Ok, first thing’s first.  If at any point in this article I mess up referring to Chelsea as a he or a she I’m going to need you to get over that.  Grammar is already just a recommendation in my universe and I assure you the misuse of a pronoun is just standard fare here.  But I’m not a jerk and I want this article to be about nothing transgendered so I’m going to do my best to stick with she. For she is a traitor to her country and this commutation is just silly.  I’m not going to go all Veteran rage over it as I don’t personally know the girl and my life is not really affected.  But this was just plain silly.  She swore an oath and broke it.  She is not a hero, but an internet nerd seeking her own glory at the expense of the other he’s and she’s with whom she served.  She exposed nothing but the brutal truth that war is hell and stuff happens.  She from her computer safe space in the rear with the gear sought to vilify those on the ground making split second life and death decisions.  She is a traitor and while her sentence was just, this pardon is very much the opposite.  Silliness.

Sure, Let’s Just Hack America Away

How in the name of sweet Bea Arthur’s panties does Obama have the nerve to sit here and complain about Russian hacking influence on our election and then commute the sentence of one of America’s greatest digital criminals?  You see, I was under the impression that hacking by any other name is still a hack.  I was under the impression that treason by any other name is still treason.  Granted, I was just a grunt but if I took the tools of my craft and turned them on my own countrymen would I not be a traitor?  Sure people would die if that was the case, but how can we be so sure what Manning released did not in fact result in future deaths.

We sit her all day talking about how Donald Trump’s word could inflame Muslims to become terrorist.  But how do we know that a terrorist wasn’t sitting on the couch with a suicide vest in one hand and porn in the other trying to decide which path to follow when he saw the WikiLeaks footage of the bad Apache helicopter shoot.  If Habib chose to blow himself up instead of pull out his blow up doll as a result then Manning got his fellow countrymen killed.  Treason I say, but Obama says sort of. I’d have rather Obama pardoned Charles Mason because at least we would have surely gotten one hilarious reality show out of the deal.

The Whistle Blowing Cop Out

Look, if you want to make Veterans angry all you have to do is show us the scene from Saving Private Ryan where dude is crying in the stairwell when his buddy is getting stabbed.  Literally the movie has been out for 20 years and it still makes me angry.  The film makers tried to play it off as some moral lesson of humanity when the German lets him live and then finally gets shot at the end of the movie.  But Vets don’t care because that is not a happy ending.  A happy ending, at least in the non-massage parlor sense, is when the crybaby does his job right the first time when it actually matters.  A happy ending is when the crybaby runs upstairs and at least does something.  Hell, he could have even pulled the Clemson butt grab move on the German and I would have taken it.  Seriously, Clemson dude what was up with that?

We in the military and veteran community expect people to do their jobs.  Manning’s job was intelligence so that others may live.  What he did was the opposite.  Under the guise of being a whistle blower she took sensitive information and exposed it for all our enemies to see.  While many were dying doing their jobs Manning had dreams of becoming an internet hacker nerd queen by abusing his.  It was treason and the fact that she was found guilty gave justice to those who did their job and certainly to those who paid the ultimate price doing so.  It’s why with equal disdain we loath Bowe Bergandal.  Each one said they were trying to expose corruption when in reality they were serving their own purpose.  It’s treason and no stretch to say they both got people killed.  Like a crying douche in a stairwell you let them down.  And just to enrage my fellow vets more, here’s a picture.

The Ripple Effect

In the end, a person who took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic aided our enemies.  And now he is to be a free man, but the frustration actually grows.  You see, Chelsea Manning will now be a hero to many.  She will never buy a drink again and in many circles she will be lauded for her popularity like she is some kind of hero.  In walks the interview, book deals, and awards from progressive groups like she cured cancer.  But Chelsea, I just highly recommend you don’t walk into your local VFW to get that drink. Now one last bed time story.

I got sick in Iraq in 2003 and was flown from Al Kut to a little MASH style hospital in Nasiriya.  I was better after a few days, but under fear they were going to send me back home I found a Staff Sergeant from 8th Engineers heading north.  I asked I could jump in with him and he said sure.  We arrived at Diwiniya where I then walked around the staging area until I found a cool Gunny with a Marine bulk fuel unit heading to Al Kut.  I jump in with them and then the next morning I show up at my Company HQ.  They said, “huh, we thought you were in Germany getting your appendix out.”  I said no, they said Oh, welcome back.

Gender neutral boot camp

Now I tell you that story about how my unit lost me in the middle of war not to brag on myself.  I did nothing but hitchhike my way back, and no you little perverts I didn’t have to do sexual favors to catch a ride.  I am not a famous Marine and my combat experience is very limited but I was determined beyond all that I was simply going to do my job in Iraq and a little tummy bug wasn’t going to undo it.  That’s all Manning had to do.  She could have joined the many Veterans protesting the war after fact, but while in uniform she was just expected to do her job.  Instead, she betrayed her brothers and sisters and turned her craft against them.  So I say again Chelsea, congrats on your freedom but best you grab a drink with your buddy Bowe Bergandal than show up at Applebee’s on Veterans Day.  In fact, if you have Bea Arthurs panties you can just keep them.  You chose treason, now live with it.

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7 Replies to “The Silly Sacrilege of Commuting the Traitor Chelsea Manning”

  1. I’m not a Conservative, or especially Gung Ho. I was neither a terrible soldier, nor a particularly notable one. But even I know that if she felt the need, the moral imperative, to be a whistleblower, she should have also had the corresponding sense of personal responsibility to fall on her sword, and plead guilty, which she did not. I’m disappointed that President Obama pardoned this reprehensible human being, probably as a parting shot.

    God help her now, because no one else will.

  2. I’m not former Intel analyst. I am not a fan of Manning or Snowden. I understand why people see them as whistle blowers rather than traitors, and intent is very important to purchase justice system. That all being said, I’m here mostly to correct a mistake. Manning was not pardoned. Her sentence was commuted. Those are two very different things. The President may have information that we don’t that made him feel that commuting the sentence was warranted, but he certainly did not pardon Manning. Manning will forever be a dishonorable discharged, convicted felon with all that entails. She just won’t spend the next decade at Leavenworth.

  3. I think obummer is giving us what we want….chelsea out where we can get at it…jsut wait a year or two, someone will take out the trash…..probably one of its former squad-mates that accidentally picks it up for a blow job and finds out who it is.

  4. Can Friday get here any sooner. I say the champion hide and seek winner will get pardoned on the way out to.

  5. An adverse interaction with a female vet (or spouse) in the ladies room at Target, would be…loverly. In reality I voted for Gary Johnson, but I hope that under Trump a military or DOJ prosecutor can identify a significant offense for he/she/it hasn’t previously been charged with (hopefully capital) and go forward with a new prosecution.

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