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When I was in Iraq in 2003, a little Muslim kid handed me some sort of prayer card with a famous prophet of Islam on it.  I honestly don’t know who it was, but he seemed pretty insistent that I have it when he found out I was Christian.  He kept claiming I was Catholic and having not the time to explain who Martin Luther was what with me scanning the crowd for any Hajis who wanted to blow me up, I just let it slide.  Then, when we Marines returned back to our patrol bases, which back then were separated by nothing but a little razor wire from the public, there were more Muslim kids at the wire.  However, these kids were trying to sell us liquor and porn.  I passed, but I can neither confirm nor deny whether some of my fellow Marines decided to stimulate the Iraqi economy.  But let’s talk about the Muslim surge in Europe and we will come back to my little Iraqi friends later.

Just the Facts Ma’am

I have used this quote often in my blog because it is timelessly poignant.  Winston Churchill once said, “The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  What is indisputable is that the Muslim population is rising quickly in Europe.  Just plain old numbers and nothing else.  By various reports which you can easily find, the stats are fairly consistent.  In 1990, Muslims represented about 4% of the population in Europe and in 2010 it was 6% and it is estimated to be about 8% by 2030.  France and Germany have the largest percentage and is estimated to be closer to 10% by 2030.

Muslim refugee in Europe

Those are just numbers, think of them what you will.  Sadly, you have to dig pretty hard these days to find actual facts on the internet, but they are there if you care about the truth and not the narrative you wish to be true.  However, 8 to 10% by 2030 is hardly a “take-over”.  Yet, a doubling in some countries over a 20 year period is most certainly a rapid increase.  You can’t cry tsunami when the waters are just at your ankles, but that doesn’t mean the tide is not coming in.  You can dispute my facts all you want, but maybe I am off by a percent or so.  No, I didn’t spend hours of research for these readily available facts.  That is not because I intend to mislead, but more because this is a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity and I have stuff to do.

Date Night Europe

The refugees streaming into Europe from the Middle East are a cause for concern.  However, one of the biggest reasons the Muslim population is growing rapidly is because they apparently like to get it on a lot more than Europeans.  Seriously, Europe makes babies as fast as old people, well, you know.  Europe has a crazy low birthrate, the lowest of any continent and by some accounts is slowly dying.  Meanwhile, Muslims coming from the Middle East like to straight up do it. Giggity, Giggity, Giggity.

Europe muslim birth rate

Now, short of deploying Quagmire to Europe, I really don’t have an answer for this issue.  Fascinatingly, Germany just surpassed Japan this year to have the world’s lowest birthrates.  I don’t know if the Axis powers sent all their best breeding seed to the front lines in WW2, but if Europeans are genuinely concerned about the percentage of Muslims in Europe, then you could build a big wall, or perhaps you could take that money and take the wife out on a date night.  America bailed you out twice now Europe, but no matter how patriotic I am, I don’t think I can convince my wife to accept my European deployment to go, “take one for the team.”

Should it Matter

I guess that is the biggest point for contention.  Is it racist to care whether Muslims become a majority in Europe?  Am I being intolerant for even asking the question?  I guess that depends on who is coming. Is it the Iraqi kid who seemed like a meek loving child and just wanted to share his faith with me?  Or perhaps, it is the Iraqi kid in the crowd plotting how he could kill me because his uncle told him it is the will of Allah?  Or perhaps, it is just the Iraqi kids with the whiskey and porn who want to enjoy their whiskey and porn without fear of reprisal from the religious authorities.

muslim refugees iraq europe

Honestly, it is probably a mix of all three, but in what percentage I just couldn’t tell you.  I know Muslims here in America and they all seem like swell people.  I don’t advocate any discrimination of an American citizen or immigrant on the basis of their faith.  But I will go ahead be honest with you that where Islam has remained dominant in the world, I see very little of that society that I would want for America.  Not a fan of how women and children are treated, they do a poor job of reigning in the radical elements, and don’t get me started on the bacon issue.  I have seen it with my own eyes and I will take a pass for America and the West.  And thus, we are at a conflict of culture.  Will Muslims make Europe more like the Middle East or will Europe make Muslims more western?  It is an honest question, each with its own unique outcome and I am not going to try and guess the outcome.

If those Iraqi kids who peddled the whiskey and porn hit Europe, I am betting they are going to embrace Europe, its liberties, German beer, and all the weird messed up European porn they can handle.  But interestingly enough, the 9-11 hijackers spent a decent amount of time in America before the attacks attending strip clubs, drinking it up, and embracing American life.  And as much as the world would have been better off if a stripper named Coco convinced Mohammed Atta that life is worth living, it didn’t happen.

The Verdict

And with all that ado, I will answer the original question.  Are Muslims taking over Europe?  No, and at the very worst, not yet.   I don’t think so no matter how many outdated YouTube videos people show me on social media of rioting Muslims in Europe.  Honestly, one “Muslim” riot video spread on social media was actually a German Neo-Nazi riot.  When Muslims reach 10% of the European population, it will most certainly have an effect on Europe.  That is fact.  What is also fact is that 10% will quickly become 20% if Europeans don’t put down the Nutella and pop some Viagra.  But for today, if you see videos of nothing but Muslim men running through the streets of Europe, that is only because the Europeans are somewhere else at the time totally not having sex.  Interestingly enough, Romania actually has one of the lowest percentage of Muslims in all of Europe at 0.3%.  Vlad anyone?

Muslims in Europe

The face of Europe will change over this next century.  That much is certain.  And yes, perhaps in the future, but not imminent, Muslims could become a huge percentage.   However, Europe and America would do well to engage their Muslim populations rather than ostracize them.  If we want them to become more Western, we need to show them the benefit and rewards of a free society.  Disclaimer: that was not a free invitation to start handing out whiskey and porn to Muslims as they come off the boat.  And if that unknown percentage of Muslims are indeed the kid in the crowd who wants to slay us all, then Europe needs to be kind with one hand and ready to fight with the other.  After all, I think it was a very famous Marine who once said, “Be polite, be courteous, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

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14 Replies to “Simple Question, are Muslims Taking Over Europe?”

  1. To the powers that be, Muslimism doesn’t matter. What matters to them is how far can law be taken to opress others? Sharia law in this way is very attractive to people with money because it more effectively ensures that the rich stay rich and the poor get more and more poor thus more and more tolerant of the slave state being created as we speak. When the Pope says for us to not embrace wealth what he’s really saying is to give in to the wealthy and to embrace ourselves a subjects to slavery. The motto, “do things for others” is simply a chipping away of the personal desire for ones own freedom and independence, and the impetus for one to blindly put others first hence becoming ever more subject to our masters. Vote Trump for President as he is like Regan and understands the importance of Freedom and Individuality in the face of a worldwide slave state.

    1. This is a good article, and I can almost get Cory Jackson’s point, but damn. You went full-retard right towards the end of the sentence about Sharia Law.

      Never go full-retard. Also, you sounded like a selfish dick, but that’s a personal choice of yous I fully support. Dick.

  2. ok article but about 30 years out of date, in the mid 70’s we were all forced to change to a multicultural world, and commence birth control that was the big thing and even china joined in, now we are told no that was a bad idea there is nothing wrong with our ability to produce children , but the cost per child has gone through the roof. up around 250,000 currently. in north america we currently manage a dismal 1.6 per one of us on scale the accounts for death. to achieve a viable economic model we need 2.6 so have to increase our birthrate substantially, and what ever our short fall is we must import as immigrants. to replace us. in europe its 1.3 so they need more. and ideally we pick the best of the best, swedish models, rocket scientists etc. that are young and will assimilate and be loyal to our country.these are called fast track. and get right in….we also have a fixed percentage based on our current mix of immigrants from all countries that we try and maintain a balance. which is always good for your genetic pool, but need zero muslims….ever.

  3. Honestly, Mr. Edwards, those 9-11 terrorists were doing those things because they were brainwashed by the Ayatollahs, Imams and Sheikhs that all their sins would be forgiven when they died murdering innocent women and children. Sorry, but until that kind of Islam is wiped from the face of the planet, they ARE taking over and need to be put down. I understand there are MANY Muslims that are NOT brainwashed child rapists and murderers, but THEY need to step up and start removing the extremists themselves. By allowing these murdering terrorist scum to hide weapons in religious enclaves, and be too cowardly as a whole to stand up against these criminals, they are condemning their own religion and millions of other innocents to a life of fear and oppression at the hands of these fanatic Imams, Mullahs, etc… If the Muslims that want to live alongside the rest of the world peaceably want to be free, they should remember that Freedom isn’t free. THEY will need to sacrifice and fight alongside the rest of the world to ensure it. And the fight needs to start with those meek and timid people currently being oppressed by these criminally fanatic TEACHERS that are currently bullying their way across the Middle East under the guise of the ISIS/ISIL Caliphate. Until these people can themselves throw off this current yoke of tyranny, I’m sorry to say, their fate is their own fault. And we all know, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    1. Very well said! Im a liberal atheist. I believe in the total seperation of church and state. Keep all religion out of government! Especially, Islam!

  4. Second “Joe” on the “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” argument. Glad to see someone asking the same questions as me though: “Should we care?” I am asking myself this question a lot these days. There are good people everywhere on earth no matter where you go. I have to admit however I am constantly fighting this urge to express sentiments I think some people would call racist in regards to an immigration invasion but it’s innate, honestly. Can’t help it. Should we care? Maybe not. Something deep down inside me is deeply saddened by the idea of the disappearance of Europe and Europeans as I grew up knowing them. Racist? Probably. Nothing wrong with people from the east but I have to say a sort of “they stay there and we stay here” thing of ethnic boundaries appeals to my need to compartmentalise, separate and label people but I know I’m a xenophobe in that way. There are so many bad things that nobody should lament that would disappear with Europeans but although I think Islam is itself a pure and good natured religion I think there are plenty of bad things the Muslim world would bring with it to replace them. We should be less worried about “Muslims” and far more worried over particular regions of the Muslim world and their beliefs. Get rid of Sharia law and wait for the decline of these people who silently condone their societies where women have limited rights, people get beheaded for speaking out and the general consensus is that Muslims should fuck until the whole world is Muslim…honestly these people are cancer on our world right now and the idea of their ideas permeating and influencing our countries now just can’t happen. (Not all Muslims obviously, but certainly some). If I could believe all Muslims were a peaceful people there is no way I would care. But everyone party to the Islamic community needs to take a certain responsibility to rid their world of the diseased ones or they can’t really expect people to accept them all with open arms. That’s not xenophobia, that’s common sense and instinctive survival tactics. I often wonder what the global response would be if the Muslim world was being plagued with an influx of fertile european immigrants. They would be way less hospitable and accepting than Europeans have towards their people even with the neo-Nazi dudes. I hope that is taken into consideration by them. Lastly if we want to preserve our people we need to have somewhat more kids, limit immigration numbers to something more reasonable and get “them” (sorry) to have WAY less kids (honestly mother earth doesn’t need more humans, but I’d rather have Europeans having more kids than have them scrubbed out by Muslims, because of some baggage that I was born with I guess). I have been living in the UK and every single bus in London has an average of 3 asian mothers each with a baby carriage and four other kids…It’s understandably annoying. If they were all Cat Stevens, now aka Yusuf Islam, though everything would be peaches. Do I just have undeniable racist tendencies or does the idea of men from other ethnicities doing it with white girls give every white guy uncomfortable feelings? Peace.

  5. Never heard of one good thing from the world of islam. All you seem to get from that world is prayers 5 times a day, child rape and wife beating in between, derelict habitation, dependency on the west, brutality and murder to fellow beings. Simple solution to me – eradicate islam before the world succumbs. Really it’s unbelievable the crap this “religion” is bringing to us today. If I wanted to see women in long robes and headscarves I would go and live in a muslim country. By the way all lower case is intentional as a mark of disrespect if you like. ..I really don’t want cretinous muslims laying down the law for me or my indigenous descendants. Simple as that really.

    1. Good Hardcore Common Sense about Muslims! I keep my so called spiritual beliefs to myself. I dont try to impose them on others, even if I think they are the truth. Whatever promotes a peaceful and relatively happy society & world, I am for!

  6. Wow, lots of long windedness. I will say, that under my regime, we would ban Muslim immigration in the future, reinvestigate all the ones here now and deport some of those. Those people will never learn how to behave.

  7. The West needs Islam to clean up and clean out Europe and the America’s… Go get’m, Islam!

  8. Hey Carl, I think youre just trying to push buttons and dont really believe your own trash talk!

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