asked if Obama has a pick he would quote the Constitution.

    I must disagree with your thoughts about liberals infiltrating the conservatives to make them look silly. At this point I don’t think the conservatives need any help with that, they are doing a superb job on their own.

    Semper Fi

  4. He was a Supreme Court judge who’s death can change the future of the country. Why not an autopsy? Around here they do autopsies on people shot in the head to determine cause of death.

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