DACA shutdown

Before you assume what I am going to say given the title let me go ahead and tell you that I have no problem with DACA. That young Pedro followed his daddy across a river when he was 5 and has since graduated high school, served in the military or even opened up Pedro Lawncare bothers me not. Pedro never hurt anybody and he even has my vote for class President. That being said, putting US citizens out of work through a government shutdown over Pedro is preposterously treasonous. I do not like, nor do I find merit in Donald Julius Trump as our President. That being said, Trump is right when he says he was hired to be President of the United States. So while I’m happy to vote for DACA Pedro for class President, DACA Pedro doesn’t get to cost American citizens their paychecks. Pedro doesn’t have a right to stay here as much as I think it makes good policy to let Pedro stay and contribute. Pedro is a guest and hospitality has it’s limits. So no, Pedro you don’t get to shutdown our government and politicians prioritizing DACA over citizens is irresponsible and unfair. Also, a wall is just stupid. Terrible idea, absolutely just the worst.  

DACA Pedro Says You Went Too Far

To be quite honest, I’m not even sure young Pedro wants Democrats to be shutting down the government for their sake. Certainly Pedro has a case to make about being sent back to a country he never knew and may not even speak the language. Certainly many citizens like myself can see the absurdity of sending them back if they are contributing to our country. But the Dems went too far this time on young Pedro’s behalf. It’s like a teacher heard young Pedro crying on the schoolyard so she came out and punished every kid out there with detention and then left. Yes, Pedro had a case to make but now he has to turn around to the sight of this.

The whole case to be made on behalf of DACA immigrants is that they are not a burden on America. So what in the name of Bea Arthur’s panties are Democrats thinking by making DACA immigrants a burden on America by shutting down our government? I’m fine with shutting down our government over fiscal responsibility. I’m fine with shutting down our government over matters of policy that affect our citizenry. Heck, you can shut down our government over the famed peanut butter versus jalapeno cheese debate? There’s no debate really, jalapeno cheese all day long.

Point is, we can shut down OUR government over whatever we want because it is OURs to shutdown. Immigrants of any variety are but welcomed guests until the moment they take the oath. This government belongs to its citizens of every race, background, ethnicity, religion, gender or creed. I’m very pro-immigration and like I mentioned, DACA Pedro is cool with me. They can be guests in my house any day, but they can’t bring harm to my house. The Dems have artificially created a burden on the American citizen that Pedro didn’t ask for. That being said…

A Wall is Stupid, Just Terrible, the Worst Really

Despite my pro-immigrant stance, I’m actually a hawk on border security. That any immigrant deported multiple times is here to commit any crime from jay walking to murder is preposterous. Even from a fiscal standpoint, to be deported twice means the money we spent on deportation number 1 was wasted. Personally I say on deportation number one we politely escort you to your country of origin. I don’t blame you for wanting to come and if I were to catch you it would simply be along the lines of “ha, I gotcha you little rascal now back you go.” But after the 2nd or 3rd time it’s getting ridiculous.

That we don’t know who is coming and going across our border is just plain silly. A wall, according to every expert out there, won’t solve any of that. It’s a gimmicky campaign promise akin to someone running for Student Council who campaigns on the idea of getting rid of Algebra. It would require massive use of imminent domain, which is in of itself a little treasonous, cost $20 billion dollars and won’t actually solve the problem. More illegal immigrants are being added now by overstaying their visas than are crossing the border.

Also, Trump’s crackdown on immigration has actually decreased the illegal population crossing the border. Meaning, it’s already going down without a wall making the wall even less necessary. Crossing the border where a wall would be is just one of the many ways to enter this country illegally. Trump has simply turned it into a campaign pitch that he now feels obligated to meet. Mexico is not paying for the wall, Americans will and it won’t work. No fiscal conservative who pays any attention to immigration policy has any business supporting the absurd. Trump is many things, but an immigration policy expert he is not.

This Whole Thing is Ridiculous

I submit to you my friends that DACA Pedro is no threat to America. Pedro has my vote for class President. However, shutting down the US Government and costing American citizens money over Pedro is silly. I know plenty of Federal employees now going without a paycheck who support DACA. But I’m willing to bet if you asked them to choose between feeding their families or keeping Pedro they would pick their families. I would have thought that those paid to represent us would have chosen the same. I can’t help but feel that Congress for a noble cause is giving their constituents the Mr. Bean treatment. 

We are indeed figuring out some stuff about ourselves here in America, but that is our business to figure out. A non-citizen guest has no rights to that conversation. That being said, that any fiscal conservative would support shutting down the government so that they can spend $20 billion of taxpayer money on a poor policy is remarkably backwards. Shouldn’t conservatives be trying to spend less money? There is a reason throughout both Conservative and Liberal administrations we don’t have a wall. It’s because a wall is a stupid idea. Seriously, do a little research on the effectiveness of a border to border wall.

The world has gone wacky my friends. We have US Representatives and Senators representing the interest of non-citizens at the expense of citizens and we have fiscal conservatives supporting a bigger deficit via a massive government project cause Trump chanted it at some rallies. May we pray for Mattis 2020 to become a reality and save us from the Idiocracy trajectory we are currently on.

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4 Replies to “Shutting Down the US Government Over Foreigners is Preposterously Treasonous”

  1. Your lawn care guy can’t pay income taxes unless he steals a social security #, if he does that he gets child tax credits for kids he doesn’t have in Old Mexico – up to 9. We spend upwards of $150B on fraudulent tax returns every single year to illegals. In my one sentence there are 6 crimes that I would spend a long, long, long time in jail for. Did I mention me a citizen would spend a long, long, long time in jail? Your military serving daca kid almost doesn’t exist, .0004 percent of DACA are in the military, that 4/1 millionths of 1%. If that was the case for the general pop our entire military(with reserves) would be 129K. Those that do serve get citizenship period in my view. All the others, not so much.

    1. Actually, you can file income taxes without a SSN. You just get a nine digit number called Individual Taxpayer Identification Number from the IRS. Also, all males have to register for the draft at 18, regardless of status especially if you want to have a chance at financial aid for college. Otherwise you face fines or deportation anyway for not registering for the draft.

  2. I believe it would be cheaper to build a wall and start deporting illegals at a rapid rate than to continue providing them with billions in taxpayer money. There is a process to come here legally. The average American has no idea what we are dealing with. Sure , some little kid isn’t to blame but honestly that’s not my problem and I really don’t care if Pedro gets deported. He can run for class president in his own country.

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