Sit down Conservative America for we need to have a talk.  Now, I’m going to say some things and I’m going to use some bad words. You are not going to like them, but you and I both are going to have to deal with it.  Donald Trump is going to lose this election.  I’ll say it again but before I do, apologize to the cat you just kicked beside you and your kids for the filthy language that just came out of your mouth.  Donald Trump is going to lose this election.  Only the intellectually honest of Trump supporters will continue reading after this.  Trump supporters that stick around for a good chat, you know you’re the ones I love.  That’s not based off one media channel, one poll, or the fact that I myself am not a Donald Trump supporter.  Rather, it is the sum of all the evidence and it is overwhelmingly pointing to that fact.  Not only is Trump failing to flip states that went for Barrack Obama, but he is now losing states that were decidedly conservative. And when he is losing its often by double digits.  I know I know, the media is cooking the polls, but it’s going to be explicitly measurable come November 8th and no wailing, weeping, or gnashing of teeth will be able to undo it.  Conservatives, you need to start prepping now for the asteroid that is Hillary Clinton and it will put conservative vision into a new Ice Age for generations if you let it.  Donald Trump is going to lose this election.  I know it, pretty sure you know it, and I think he knows it too.

It’s Not Cheating, It’s Math

You can tell when someone knows defeat is inevitable for they starting prepping themselves and others with excuses.  In Pennsylvania this week, Trump claimed that if he doesn’t win this state it must be due to election fraud.  Never mind that Pennsylvania has voted for the Democratic Candidate every year since 1992 and never mind that multiple polls show him trailing by double digits in that same state.  Clearly, it must be fraud.


Trump is not stupid and if you listen to the guy closely, real close, you can hear him start to prepare his excuse for defeat.  He is not the type of guy to lose gracefully, but he is the type of guy to lose while blaming rigged elections in a state he never had a chance to win in the beginning.  And that my friends will guarantee Hillary is an 8-year President, and not 4.  More about that in a minute.  Get online and start researching this stuff for yourself and you will realize as a novice what the experts are screaming about and it’s that Trump has a serious Math problem.  Not cheating, math.

At this point in 2012, the average polls showed Obama with a 2 to 4 point lead over Romney and at election’s end, he won with a margin of 3.9%.  In 2008, it showed Obama over McCain with a lead of 2 to 5% and at election’s end, Obama won with a margin of 7%.  In 2004, many of the polls were tied or within a point of another and Bush won by a margin of 2%.  In 2000, the polls were pretty much tied and we all know how that election went down.  The point is this people.  The polls are not always right, but they are never, ever, this wrong.  It may pain you to acknowlede it, but they have never been this off.  Love him or hate him, but Donald Trump is going to lose this election and he knows it.

The Day After Tommorrow

A couple of years ago, a self-proclaimed Christian Church led by a man named Harold Camping predicted judgment day and the return of Jesus would occur on May 21st, 2011.  Remarkably, he gathered quite a large following and his supporters sold their homes, stop investing, quit their jobs, and the whole because who needs a house, money, or job on May 22nd.   The only problem is that Jesus decided to kick it in heaven for a little longer and these people were devastated for they had nothing.  It’s how I felt after General Mattis confirmed he wasn’t running for President. Terrible, just terrible.

Write in Mattis for President

I fear for my beloved Trump supporters because the devastation you will feel after election day will be as palpable.  In pursuit of “Making America Great Again”, Clinton will be President and for at least 4 years I fear Conservative vision might be lost in America.  However, there is hope that with proper planning, reasoned thought, and clear vision that we can make Hillary Clinton a one-term President because man, people really do not like her.  If she were running against anyone else this year, I think she loses big time.  But unfortunately, as much as people don’t like her they seem to like her about 10% more than Donald Trump.  Go figure.

Don’t Let Trump Lose 2016 and 2020 in the Same Year

The GOP in the Senate might want to consider confirming Obama’s Supreme Court nomination in Merrick Garland.  I know that sounds like blasphemy but consider the logic.  Obama actually went out of his way to nominate a moderate because he knew he had to.  Hillary won’t.  In fact, there is already a group of GOP Senators proposing as much because I think they know something about who’s going to win this election.  You cannot give Hillary an extra Supreme Court pick when Obama out of necessity nominated a guy that were it not an election year would have flown through the Senate with ease.  Hillary will not have to be so accommodating after the election.  Conservatives won’t’ exactly like the guy, but take the medicine Obama is giving you orally because when Hillary gets in office she going to stick the thermometer up the backside, no lube.  It’s just practical and it allows conservative vision to survive the day to win the war.

Next, do not feed into Trump’s ego saving facade that this election was rigged.  One of the biggest mistakes Conservatives have made over the past 8 years is feeding into conspiracy theories about Obama fed by radio pundits and internet clickbait sites interested in nothing other than ad revenue.  Because I’m pretty sure Obama should have Jade Helmed the entire nation by now and brought in the United Nations to take our guns so that we can sell California to China in order to pay off our debt.  Those sites are just the worst and you might like them because of their political leanings until you realize they robbed you blind.  They lied to you, but you paid their rent and you should exact your justice.  You know the sites I’m talking about and I pray that you drop them like it’s hot after the election.

The Way Forward

We simply cannot endure another 4 years of such madness for it only guarantees Hillary 2016 will become Hillary 2020.  I’m sorry friends, but Donald Trump will lose this election and we need to prepare so that he does not lose us 2020 in the same year.  On a practical note, go out and buy every gun you ever wanted to own and hide it.  I will.  That’s not illegal for you can hide any private property you want right now.  But Hillary is going to win so if you ever wanted that AR or AK, go get it now and play a game of hide and seek. But most importantly, if we do not come up with a conservative vision and explain it in a practical way that is palpable to the majority of America we will lose for decades.

Conservative vision can come back stronger than ever, but it will not if you let Trump, the man who lost you one of the most winnable elections in history, save face at the expense of a conservative vision the dude just adopted like last year.  Trump will lose and it will not be because anything is rigged, but because the math was never in his favor.  This is a hard conversation to have my friends, but do your own research, please for the love of God not on those clickbait sites and tell me if you come to a different conclusion.  In history, the polls this close to election day have never, ever, been this wrong.  Hillary 2016 is inevitable, but if we regain our heads and vision Hillary 2020 may never be.


For Conservatives, 2016 is the evacuation at Dunkirk, it’s McArthur leaving the Philippines promising to return again, and it’s an opportunity to rescue America in 4 years if you let it.  Trump was fun my friends, but it’s over.  Do your thing until November of course, but please come back to this article on November 9th.  I love my Trump supporters as we have much in common, but I’ll tell you the ones I love the most are the intellectually honest who made it all the way to the end of the article.  You can disagree with me and it’s cool, but at the beginning of your comment tell me “Bea Arthur wants her panties back” so I know you made it.  I’ll give you my pledge of not writing a single word negative about Trump between now and the election if you give me your honest thought about a way forward on November 9th.  With but your promise of an honest debate, you will silence this #NeverTrump guy until it’s over.  Now how bout them panties.

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28 Replies to “Sit Down Conservative America, We Need to Talk About the Inevitable New President”

  1. “Bea Arthur wants her panties back” I think one of the things needed to move things in the right direction is to elect more conservative Senators and Legislators, that are not establishment RINOs. We also need a Presidential that can do all of the positive things Trump has done, but that also commands respect with his demeanor and comportment. Trump has stood up and expressed the anger and dissatisfaction of many Americans, but he has not been able to consolidate the people that realize that anger is not a solution, its only a symptom of the problem. Expressing the anger is fine, but people need to believe that the candidate has a constructive, viable plan to fix the problem.

    1. I agree sir. when it’s all said and done you still have to win in November. Trump could have hired any expert he wanted, figured out how to capitalize on his campaign success, but it almost seems at this point in his life he is o used to doing his own thing it’s unchangeable.

    2. Bea’s panties are hanging over my bed. Trump let his gaint ego cost him an election that was so winnable. Lock and load and pray we can hold out 4yrs.

  2. If only Bea Arthur could get her panties back, because she really really wants them. And freedom. Personally, I identify as a libertarian. I would like to see that school of thought thrown into the limelight more over the next 4 years. And I’m not talking about a “liberal wearing a libertarian suit that is Johnson.” No sir, I’m not feeling the Johnson. I’m thinking more along the lines of a Rand Paul 2020. How feel you about that?

  3. Bea Arthur can’t have her panties back because I traded them for some floppy disks, those things are crazy expensive. I agree with you. The sin of the Republican Party was NOT having even a half way decent candidate that could beat, counter Trump. Don’t tell me they did because reality shows they didn’t. But either way his supporters have REAL issues they want addressed. If neither party pays attention to this sizable segment of America both will pay for it. Imagine if someone campaigned on 90% of what Trump has spouted but without that level of crazy.

  4. I’m right there with you, Kyle. I would’ve loved to have been able to “feel the Johnson,” as I’very been waiting for a viable third-party, libertarian candidate my entire adult life. However, much like you, I’m just not convinced he is a true libertarian.

    Rand Paul 2020 sounds good to me!

  5. Bea Arthur has decided to buy a new leather thong because she is feeling dangerous. That being said, sure, buy those guns, but you had better buy some body armor and ammo for them as well, because if/when HellHound is elected, I doubt we’ll be burying them, we’ll be using them. If we want a 2020 or 2024 election, with the media bought, flagrant cheating, and corruption rampant, and the damned woman literally untouchable, then we’re going to need to refresh the tree of liberty with some tyrant blood. 

  6. Bea Arthur wants her panties back because this could and should be a re-election year. Romney did not have the stones to put Obama away when the opportunity presented itself. He was right about one thing though, you can’t run against Santa Claus. Mrs. Santa could have tossed her hat in the ring, stayed home this summer and still won the Democrat nomination. If Clint Eastwood would have channeled his inner Josie Wales instead of the empty chair bit, it may have turned some votes. What we really need is someone who is willing to get “Mad Dog Mean” in 2016 because this great opportunity has been squandered.

  7. Bea Arthur wants her panties back because I’ve been saying it since he announced his campaign run, “Its a SCAM!” I fully believe he was plant by the left to fully compromise any conservative effort at a real candidate. The ONLY way to really get out of this, is to get a contested election with a third party candidate. Get a third and hopefully fourth party on the ballot for 2020 and it won’t matter what the democraps do, new voters will come out of the woodwork. On top of that, more people need to get involved, not liking and sharing, but actually getting involved in their local, county and state governments. Regardless of who wins the presidential seat, a solid state and lower government is the only way to stop a runaway federal government.

    1. You’ve just made her squirt in her panties. Me too, the scam, not the panty thing, I’m with you on that score. I’very been telling people for a year now, expect Trump to endorse Hillary at their debates. Seems to obvious, so he just goes full wet-tard instead. As for getting involved, I level in the Peoples Democratic Republic of New York. My only hope is the New Amsterdam movement, and that’s got less chance of getting off the ground as Rosie O’Donnell flapping her chubby wings.

  8. Bea Arthur and all that . . . The Presidency is a political office. People skilled at politics can be (but not necessarily) effective in office. Non-politicians seem attractive as candidates, but usually fail in office as they do not know how to function in that environment and then get steamrolled by the pros. Trump is skilled at marketing. He differentiated himself from a large field of candidates that split the vote among themselves. Any of the Republican Governors that were running would have creamed Hillary had they got nomination, but Trump out marketed them and left them in the primary dust. We swallowed Trumps populist script as he pointed his finger a various scapegoats to rationalize way “America is no longer great”. I travel the world, and believe me, America is Great and there are no close seconds. People are risking their lives to sneak into this country. How many Americans are sneaking into other countries to escape the terrible conditions here? We certainly have problems, and one of the serious problems is the increasingly dysfunctional political process that is discouraging qualified and reasonable people from running. We have just seen this process put forth blatantly unqualified Trump and blatantly criminal Clinton as the major party candidates. The result will be a criminal as President. Half the country will hate her. More would hate Trump if he were elected. Let’s first start with accepting the fact that the President is limited in power and the Federal Government is not going to fix our problems – and is in fact the source of many of our problems. Stop believing that if we just elect the perfect President all things will be wonderful again. I agree with Mike S – we need to put more focus on State and Local Gov and stop buying the lie that the Feds can solve all of life’s problems. Both Reps and Dems have become shameless panderers, promising relief of whatever ails you. Ditto Jeff regarding the clickbait sites! I became a Republican when I voted at 18 for Nixon in 1972. I did it because the Republicans seemed to be the adults. Reasoned positions, pushing back on the constant socialist pressures of the Dems. Today, the Republicans run a candidate that joked about his genitals during a debate, and promises to do things that only a hard core statist would advocate. We don’t need to water the tree of liberty with blood. We need to act like grownups, engage at local level, and stop buying into the shameless pandering from the Federal level politicos and avoid the echo chamber websites, talk radio, and TV.

    Like Bea Arthur, we need to put on our big boy pants – or we get treated like little children.

    1. Very well put, sir. We need more people voting who have as clear a head on their shoulders. I fear that if Hillary hits presidency that she will do enough damage to states rights and the people’s ability to defend our freedoms that even hope in our state level governments ability to preserve our Constitution will be lost. Though I was not a 100% Trump supporter in the beginning I feel we must rally for our nominee regardless of his political ignorance. Even though the presidents power is limited, he/she does set a strong example for the direction of american culture, how our society functions and the path it travels forward on. I hope more people who are willing to speak the truth begin to stand up before it is too late.

  9. Bea Arthur wants her panties back. …..
    The only hope we have is showing each and every person we can the truth about Hillary and the Democratic party in general. They are communists and wish to completely destroy America as we know it. People are refusing to wrap their minds around the fact that these politicians actually want to take away our freedom while making us think they are giving us choice. They paint a pretty picture then steal your soul while you stare blankly at it without thought…….because they told you that’s what really matters. I hope everyone understands that parable, because that is what we are facing folks. And EVERYONE who refuses to vote for Trump has left 1 vote on the Hillary side. They will be the ones who truly cost America this election and it’s Freedom.

  10. Bea Arthur wants her panties back,
    Accepting Hillary as the next POTUS is a defeat in itself. Until the fateful results are plastered across the TV on the dreaded November day. I will not give up. Regardless of how bad Trump is in the polls. A man in fact that I do not believe is a good choice for president. My honest anger rests on the heads of every member of the G.O.P. and how they had 8 years to prepare for this and their solution was a shotgun blast of hopefuls that got swept away by a man such as Trump. Secondly I am so disappointed in the Democrat Party. I know we will rarely see eye to eye over the aisles, but there has been so much blatant corruption in their party and not a thing is coming from it. Our Government as a whole is poisoned.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and safety in the futures.

    Sincerely, a Soldier.

  11. Bea Arthur called earlier and she has requested that her under wrappings are returned. I read your column on a regular basis, and now I’m your neighbor having moved from the Capitol, to Saint Pete. I do not disagree with your assessment of our situation. I’ve never been a trump fan, I haven’t been a fan of any politician short of Senator Gowdy since W left office. My point in short is this, Trump could never win. Killary fixed fhe DNC, she fixed the RNC by empowering the Donald in the first place. My three phrases that I live by, and raise my young son to believe and fight for are fairly simple. Molon labe, Sic Semper Tyrannis, as I am a Virginian and a son of confederate veterans as well as a Son of the Amwrican Revolution, and acta non verba. Killary is evil. If elected she will move with a rate of speed that we are unprepared to deal with. She will complete Obamas fundamental transformation of America, and her spirit, and her morals, and her institutions such as your beloved Marine Corps and the US Army. Where my brother serves to this day, and my father and his father served as far as we can track back our family line. My question is simple, when she moves faster than anyone had ever figured will you stand for those three phrases? Acta non verba (actions not words), molon labe (come and take) and Sic Semper Tyrannis (thus ever to tyrants). I hope and pray you will. This nation has enough talkers and not enough willing to stand by what they say. I will leave you with the motto of the original US army, 1776, This We’ll Defend. I will, God willing every patriot reading will also.

  12. Fear, fear, fear. Dems fear Reps. Reps fear Dems. We all fear Chinese, ISIS, immigrants, whatever. The political class long ago learned to apply a basic feature of human psychology – fear is more powerful than any other motivator. That is the foundation of negative campaigning. The media also knows that nothing gets our attention more than fear. They then make money selling your eyeballs to advertisers. Stop it. Stop believing it. Hillary will not destroy this country. She’ll run into a buzz saw of opposition from Congress. She’ll have no mandate from electorate – other than slightly more than 50% of country thought she was not as bad as Trump. The email server issue will dog her the entire 4 years. She’ll be another Carter. One and done.

    Stand up. Take care of yourself and your family. Don’t buy more guns. Use the money to invest in your kids education so they don’t have to compete with ignorant kids from Guatemala. Look around your community and find something you can do to make a positive difference. Calm down. Pay attention. Refuse to accept their fear mongering. Fear is the chain they wrap around your brain to make you their slave. The best is yet to come. Believe it – then make it true – one household at a time.

    1. I love you Dave M. Both of your comments here have been music to my ears and have given me hope. Thank you!

    2. I can speak from experience when I say Bea Arthur doesn’t wear panties. I fully agree with this.

      The real damage that will be done by either a Clinton or Trump presidency is the hardening of lines of division that have really begun to accelerate since Bush and Obama. Divide and conquer works and we have been effectively divided.

  13. Bea Arthur wants her panties back. Trump never intended to win the election. Liberals got smart with Obama. They stopped trying to find reasoning and middle ground, and went full blown emotional. It worked, and is still working. Facts be damned if you can use a person’s irrational emotions to cloud their judgments. They knew Hillary would lose if she wasn’t up against someone who looked worse than her. Thus, a deal was cut with a well known loudmouth businessman. Someone who would gladly make sensationalized emotion grabbing statements, aimed towards pulling Republican puppet strings just like they do with Democrats. All trump said during the debates and citizen engagements was well written one liners designed to break past our sensibilities, and non-PC comical statements. He never gave goals, never answered any question with substance. Just basic statements and bait & switch redirects. They knew the conservatives are fed up with PC, fed up with illegal immigration, and will die protecting our 2nd amendment rights. So they wrote a clever script for Trump, and the masses fell for it. “HE’S DIFFERENT! HE SAYS WHAT HE WANTS! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” It’s been planned, because they have scientists and psychologists on their team who know how to break past common sense and get you to do what they want. Trump doesn’t care about being labeled as a racist, or evil person. He knows that this is the biggest publicity he’s ever had, and is getting paid by the democrats, and paid by trump supporters, to advertise his name. He knows by playing along with his long time political affiliates and long time friends, Hillary, that he will score major tax cuts and backroom benefits. He knows that the majority of the Democrat party base could never afford to stay in his hotels or casinos, so why should he care what they think about him? Conservatives/Republicans however will save the money to support their fallen false prophet, and frequent his venues. It also scores him major points in the middle eastern countries where he plants his multi million dollar hotels for the billionaires by going against a woman, and saying whatever he wants when he wants, giving the appearance of asserting dominance and being an alpha male. I predicted as soon as his name got thrown into the mix, that as November got closer, Trump would start saying and doing stupider and crazier things. He would doubletime his absurdity and make himself look as bad as possible so people forget Hillary’s transgressions. Hillary wins the oval office, Trump wins on all fronts. Good game America, you’ve been duped.

  14. What is it with Bea Arthur wanting her panties back…what am I missing here. Anyway, as I read your article, another piece of my soul died. (Last time that happened I had just watched the movie “The Road” with Vigo Mortensen.) I have always been a Republican, in name only, because of what the party has become in the last several decades. I have never declared myself to be a Rhodes Scholar but I have tried to educate myself enough to have my own opinions. That in itself is a special feat because it is hard to find an honest source. I have always felt that Donald Trump was an intelligent man but said a lot of dumb things. However, he is not a politician….a Washington elite. That was his strength in my eyes. As time went on it was becoming apparent that even though there were many others like myself who liked him for the “same reason”, there are far too many people in this world who will vote for Hilliary despite all the bad things she has done. We’ve become.a society of people with no conscience. Everything you have said is true and it makes me sick. It will be a nightmare we will have to live with for a long, long, long time.

  15. Actually I was never mad at BHO for what he did, I was mad at the Republicans for allowing him to do what he did for fear of being called racist…were I in his shoes I probably would have had a jolly good time. I don’t fear Hillary, because I have no doubt what she wants to do – I fear what the spineless Republicans are going to let her do.

    1. Same question are you going to be part of the same old problems or are you going to demand politicians to listen to the will of the American voters who elected a complete outsider to drain the swap in D.C.?

  16. Bea Arthur wants her panties back

    What we can do is vote for Johnson. At least you won’t have to take six showers after leaving the voting booth to try and feel clean afterwards; you won’t.

    Some may say it is a wasted vote, but as you state in your article so is a vote for Trump. He wasn’t getting mine anyway.

    I am glad that my phone has GPS, i will need it when I go to did up all of the guns and ammo I have been burying.

  17. Bea can’t have her panties back. They are safely tucked away to be brought forward at a later date that suits me. I am saddened that with all the promise that we have in this country that these are the best choices that we have? I would strongly support a 3rd party this time around. I like most of what they have to say, but not necessarily all of it. I have never been a Trump fan but the vile evil nature of the Clintons truly scares me. There are people who are scared of throwing their support for a 3rd party because it may potentially take votes away from Trump and that scares them more.

  18. 1) Didn’t happen as predicted.
    2) Tomorrow in your second sub-heading is spelled with one “m.”

  19. Jeff now that you know who will be next President what exactly will you do to contribute in making America Greater than ever before?
    We have a chance that doesn’t come around often to drain the swamp known as D.C. Will you be part of the solutions or part of the resistance against that kind of change?

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