Other Side of Coin and the Story of MoldyLocks McGee and Blue Shirt Baggins

“The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  A quote from Winston Churchill that I’ve often used and its application is timeless.  Earlier this week I posted an article deriding a grown, actually more of a hobbit, man punching a woman, actually gender not defined, at a protest in Berkeley.  By the video evidence presented, it became clear to me that he ran through a crowd of grown men fighting and punched, actually more closed fisted forehead slapped, a woman.  But if the truth is incontrovertible, let us speak of the other side of the coin.  For it appears that this woman may very well have been engaged in the melee seconds earlier with a bottle in her hand when Blue Shirt Baggins took her on.  If that is indeed the case, I must recant my words that he was a Douchebag for punching her.  A bottle wielding woman in a melee is a threat and that is incontrovertible truth.  I’m not afraid to make like Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing and say to Patrick Swayze, “Look, I know you weren’t the one who got Penny in trouble.  When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong.  You looked beautiful out there baby.” But now that I’ve got your intention, let’s have some real talk about Blue Shirt Baggins.  Because I extolled earlier that we need to be careful of whom we make heroes and the more I learn about this man it is clear, he is no G.I. Joe and he is no real American hero.  Let us not make him one.

A Marine Veteran by Any Other Name

Most of us who served in the Marines will be familiar with the terms I’m about to use.  Namely that there are no white or black Marines.  Just green and dark green.  Truthfully it’s more nuanced than that as you have your slightly lighter dark green Hispanic Marines and then just a few even lighter Asian green Marines.  Pardon me if I’ve left out your shade of green Marine.  Nathan Domigo is a United States Marine Veteran of the same war in which I fought as a Marine.  Everyone copes with that differently and it appears Domigo had a rough go of adjusting.  I’m not here to judge how any Marine adjusts and that I’ll leave alone.  But nor am I hear to give any Marine a pass at his subsequent behavior just because he served.  We all know good Marines and we also know the Marines who took sadistic joy in shooting random dogs in Iraq.  I don’t know which one is Domigo, but we’ll just let his own words speak for themselves.

PTSD can cause a variety of symptoms and distorted thinking, but for Domigo he would claim that led him to rob a cab driver at gunpoint.  He claims he thought he was Iraqi and his PTSD kicked in.  Well, I’m not an expert on PTSD and while it can be the driver for many behaviors I can’t think of many if any cases where it caused a Veteran to walk away with someone else’s money.  Not even in Iraq when we were the Judge Dredd style law did we Debo someone’s stuff.  Not entirely true, but that’s a whole other article.  He spent 5 years in jail, read a bunch of David Duke, and came out Blue Shirt Baggins on the other side.  Here’s an article if you care to read it.  http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-nathan-damigo-alt-right-20161115-story.html

Blue Shirt Baggins Versus Moldylocks

For some reason, in the aftermath of this video there has been a mad rush to defend Domigo and the punch not heard round the world, but the punch you probably couldn’t hear if you were standing right next to it.  Perhaps driven by a strong disdain for Antifa or even a show of solidarity with Trump supporters fighting for free speech.  But in doing so, I’ve seen post such as “Marine Veteran saves crowd from IEDs” and “Marine knows to run to the sound of danger.”  And while that’s all true, its what’s missing that saddens me.  For it ought to read, “Marine tackles bottle wielding porn star.  Good for him, now take your blue shirt, racist ideology and get the frick out of the Make America Great Movement.  Because the dude is not a hero to the conservative movement he is a liability with a weak right jab.

I’m not going to get into what all this guy believes, but to say he is white nationalist extremist is putting it lightly.  Moreover, I’m not going to share his ideology because I care not to spread it.  Freedom of speech comes with it also the freedom to be silent.  But I would wonder exactly what this Marine’s 50 shades of darker green fellow Marines would have to say about his ideology.  One that says minority children born in the US “inherit 3rd world behavior.”  One which led him to tweet that Trump “was the only candidate whose policies would make America whiter.”  And one which led the man to get a DNA test to affirm his whiteness.

The Marine Corps I know wouldn’t tolerate, promote, or teach an ideology like that.  And I as a fellow Marine Veteran of the same war I am under no obligation to defend it because Blue Shirt Baggins said it.  Are the non-white Marines not fellow Marines and fully entitled to every right in this country?  They are men aint’ they?  Have not the minority men and women who have died in defense of this nation earned the right to live, reproduce, and make it their own as well?  Oh you know what, Denzel from the 54th Massachusetts says it better than me.  They men ain’t they?

In Conclusion

The men of the 54th earned the right to live in this country for both themselves and the generations to follow them.  So did the various shades of green Marines throughout history and yet, Blue Shirt Baggins would say that’s ok but just so long as they don’t populate in too large of numbers.  Listen, I’m a white man and I’m not afraid of becoming a minority. One, because it won’t happen in my lifetime regardless of what garbage men like Domigo spew, but also its not a big deal.  I’ve lived in Memphis where minority populations represented over half the city and now in rural Eastern Washington where our minority population is so small it includes a white lady from Montana.

It’s the same to be honest with you.  I favor tough border control laws because I believe a secure border is common sense. Domigo favors it because he wants to protect the white population.  And those who support Trump and these free speech rallies need to ask dudes like that to stay home.  Domigo takes refuge hiding among the masses of Red Hats donned by people who truly just want to make America great again when he wants to make it whiter.  I don’t give a crap how many tours to the sandbox you did, if that’s your ideology consider me in opposition.

So great, it looks like Moldylocks had a bottle and Blue Shirt Baggins was justified in defense.  Thank you my little hobbit friend, now take your ideology and get it out of a legitimate political movement. I don’t believe Trump supporters are racist in mass.  But at some point, Trump supporters need to own up to the fact that parasites like this man are using the red trucker hat masses as his own personal white sheet and pointy hat.  Don’t let dudes like this hide behind you and for the love of Bea Arthur’s undies don’t make a hero out of him.  But Nathan, I know you weren’t the one who got Penny in trouble and when I’m wrong I say I’m wrong.  Now go home before Frodo starts to get worried.

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Jeff Edwards


  1. LOL So you were full of shit but an LA Times article said something negative about the guy, so you’re still kind of right? Is that what I’m getting here? This is getting pathetic. You really need to stop wearing Bea Arthur’s panties so much.

    • The LA Times article was one of many links. There is plenty out there where dude is openly clear about his views. And yes, I’m starting to concern myself over this Bea Arthur thing.

  2. From my vantage point, blue shirt baggins is the poster child of the trump movement. As someone from a darker shade of green, I’m can’t point to a time in America’s history that wasn’t as great as it is now.

    I recently read an article about the disparity and anxiety lighter green people feel about the state of America when compared to their parents and grandparents. Well, when I look back at my grandparents day, the prospects where cleaning those people’s houses and sharecropping. When I look at my parents’ day, Jim Crow and the brutal fight for civil and equal rights. Wanna talk about disparity and anxiety?!!? Give me a break snowflake.

    When I hear “Make America Great Again,” I hear make it white again. Or better yet, make white great again. So. I’m not surprised that this dude is the new Joe the Plumber hero.

  3. Much better and somewhat defensible. Can we just agree that both of them a losers and turds? I can agree on that easily.

  4. I am a white guy (and I don’t usually begin my sentences with that) and a former Marine who has been around for a while in “people” years and even longer in “dog” years. Which is my way of saying I have seen a lot. We live in weird times. If I make a statement that opposes a politically correct statement I am a “racist” and if I don’t say what is on my mind I feel like I am not using my freedom of speech thing that some people have literally died for. And I would die for,. So in my humble opinion we as a country would do much better if we REALLY weighed our words and actions and used some common sense, we would do much better as a country. As simple and as hard as that. Good luck with the common sense thing. My cynical and realistic nature.

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