In solidarity with our Belgian brothers and sisters, I’d like to offer this message as a Marine Veteran to the jihadist who think they are accomplishing something by massacring the innocent.  On top of that, I just want to ensure all my brothers and sisters from America to Europe and all the way down to where western liberty meets the medieval mountains of Mordor somewhere around Turkey that we got this.  The jihadist are not bringing us anything we have not seen before and in fact, what they bring to the table is a laughable excuse of a war.  I’m not offering bravado and empty talk, but facts and history that should lead us to have courage. Courage for our friends and the generations that have gone before us.

The History of European Resilience

The Population of Europe is approximately 740 million as far as I can tell.  In Belgium you killed 34 of them yesterday, 130 of them in Paris, and I believe 17 during the French Charlie Hebdo attacks.  For the West that is a difficult blow as we actually value individual life, but to the silly jihadist who think it expendable are you really proud of yourself?  I’m from the South, so let me just offer you a sincere, “Bless your heart.”  We feel the pain of our loss, but when we raise our heads up it is with vengeance on our minds not fear.  Daddy Mohammed will not be proud of you as at best he will pat your head like a child who raised 0.20 cents selling lemonade on behalf of the Jihad effort.

So my question to the jihadist is whether the same people of resolve who fought valiantly in World War 2 are supposed to be afraid of that?  The death and devastation you jihadist caused in all of Europe over the past year is what Londoners in 1940 would just call a typical Tuesday evening.  I’ll even throw Germany into the mix.  Granted they had that whole nasty Nazi thing going on, but they are allies now and have moved on.


Yet, the gallantry of a German soldier in combat was irrespective of politics.  It was common for axis and allies to praise what they saw out of one another in combat.  You do not want to endure what the Germans can bring you on the battlefield once they remember who they are. The whole of Europe knows War as well as any continent and if they didn’t blink when staring down the mighty Soviet Union they will not blink in the face of terrorism.   From an American Veteran to all of Europe, you got this fellas just remember who you are, where you have been, and of what you are capable.

The Big Bad Muslim World

All Muslims are not evil and I know too many who just want a happy life in the West to convince me otherwise.  There are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world which sounds like a lot, but as the Muslims often remind us a very small percentage of those are terrorists.  I might argue there is a slightly larger percentage that are at a minimum complicit with terrorism but that is another story for another day.  And while that sounds like a lot, I know you Muslims more than you think and most of you could care less about Islam.

muslim refugees iraq europe

My time in Iraq clued me in to the fact that most Muslims in the Middle East are Muslim the same way a lot of Americans in America are Christian. Meaning, sort of, but not really.  You claim to be devout, but when kids throughout that country were trying to sell me liquor and weird Arabic porn outside the wire every day I can’t help but think a good bit of the population is not all that serious about it.  Most of you 1.6 billion Muslims are Muslim because that’s where you were born and it’s just what you do.  Americans are into Christianity, India is into Hinduism, and Japan is apparently just into really weird cartoon porn because it’s just what they do.  Sorry Yamamoto, you are from Tokyo now turn on the Anime and do your thing while your robot friends watch and clap.

When you are dealing with terrorist, you are really only dealing with the devout and Europe and America have handled worse.  You will have your small attacks, but you shall not win the day and it’s laughable you even consider it possible.  Last year in America, a Muslim and his imported wife killed 16 Americans in San Bernardino or would I would like to remind you is 4 less people than cows will kill this year.  That’s right, cows kill about 20 people a year and despite having weapons the jihadist just couldn’t pull it off.  Meanwhile in Iraq and Syria, American A-10 Warthogs will do as much before they get past the third “r” in brrrrrttttttt.

In Conclusion

The media has a certain ability to induce panic that is not rooted in reality.  Terrorist are bad, but the West has seen bad before.  They kill the innocent, but we have felt that pain in far larger numbers before.  Killing the terrorist will require sacrifice, but the West has endured monumental sacrifice before.  Europe, America, and Western society have our ills, but I promise you we have not forgotten how to fight.  We have the character to win, the technology to win, and once you poke us too many times the sacrifice will be yours, not ours.

Coexist terrorism

Like the good people at Gruntworks have often said with their product above, you can’t COEXIST with people who want to kill you.  And while that is often used to describe the terrorist’s actions towards the West, I want to remind the jihadist that it applies to them as well.  Because once the West has decided to kill you for your atrocities, you will no longer exist. If jihadis had any balls, they would raise an army and fight the West like men.  Either way, we are ready.  We got this Western society, let’s remember who we are, where we have come from, and both our liberty and security will remain in tact.  Have courage, courage for our friends.

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4 Replies to “Silly Jihadist Need to Hear this Message from Veterans of the West”

  1. Just remind them that the 72 Virgins that await them in heaven aren’t virgins, because you know who guards the streets there.

  2. Remember who we are? To many Europeans, and not a few Americans, they have completely erased it from their minds. It will take a lot more killing, and we will be in a much weaker position, before the people running things decide it’s time we stand on our hind legs and put an end to this. WWII was an existential struggle against enemies who were as well, or better, manned and equipped than we were at the start of the war. The French and Brits could have easily cut Hitler off at the knees in the mid 1930’s. They chose to wait until it was almost too late to save Europe at all, and that at tremendous cost. Today’s “leaders” are doing the same. They are allowing enemies to infiltrate their countries and set up shop, all the while denying that they are enemies at all.

  3. You have no idea,you’ve seen muslims outside the wire? And now you know them better then they do themself?
    You sir,are full of shit.

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